Don’t want the vaccine? Well then your a dirty a-hole!

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    And even on this site, there was this one absolutely insane user who just vanished immediately after the Capitol thing. My guess is he got arrested or put into mental care.

    I’ve encountered characters like Niko before. They’re generally all bark and no bite. His problem was that he clearly invested himself WAY too much into Trump and convinced himself only he could single-handedly reverse all of the problems we’re facing and save America. He’s an example of what happens when normies and Boomers take too many redpills too quickly: They overdose and their previous worldview (whatever that may have been) completely shatter and they start believing all kinds of crazy nonsense, even making some of it up themselves. In proportion, Niko was thoroughly demoralized over Trump’s loss and probably just slinked off, considering he spent a half a year going on about how he thought everything would hinge on the outcome of an election

    Personally, I’m starting to think that even if Trump won, it wouldn’t have changed much of anything. It would’ve just made America’s decline less obvious. It’s foolhardy to believe one leader can solve everything. Our problems over the world run much deeper than whoever’s in the White House. We have only ourselves to rely on. You can’t count on someone riding in on a golden chariot and fix everything for you.

    I personally think most people are desperate and frustrated because it’s been 1 1/2 years of lockdown in most countries and people just want to get out, so most people just want everyone to get vaccinated and move on. Like basically a collective effort to move on goes to waste because some people don’t wanna do it.

    I’m not really in the mood to discuss the ethicacy of lockdowns long-term, but I still think it was a mistake to lockdown whole populations over a virus until a vaccine could be rolled out. People act like we’re living in the greatest crisis mankind has faced since WWII, but I don’t think future historians are going to see it that way, nor judge us very kindly. Twenty years from now people will look back on this as a period of collective hysteria and wonder how on Earth did we manage to justify inflicting so much suffering on ourselves: Elderly couples separated from their families, suicidal children, the complete destruction of small businesses while billionaires gorged on the increased wealth, seeing a reduction of the middle-class. None of it was worth it.

    But I absolutely think people should be able to not take it. Once everyone who wants to get vaccinated gets double dosed, just open up everything. If people who didn’t get vaccinated get infected with bad symptoms then it was their choice. Doesn’t bother me.

    To respect the rights of those you disagree with is perfectly normal thinking (and I do appreciate that’s how you feel). Unfortunately, I don’t think our leaders, and certainly not the media, share your mindset. They’re increasing discriminatory rhetoric against the unvaccinated, suggesting there will be no return to normal until they get jabbed and a passport to prove it (which is a very conditional “return to normal.” Christ, I cannot in good conscience, bring myself to bargain with these people):

    It’s not hard to suspect where this is going: All they have to do is throw us back into another lockdown and then blame it on the unvaxxed. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t put it past them to stoke up hatred and division on the grounds of medical status; “If you would just get vaxxed I could have my life back.” Most people aren’t smart enough to figure out the problem is with those in positions of authority abusing their power. Or rather, they don’t have the necessary courage to confront them.


    Yeah ofc I know that, but there still are a lot of the batshit insane people. Like here in Finland there is this one guy who has basically his own cult on facebook called ”Finnish Trumpsters” who talk about Biden and Obama are trying to turn people into controllable gay lizards with the vaccine and posts about how he had a dream, where god revealed to him that soon Trump is going to reveal the ace in his sleeve which exposed all the democrats as cannibal pedophiles and will turn the election around. And every news source he quotes is some far right propaganda written by other maniacs and everything else is just fake news of course. And this group has a pretty big following which is just insane that there are so many of these maniacs.

    (Image kept turning up as broken for some reason, so posting it as a hyperlink)

    You know it kinda amuses me how right-wingers have much more active imaginations lol


    The vaccine doesn’t make you immune to covid, it’s to prep your immune system just in case.

    I’ve had my first jab and I’ve not had one fridge magnet launch itself at me..

    There was some really bonnie nurses though!

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      So the vaccine does not prevent covid. And it does not stop you from spreading it. But supposedly it causes you to get it in a less severe manner? How does that work exactly and how the hell is that quantified to say hey this thing works or know it doesn’t?

      I am not anti-vaccine but I question this one due to the insane push, the moral grandstanding and the experimental fashion in which is has come out without much testing. And that is not to mention the lack of effect it seems to have in my opinion.

      “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”–Ronald Reagan


      Some people out there believe in “shedding.” “Shedding” is the idea that the people who got the vax are making spike proteins, which they can give to unvaxxed people, so the people with the vaccine are the actual spreaders.


      So then I hear, listen to the science, I say way, a rushed vaccine without full/usually testing for full approval being given immunity for any liability.

      The science tells me to NOT trust this “for emergency” use drug.


      Oh, but 95% of all new cases of covid is by non-vaxxed people.  Hell, for the first nine months it was 100%.  And we still have “break though” cases because no vaccine is 100%.  Follow the science!

      Follow the science… what are its long term side effects?  Ah oh, we don’t know yet.  Sorry, but the science has not proven it IS safe long term.  That everyone pushing it is hoping that there will NOT be any long term, the fact they removed liability from the drug makers PROVES the science is NOT settled.

      What we do know, is some people CAN get brain blood clots.  That fact it was only discovered long AFTER the push that the drug is SAFE proves the SCIENCE does not KNOW all this drug can/will do to a person.

      Follow the science!

      The science is telling me it is still NOT settled.

      And the fact the CDC and dr fraud is constantly changing, flip flopping, etc. tells me the so-called “experts” are clueless.  The whole “we are following the science and making recommendations based on those observations” tells me right from the start they are purely reactionary and not pro-active.

      I follow the science, and not a NPC lemming willing to take what someone says without question.


      If it weren’t for this stupid forcing vaccines on people crap who don’t want it crap, I’d have a well paying job right now!!!!!! And my whole family’s respect!!!!! FUCK THE LIZARD PEOPLE PUSHING THIS CRAP!!!!!

      When I think of Lizard people I think this

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