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    Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku who, along with the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against evil. The action adventures are entertaining and reinforce the concept of good versus evil. “Dragon Ball Z” teaches valuable character virtues such as teamwork, loyalty, and trustworthiness. Here’s a forum to discuss all things Dragon Ball Z!


      Vegeta is the Best. If you say otherwise it better be Teen Gohan, or I assume you are a bad bad person



      SSJ 2 Gohan was the bomb!!

      Cell Saga was the best!




      I actually enjoy watching the subbed version of the final fight in Dragonball Super.  It was cool seeing Goku, Freiza, and Android 17 fight together, and the music was awesome.  One of my phone robbers is that theme.  Other than that,  the Father Son Kamehameha was cool. I have a shirt with Goku, Gohan, and Goten using it together.

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      I have been watching Dragon Ball for a long time from Z to GT love it all not a big fan of dub  sub is better


      Goku is selfish, a terrible person and father.

      Vegeta is the GOAT


      To me Dragon Ball z is worth checking out mostly becourse of great characters who are ridge on personality.
      The story isn’t the best, but still super fun especially if you are not taking it too serius.

      I also think it has the single best villian in all of anime, namely Frieza.


      Dragon Ball is a weird manga/tv show. The story is a total mess, the characters arcs are awful and there are a lot of plot holes, but everything is charismatic, emotive and the fights are awesome.



      Couldn’t have said it better. Praise Shenron. lol.


      Yeah I can’t wait for the series to start up again and see what all they do with this saga. I really hope they go a lot deeper into the saiyans past and what led up to their destruction in the end. Hopefully they don’t cut any corners or any story out. It would be awesome to have some more cannon history on the saiyans, and make brolly a little more of a mystery. Give him some build up before the payoff. These are just wishful dreams but it would be cool. I’m not asking for Madora level of build up and mystery. But maybe something along the lines of him being a kind hearted person like goku used to be, who is afraid of his father who abuses him and uses him for his power. While there are reports of a destructive force through all the universes that no one can lock down. Which would be why they have been able to stay off of goku and vegeta’s radar up to this point. Brolly isn’t even aware that his father is using him. The collar around his neck is not used to keep him under control but to rather send him into a comatose state of rage and destructive force that is unrivaled, then brings him back to normal and unconscious making him unaware of the destruction he is causing. When they come back to universe 7 for revenge on the royal family, they find their planet has been destroyed. upon which they learn frieza is responsible. When they go to see frieza to seek revenge for the destruction of planet vegeta, he is blissfully unaware of brolly’s latent ability and before his father can unleash him frieza kills paragus in front of brolly. Even though his father has been abusive to him his whole life that is all he has known, he descends into a rage and unleashes his latent abilities for the first time on his own. This gets Goku and Vegeta’s attention on earth giving them a reason to seek out this bottomless pit of power and despair. The fight ensues, during which goku and vegeta both figure out that he is not inherently evil, and put him down without killing him. Of course it’s a great struggle. Upon him regaining consciousness after the fight, he is trained by Vegeta to be a proper saiyan for good. And another opponent for goku to push his abilities.

      You know…some thoughts I had, just saiyan.


      been watching DBZ since it ran in syndication on sunday mornings in 1994, then followed it when it was added to toonami before funimation replaced ocean dub after 1999


      Bandai’s juggernaut.  Over $1.2 billion a year without a new series on the air or film in theaters.

      fy2020.3 fullyear


      I really hated kid Gohan up until the Cell Saga…then I hated him again from the Majin Buu saga onwards
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      Gohan is one of my favs <3

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