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    Celiese Ridgeero, my chaotic good level 7 thief.20201005_12081920201005_120843


    20201005_120903Ivena, neutral level 9 fighter


    My favorite character I played for over 5 years.  Felicia Tridak.  Chaotic good human Cleric.  Level 10.20201004_114732


    20201004_114745My cleric reached high 5th bishop level for the Celestian order. We worshipped the stars. I was hunting expensive gems to make my own enchanted robe.


    Oh, the good old days of actual pen(cil) and paper table top role playing.

    We worshipped the stars. I was hunting expensive gems to make my own enchanted robe.

    Really?  I would have thought the gems were for the creation of astronomical dias in your temple, with the gems representing the various stars and planets and comets, etc.


    Ive been running a ‘modern’ game system called Savage Worlds in the Dragonlance setting over skype calls since june.

    Not being able to use the thousands of painted minis sucks but its working.


    I miss TSR. I miss Ral Paertha minis. (Yes I know someone has recovered the non D&D line.) Reaper is my go to now but damnit I want official Dragonlance figures in modern 28mm scale.

    Everything that has happened since WotCrack bought them is trash.


    Then I guess you heard what WotC is trying to do with the authors of DragonLance.

    Weis & Hickman has a multi-million dollar lawsuit against them for breach of contract on what would have been the capstone of the DragonLance story.

    But their “woke-officer” did not like the traditionally written story/characters/etc.




    Yes. Yes I did. I may have been watching a vid on that subject while I was writing that post earlier.

    WotCrack are evil and have hated the DL fans since they took possesion of the property.


    Old schoolerer :)


    Picture doesn’t look that great, but I was quite happy with the result.



    Looks undead. Thats cool.



    @MrDragonbane it was undead and it almost managed to do a TPK 😎


    I almost got a TPK with a dozen basic skeletons 2 sessions ago.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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