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    Would be nice to add Dungeons and dragons or table top RPGs in the topics


    Any D&D players here?



      I’m a little concerned about WOTC going Woke, so I have started working on a new system which will be Creative Commons. I also wonder if table-top will increase in popularity in the near future. ‘Critical Role’ is doing well (for a variety of reasons), and I think that there are a LOT of creatives out there whom no longer have a home in commercial franchises. That leaves table-top.



      Back in the day, and by back in the day I mean 20 years, I already had decided to fuck off with D&D and WotC. Their rule systems as far back as then were already stupid and convoluted, so like many others I tinkered with a homemade system. Yeah, it had its flaws and I used my friends to work out the kinks, but everyone still had fun. Bottom line, I and many others were using d20 systems long before WotC finally realized it was what people wanted.

      My advice, screw D&D and WotC. Make your own system and world.


      I am a huge fan of RPGs but not D&D. The game is too much of a slog

      I’ve been using the Genesys system from FFG and I love it. I also want to try Dungeon World for any game set in a Fantasy world.


      Used to play it.

      Still have all my 2e items, and lots of Hackmaster to suppliment it with.

      We had topics about one’s collection, favorite PC, etc.



      I’m also not a fan of WotC going woke, but Nothing stops me from not getting the basic books. And 5e made it much easier to learn than the convoluted 2e, which added a lot of new players to the table. The main problem I have is that in my area (Vancouver, Canada) it’s almost impossible to find people that are not crazy lefties… I don’t need for people to talk about real world politics during my games…


      I gave up on WotCrackpipe in 2010.
      My group has been running Savage Worlds ever since. Clean elegant system that can be used for anything between fantasy & sci-fi with almost no tweaks.

      We have used it for Mythos, generic fanasy, a fantasy world called Shaintar, Homebrew Dragonlance, and starting this week we are going to be running Deadlands in it.

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      Interesting, why kind of system does Savage world use? (I could google it, but reading feedback from someone that plays the game is always better)

      Is there a big enough community?

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      I started playing D&D with Advanced edition and stopped playing it after they retired 2nd edition. I never liked what they did with 3rd edition and I moved to a different state around that time and did not have anyone to play with anyway. I got back into D&D a few years after 5th edition came out as I really liked it. It seemed to me to be a refinement of 2nd edition and what 3rd edition should have been in the first place.

      I got the PHB, DMG, MM, Xanathars, Eberon, CoS, ToA, and Volos. Yeah there was little “woke things” scattered throughout the books but I was able to easily ignore it. Then all of a sudden Wizards of the Coast went off the woke deep end. I can’t even watch the authors talk about the game anymore. Heh, in the last interview with Chris Perkins I ever watched, he said that he started his career as a political speech writer for democratic politicians….. well THAT explains a lot, doesn’t it?!

      I feel that I wasted my money and should have never started TTRPGS again in the first place. I only have 2 players that manage to be able to play once every couple of months and I don’t think I could not find anyone locally that do not worship at the altar of wokeness. Its kinda depressing.


      Yeah I feel the same way, I bought a bunch of books, miniatures and a ton of dice and then D&D got woke… I was also a fan of critical role until they forced politics down our throats… It gave me really similar vibe to The Last Jedi… I have a small D&D group now and we game 4-5 times a year.


        If you want an old school vibe, check out ‘Old School Essentials’ [1]. There is another link where you can buy the book proper. Also check out [2] ‘Questing Beast’ over at YouTube. Ben has a great understanding of what OSR is. As he puts it, “The dungeon HATES you.” Well said. Very different than 3rd edition.


        [1] https://necroticgnome.com/collections/old-school-essentials
        [2] https://www.youtube.com/c/QuestingBeast/videos


          I’ve watched a bit of CritRole here and there. Something that I mention when someone comments regarding ‘woke’ with CR is that they are IN cali and in the entertainment system. They HAVE to be woke to get any work.

          Although I don’t know any of the actors personally, I suspect their personal views are different than published views. As a comparison, look at Funimation and all of their nonsense. It’s one of the reasons, if not the reason I don’t watch Anime – due to Funimation’s work.

          The VA world is very small. A few phone calls and they don’t work anymore.


            Visited Vancouver back in 2007. Pretty area. I’m not sure what happened on the west coast. They all seem to be loony. I think the geese have a higher IQ.


            Think of it as a point buy system. There are 5 stats Smarts, Agility, spirit, strength, and vigor. They all start at a D4 ability and during character creation you have 5 points to buy new ‘dice’ a typical ‘human’ fighter may look like this.
            Smarts D4, Spirit D6, agility D6, strength D6 Vigor D8.

            The system uses ‘hindrances’ to buy more build points. You are allowed to buy up to 4 points of hindrances to gain some benifits. Major hindrances cannot be stacked at creation, but you may ‘earn one’ due to injuries later.

            You start with 5 set skills and 12 skill points. From those points you can buy any of the 25 – 30 skiils up to a die equlivant of the linked stat.

            The final step of character creation other than buying gear is buying edges. Edges can be bought with hindrance points. 2 points buy 1 edge. 2 points also buy a stat point. So you could bump a stat to be better or buy two edges.

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