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    Gameplay is fast and if the person running it pretty lose.
    Attacking something with a sword for instance uses the fighting skill. Players all get a “wild” D6 on every trait roll as well as the purchased die of the skill. so if you have a fighting skill of C8 you roll a D6 & a D8. you take the higher roll and compare that to the required number.

    Inititave is based on a deck of cards. Jokers can go whenever they want and gain a +2 bonus to all rolls that round. Aces go first in reverse alphabet order. (Spades – clubs.)

    The spell system is one of the things I think makes the system shine if your players are willing to put in the work. With the very basic sounding small list of spells and things they call trappings you can make nearly any spell.
    For instance a ‘healing’ spell for a holy character could be named cure light wounds or lay on hands. But for a shaman it could be called ancestral guide but the spell itself does the same stuff.

    The best part about the ruleset is the current PDF verion of the rules which was released last year can be found on Drive Thru RPG for $10. Savage Worlds Advernture edition {The cover has a woman in pants and a jacket with a holstered revolver.}


    While Im thinking about it my group has also run a few games in a system called Doungeon Crawl Classics. It very mmuch feels like origional white book D&D mixed with gurps.

    Everything is based on dice rolls either 3D6 or percentile during character creation including your race… But you stat at 0 level with 4 characters.
    One of the first things the book says after the character creation section is ‘You will gain wealth by attrition’… It is a brutal system where a single attack roll could end a PC.


    I grew up in Montreal, on the east side of Canada, I had to leave, they are way too Socialist, pro-communist for me. I wish I could move to the USA…


      Been to Montreal several times. Architecture is awesome! Yeah, the (former) USSR had gotten it’s indoctrination stuff into all the Universities back in the 50’s and 60’s. We are now dealing with the result. (grumble)


      In my last round of actual TT gaming days as a DM/GM, it was my goal to kill my players. I was tired of coddling them, especially cuz in this game I’d given them all free reign to do whatever they wanted, and they turned into a part of evil assholes. And man, the final quest I sent them on that year (uprooting a dark elf invasion of a dwarven kingdom) I did kill my then best friend’s character…problem is at the time I didn’t know it because the son of a bitch cheated on his saving throw, and I missed it. Years later he admitted it to me.

      That was still one of the best games I ever ran. A lot of fun was had.


      Its amazing how few people comprehend that statement and scream like banshies when you tell them of it.


      Consider Dungeon World (a hack of Fate RPG).

      Pretty cool system but based more on story telling.

      e.g. in most games a boss fight like a dragon may have a lot of hitpoints to indicate how tough it is so there will be a lot of turns w/ “I attack/roll d20” to chip it down.

      DW though may have a dragon with 10 hitpoints, but your actions have to make sense in the story.  So before you can get to “I attack” you have to figure out a way to close the distance on the dragon, and then avoid it’s tail, dodge it’s flame breath, and find the part of it’s neck where the old monk said its dragon scale had been cracked and weakened…  you still make a lot of rolls to resolve each of these steps where a consequence can happen but it feels better than you slash it for 6 pts dmg, next turn.


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