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    Relatable Maka (I was the same at that age):

    Think your OCD is bad? Try being Death the Kid for one day:


    The 2000s Transformers animes and the original Yu-Gi-Oh! I have very fond memories for. Of course there’s others such as Digimon Tamers, Medabots, Mon Colle Knights that also come to mind.


      😂😂😂 I’ve actually had a few days where i’m like Death the Kid

      But most days i’m like the guy next to him, just constantly going around in shorts… in the middle of winter ❄

      I need to watch this anime 🤩📺


        Was too young to remember much of the original Yu-Gi-Oh when i first watched it, so i really got into it with GX


        Soul isn’t wearing just his underwear because he feels like it; he was caught cheating and the school had a wild way of punishing him for it.

        Other clips that finally got processed on BitChute:

        https://www.bit chute.com/video/GTWBkdBOLkKu/

        I dunno, the toilet probably dodged a bullet there.

        https://www.bit chute.com/video/ZlqbIzvEiyX9/

        Crona is the most precious child in all of existence. Protect at all costs.


        GX was great. Although to this day I’m peeved that 4Kids never actually finished dubbing it due to a breach in protocal, if memory serves.


        Code Geass. I watched it in 2008 and have rewatched it a couple times when I got older, and it still is my all time favorite. It has a perfect mixture of goofyness, cool battles, interesting character interactions, dramatic twists and has my favorite main character and ending of all time.




          🤣🤣🤣 I’d get detention on purpose if that’s the result, my school had a no shorts policy, not even in summer 🔥🔥🔥

          Bitchute links still aren’t working 😿


            Yup, i’m curious now, what “breach of protocal”?

            On the bright side, watching the last season in japanese, i learnt how to say older brother in japanese from Syrus, nii-san :3


            I watched a lot of anime during the early 2000s specially because I was in a fansub translating episodes lol.

            But I guess my favorite animes from that time were Bleach and Samurai Champloo.


            I deliberately put a space between “bit and “chute” because otherwise the post wouldn’t even show up – Simply deleting that space while having the URL in the address bar should work.


              The poor toilet 🤣🤣🤣

              Awww, Crona don’t like bright light, just like mogwai, and me :3



              The early 00s were when I was probably the most engrossed in anime. As for my favorites from that era, I’d have to go with Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star. My female anime friends were obsessed with Inuyasha, which I could never quite get into, and my dudes were all about Trigun. Chrono Crusade was pretty great as well.


                I did it! Uploaded a Digimon clip in BitChute 😸 It took the whole night to process the 6 second video, but it was worth it 💻

                https://www.bit chute.com/video/qBGxSaicExzE/

                bokomon & neemon - movie


                  A couple more funny clips from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Frontier

                  https://www.bit chute.com/video/LUCYzNW16mep/

                  “Koromon, you couldn’t wait?!” 🤣

                  https://www.bit chute.com/video/qgtF40LojH42/

                  They should really invest in putting up signs saying “do not feed the Pagumon” 🍫

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