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      MLB players kneeling during the national anthem. I thought baseball was America’s pastime. I thought baseball was immune to this stupidity. Apparently not.

      I’ve straight up had it with pro sports. These are a bunch of spoiled, sniveling, whiny little shits that have absolutely no gratitude for the country that they live in or for the money that fans funnel into their bank accounts. My family is fighting some legit legal persecution from the government. These assholes are a slap in the face to what my family is dealing with. Where’s the justice for my family? Where’s the outrage? I won’t elaborate on what’s going on because I’m too fucking terrified to. Fuck these spoiled, sniveling little shits.

      Spoiled little shits regress to their newborn years; forget how to stand

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      Welcome to my world.


      There are plenty of seats on this train.

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        Been riding this train for years now. Glad I’m not the only passenger.

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      I could have thrown my remote at the tv last night when I saw those Gay Area fucks kneeling. At least my As didnt bend over like a bunch of bitches.


      that will likely happen later in the season after some fuck cries cause they are being Americans.

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      They are all corrupt anyways.

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      I stopped watch the NFL after Crap-er-nick starting kneeling.

      Baseball I have never watched (too slow for my liking).

      Basketball, only the last few minutes of game time, and it takes an hour?  Foul!  Technical!


      Amazing how political so may overpaid people who talk the big talk, but won’t give a dime to any of their “causes”, I say enjoy without my dollar$.


      I had enjoyed watch motor sports, but after this last month, they can still their collective exhaust up their collective butts.

      If hockey starts doing the same sh!t….


      I have gone five months without sports.  I think I can live without them.

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      I refuse to watch sports and I was an athlete when I was younger.   I hate them all now and guess what?  I do not need them.  Neither does anyone else.

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      I mean if they want to kneel then let them do it. For me the problem starts when you get criticized if you don’t do it and are forced to kneel

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        Those that kneel spit on the graves of countless soldiers that gave their lives for this country.

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          Depends on what country or sport we are talking about. Personally I talk about football in Europe, for example, which has nothing to do with the soldiers of America

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            And I’m an American talking about American pro sports, with players that are spitting on the graves of dead soldiers. Among other things.

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              Well maybe the thread should be called ”Fuck American Sports” in that case?

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                Or how about you stop acting like a snowflake.

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                  But that is not the case. I just shared my opinion because I think dragging the whole professional sport industry in this, because of the fuck ups in America, is unnecessary. Not everything spins around America.

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                    Not everything revolves around the rest of the world. American athletes are the ones kneeling during the American national anthem. MLB is an AMERICAN sports league. I shouldn’t have to explain this to you. You’re the one trying to hijack this thread. Get lost. And work on your common sense and reading comprehension skills while you’re at it.

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                      Well in that case I keep my opinion I stated earlier. It’s only very few sports that bend the knee to the BLM shit, mostly in America.
                      So I ”disagree” with the name of the thread as pro sports is such a broad subject that like 90% of sports has nothing to do with the dead soldiers in America. If the title was ”Fuck American Pro Sports for kneeling”, I would agree 100%.

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      I was so looking forward to baseball but now nope.  Not when they support communists like BLM.  And BLM is communism.  The leaders are pictured with Nicholas Madurao!  I mean when did America embrace communism? Unreal.

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        Took a college level US History course maybe 6-7 years ago. Between the Revolutionary War and WWII, they glossed over one and ignored the other. A shocking load of crap, let me tell you. It’s no wonder so many people are absolutely ignorant.

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          My sister and brother in law where here and brought up BLM a couple of times.  One got heated as I said don’t bring up those communists.  My sister tried to correct me.  Their ignorance is real and it’s sad

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      It seems NHL is the exception? I’m not sure thou. But NHL always seemed to act more like real men. Lol but maybe it will change as well….

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        Unfortunately, the NHL has taken the bait. I’m just done with pro sports. Fucking sniveling spoiled little shits.

        Hockey bitches

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      Was watching the O’s game tonight and my patience was really tested.

      1) First MASN (one of our sports network here in Baltimore) did this montage where they showed people wearing masks and doing their jobs, then suddenly it went to those “protests” and the BLM puppets, then to highlights of the orioles. Very clever.

      2) During the “coming up next” stuff, they showed Fenway Park and on one of the outside sides, there was a BLM message in a black background with white lettering, in Red Sox font!

      3) The pitcher’s mound has the damn BLM on it. The player’s jerseys also has it along with “United For Change” on the sleeves.

      4) The breaking point was during a commercial break in the middle of the 6th, A DAMN JOE BIDEN AD PLAYED!!!! Now I don’t know if this is a MASN decision or an Xfinity decision (they usually play an ad in place of the one the networks play during commercials), but this made me quickly say “Nick Jr.” on the remote as I desperately went away from that trash. The Orioles were losing 10-1 at the time.

      Fucking pissed me off, because I love baseball and the Orioles. My 20 month old was watching some of it while I was feeding her, and my wife…well….she doesn’t care for the sport. But if this is what’s gonna be happening every time I turn on the O’s or any other MLB broadcast, then I give up on this short 2020 season, and I’ve never, EVER, given up on ANY season of baseball before in my life!

      So fuck BLM, fuck the left (and 90% of the right), fuck Covid, and fuck every single puppet that’s ether sold on this crap or is making money off of it!!

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      I coached college lacrosse on the west coast for three years from 1999 to 2001. We were an intercollegiate club team, which means the university didn’t provide us with funding, equipment, or sometimes even practice facilities.  The university supported us in name only. In 2001, I made it my mission to schedule our final home game at the university stadium and to have the National Anthem play before face-off.

      Every fan and player on both sides stood quietly and respectfully. There were people running the track around the field who had nothing to do with our game and they stopped to stand at attention. After the game several players from the opposing team stopped to thank me because even though they had played lacrosse since high school none of them had ever heard the Anthem play before a game. Out of all the trophies, the come from behind victories, the emotional speeches, that was my greatest coaching moment. We all know what it was like to win and lose, but for one short moment in 2001 everyone agreed on one thing and I think everyone knows how rare that is in life. For most players it was probably the first and last time they heard the Anthem play before they took the field. It made the game medicine. We all won because the Anthem played–and that my friends pleases Creator.

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      These players are a bunch of idiots!

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      MLB has already had to cancel two games because on CoViD.

      I wonder if the NHL, once teams are eliminated from the playoffs, if the players before heading home, are allowed to watch games in-person, as they are already in the “BUBBLE”.

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      Open Litter 1

      Open Letter To NFL Players.  The Boycott is coming

      You graduated high school in 2011.  Your teenage years were a struggle.
      You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Your mother was the leader of the family and worked tirelessly to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate.
      Academics were a struggle for you and your grades were mediocre at best. The only thing that made you stand out is you weighed 225 lbs and could run 40 yards in 4.2 seconds while carrying a football. Your best friend was just like you, except he didn’t play football. Instead of going to football practice after school, he went to work at McDonalds for minimum wage.
      You were recruited by all the big colleges and spent every weekend of your senior year making visits to universities where coaches and boosters tried to convince you their school was best. They laid out the red carpet for you. Your best friend worked double shifts at Mickey Ds. College was not an option for him.
      On the day you signed with Big State University, your best friend signed paperwork with his Army recruiter. You went to summer workouts.
      He went to basic training.
      You spent the next four years living in the athletic dorm, eating at the training table. You spent your Saturdays on the football field, cheered on by adoring fans. Tutors attended to your every academic need.
      You attended class when you felt like it. Sure, you worked hard. You lifted weights, ran sprints, studied plays, and soon became one of the top football players in the country.
      Your best friend was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. While you were in college, he deployed to Iraq once and Afghanistan twice. He became a Sergeant and led a squad of 19 year-old soldiers who grew up just like he did. He shed his blood in Afghanistan and watched young American’s give their lives, limbs, and innocence for the US.
      You went to the NFL combine and scored off the charts. You hired an agent and waited for draft day. You were drafted in the first round and your agent immediately went to work, ensuring that you received the most money possible. You signed for $16 million although you had never played a single down of professional football.
      Your best friend re-enlisted in the Army for four more years. As a combat tested sergeant, he will be paid $32,000 per year.
      You will drive a Ferrari on the streets of South Beach. He will ride in the back of a Blackhawk helicopter with 10 other combat loaded soldiers.
      You will sleep at the Ritz. He will dig a hole in the ground and try to sleep. You will “make it rain” in the club. He will pray for rain as the temperature reaches 120 degrees.
      On Sunday, you will run into a stadium as tens of thousands of fans cheer and yell your name.
      For your best friend, there is little difference between Sunday and any other day of the week. There are no adoring fans. There are only people trying to kill him and his soldiers. Every now and then, he and his soldiers leave the front lines and “go to the rear” to rest. He might be lucky enough to catch an NFL game on TV.
      When the National Anthem plays and you take a knee, he will jump to his feet and salute the television. While you protest the unfairness of life in the United States, he will give thanks to God that he has the honor of defending his great country.
      To the players of the NFL: We are the people who buy your tickets, watch you on TV, and wear your jerseys. We anxiously wait for Sundays so we can cheer for you and marvel at your athleticism. Although we love to watch you play, we care little about your opinions until you offend us.
      You have the absolute right to express yourselves, but we have the absolute right to boycott you.
      We have tolerated your drug use and DUIs, your domestic violence, and your vulgar displays of wealth. We should be ashamed for putting our admiration of your physical skills before what is morally right.
      But now you have gone too far. You have insulted our flag, our country, our soldiers, our police officers, and our veterans. You are living the American dream, yet you disparage our great country. I encourage all like minded Americans to boycott the NFL.
      National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 11, 2020 “Veterans Day“ Weekend. Boycott all football telecast, all fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty stadiums.
      Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin.
      Therese M LeMay

      Open Litter 2

      Open Litter 3

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        Maybe if we stopped tolerating their criminal activity altogether. Shrugs.

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      Bread & circuses are no longer an effective tool to control the masses. Good riddance…


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      I say again fuck the kneeling trash. They get paid per day more than I make in a decade.

    • #181074

      The same whiny millionaires that lecture us on social issues are the ones with the most social issues


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        What is why the saying “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” applies all the more so with athletes and politicians.

        They want us to do something they themselves WON’T do.


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        It’s all about the mooonaaayyyy

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          How about we stop $opporting these cry-babies.

          Stop buying the merchise.

          Stop buying subscriptions to on-line viewing.

          Stop going to the stadiums/buy food/merch, etc.

          If viewership goes down, so too does the advertising dollar$ and the TV contract$.

          Then the tricky down effect.  The league makes less money, so the salaries of athletes go down.

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            Haven’t spent money on these fools in a long time. Hoping the rest of society catches on and follows suit.

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      It is sad how sports have gone left wing political.  There is no balance, no look at the real data, no honest talk. The sports people are too afraid of being called racist if they don’t follow the trend.

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        Pro sports are a societal luxury. These punks have completely forgotten that. The world is burning and they think people will continue to funnel billions of dollars into their coffers. I don’t need pro sports. There’s so much life to be lived that doesn’t require idol worship.

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      The loud voices of the minority whom the majority object to.

      Peer pressure by those who do not support the product, but believe pro-sports, for-profit businesses are a means to get their marxist/hate message out.

      The bigger the platform, the more this cancer wants to spread to it/infect it/destroy it.

      Look at the media, look at political parties, look at hollywood, look at novels and comics, look at social media sites, look at pro-sports.

      They don’t know how to build anything, so they attack it to break it.

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      I’m a Brit but been following and watching MLB since 1987 and Tom Kelly’s Twins. It’s my second favourite sport after cricket. I also watch lots of  NFL games, although yellow flags in recent years have weakened my interest. I also played and helped to run a British fantasy baseball game for a number of years. I’m done with both, sports that I have loved watching for more than thirty years. You take a knee and disrespect the anthem. That means you hate us, and want to destroy us. You have no respect for the fans, that is obvious. Screw you. This picture from Parler sums it all up.


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      These spoiled generation has never had to face real war, nor the horrors and sacrifices those brave men and women did for your freedom and rights and liberties.

      And those making millions playing sports ARE the privileged class!




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      fuck sportsSays it all really.

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