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    Halo is my favorite gaming franchise. Got it at launch with the OG Xbox. So it’s been almost 20 years! It’s had some stumbles but I have high hopes for Infinite. I think 343 has been able to learn from mistakes made, third times the charm! Also Halo has some of the best lore in gaming imo. It goes far and wide throughout all mediums of entertainment. 343 has their hearts in it, they’ll come through in the end.


    I am praying that Halo Infinite serves as a return to form. I wish the best for 343, but only if they learn from their mistakes.


    Halo TV Series – Official Trailer | Game Awards 2021

    Master Chief’s first live-action adventure will be experienced in 2022, only on Paramount+.


    Has there ever been another entertainment series beyond Halo that sank from catering to a mass audience of casual fans into the deepest abyss of lore?  The Forerunner War space caveman backstory was always vaguely hinted at by the time of Halo 3, but now secondary material has become absolutely essential to understanding the main storyline.

    I genuinely want to know if Jeremy knows about Halo‘s space cavemen, or, if he doesn’t, to hear his reaction upon finding out.


      I frankly have never been much of a fan of Halo, partly because I dislike competitive multiplayer. I hate multiplayer unless it is co-op. I don’t enjoy it, at all. I am not a competitive person, at all. However, I played Halo Reach to death with Firefight co-op. I loved that, It was so much fun. I even beat Reach on the hardest difficulty, which I really never do or try to do. Firefight was never put in any other Halo games after that and I honestly haven’t cared about Halo ever again. My Xbox One X Scorpio Edition collects dust and is never used, my PS5 is used daily.


        Halo Infinite is definitely worth playing.  The engine is pretty new but has many of the most modern features with development ongoing.  Multi-player definitely deserves a lot of the “kudo’s” it has been receiving.  Do *NOT* expect a complete story from the single player campaign however.  They have been very public with the fact that they have a “10 year plan” for this game so the campaign is only the first chapter in this latest installment.  Expect many DLC’s in the coming year(s) and expect the story to keep growing.  Multi-player is still missing some modes but is some of the most fun I have had with a “shooter” in a long time.

        If you have a gamepass subscription, it is truly worth the download.


        Hard to listen to. Tragic for fans. There was a time when everyone I knew was playing that game. It was up there with WarCraft.
        He’s talking about the TV show and agree with him. Started watching and winced at the cast, skimmed through it and probably won’t watch more.


        “The latest gameplay footage from Halo Infinite looks promising, blending classic elements with modern enhancements.” The open world style and the reappearance of Master Chief invoke nostalgia while providing new excitement. “I can’t wait to play the iconic multiplayer and engage in the engaging campaign.”





        Halo is nothing more than a moneynpit at this point. I won’t lie, I gave halo infinite every chance to be good, but despite the gameplay being good enough, there’s not much to do after the campaign and multiplayer is nothing but a micropay pit.

        The season passes are nothing more than cosmetics you have to earn, forcing you to pay for something they should’ve already given you.

        It’s a complete lack of creative integrity and it doesn’t feel like I earned anything in the game. It’s a hollow, empty, grind to get cosmetics, nothing more. Nothing feels like you truly earned it in the game.

      Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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