Happy Star Wars Day 2021 Everyone!!!!

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    Hey everyone here on the G&G website, it is Star Wars Day 2021 this Tuesday May 4, 2021!!!!!!

    I don’t know do many of you here care or even know but it is Star Wars Day today and I hope I get my present of…

    …….Evil Aunt Kathy aka Kathleen Kennedy getting fired from Lucasfilm and Star Wars to hopefully stop being woke and forced wahmen lead.

    If someone could give me this present on Star Wars Day 2021…I’ll be one happy Sithlord!!!!! 😀


      Happy Star Wars day @Megazord_Jeremy, may the force be with you!


      The 25th is SW day.


      This isn’t Star Wars day. This is manufactured to sell people shit day.

      A New Hope first launched on May 25th 1977…May 25th is Star Wars day, because that is when the adventure started.

      Fuck May the 4th.


      The use of May 4th as Star Wars day predates Disney buying Lucasfilm (some people referred to it as Luke Skywalker Day as well) so I’m happy to go with it. For the past few years I’ve tried to do a Star Wars related update to my website but of course Covid has put a dent in my updates for a year now. I’ve still managed to come up with something this year by turning all my classic era stories into pdfs so they can be downloaded.

      If you’d rather go along with May 25th then fair enough.


      May the Fourth be with you, Always.


        May 25th is Star War Birthday…. It was Mr. Lucas present to me :) :) :) well so i thought.. Today is just PLAY ON WORDS DAY, But still fun in many ways. Like sailing the High Seas and Paying the Iron Price to watch Bad Batch.




        Happy Star Wars Day back Digicat 😀


        Any here is a Power Rangers in Space scene where they reference Star Wars


        I will be a galaxy-wide celebration once the EVIL Sith (KK) is removed from Lucasfilm, along with all her dark apprentices.

        “The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.” – Yoda

        Remove the Darkness, let light return to Star Wars.


        Doomcock better right with his optimism with Star Wars or I swear I will break into the Center of the Earth myself and let Harvey out myself.


        Both May 4th and May 25th are Star Wars days. Is it too much to ask for both?


        How is everyone spending their Star Wars Day 2021?

        I am spending mine watching Rambo First Blood part 1 and Rambo First Blood part 2. Rambo is a good franchise that never had a bad or woke movie unlike what Star Wars had become under Evil Aunt Kathy.

        RAMBO FOREVER!!!!!! Happy Star Wars Day 2021 everyone!!!!


        Also I saw Mr. Kreese from Cobra Kai get his ass kicked by Rambo and Mr. Kreese didn’t fight back and just got owned like a little bitch lol 😂😀

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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