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    @Mustangride1 You, sir, have a far greater heart than I when it comes to this. You are far more a Jedi in this than I, because I really am going Sith. When it comes to this, I gotta deal in absolutes. There’s one and the other, and I choose what came before.

    But what you are saying is very close in my whole purpose for the video I hope to eventually get done on this very subject matter. Like you, I am against black pilling on Star Wars, which many people are doing now because of the events you have listed. We agree on that sentiment, I see us as just tackling it differently with different perspectives. And just because we have those differences, it doesn’t mean our hearts are not aligned in the end result: an end to the current nightmare that is Lucasfilm and Disney.

    Real Star Wars is there to be enjoyed. It is the true fans’ purpose right now to collect, protect, and preserve it until hopefully one day it does reach the hands of someone who fully cares about and respects the vision of Lucas and the millions of fans who existed before TFA was shat on to the screens in an attempt to court people who don’t care about Star Wars. Considering all the financial stresses of the world we live in, I do not think it is out of the realm of possibilities that one day Disney does end up cutting its losses and selling Lucasfilm to a better custodian who will hit the reset button on the past decade.

    Before 2012, I always said that all they needed to do was animate the EU. Considering how much people love animated stuff now, I see a future where a smart custodian of Star Wars just sinks time and money into animating the EU.

    If you ask me, that would turn Star Wars into a money making juggernaut again…and then maybe we’d get the Sword of the Jedi trilogy and the Legacy comics novelized.

    A man can dream.


      I like the animated but their is no substitute for good live action…. Problem with live again takes us to that word “Woke” they cannot help it, they have to shoot their cockholsters off and that really hurts their work because they piss at least 50% of the people off.

      Look at Dolly one of the greatest entertainers ever, I cannot tell you her politics for certain. John Wayne clear on his, but he was not shoving it down anyone’s throat or disrespecting fans, he said what he had to in his opinion, I can respect that. I see what  the actors from STTNG are now spewing out their mouths and just puts me off, like you. But I can at least go back to TNG and watch it, though it was not my favorite, I like DS-9 more.

      They need to just ACT and if they are going to champion a cause, hey that is their absolute right, but shoving one down the face that a large if not vast majority of People in the world not just the US find from silly to highly offensive is pure stupid…. As a Business owner I would fire an employee who alienated half my potential customers, hell I have fired them for just upsetting one “on company time” and that means any function where you are representing the franchise or company.

      Social Media, that is on them, but I could easily look at at what they or anyone says and simply say, “I dont need that person, they are potentially more damaging than they are an asset”

      Lets look at  “Amber Laura Heard” is there any doubt her being in Aquaman-2 will hurt it financially? There is a very lengthy petition right now that says it will, combined with Australia is looking at her for criminal charges and who knows what will happen here in the courts. She is a Big Risk and even if everything down the road comes out she was a saint in all this <i puked a little typing that> but lets say she is. RIGHT NOW she is bad for the movie.

      Now lets look at Gina. Super popular with fans across all spectrum’s, <only a minority that probably didnt even know who she was or about caused problems and of course she was everything KK said she wanted but was lying about so had to go> KK and all those who humiliated or said ill of a past employee should have been terminated with cause on the spot, And Pablo-the-Hutt really should have a long time ago, attacking fans aka customers, wtf is that? Gina’s star keeps getting brighter and her interaction with fans keep growing as does the average person opinion and like in her. SHE IS AN ASSET.

      Now one more just for giggles… Emilia Mother of Fucking Dragons Clarke, Seriously Aquaman-2 would go multi-billion dollar instantly! Is she a great actress? No but the chemistry between her and Jason makes both of them GREAT and people love them together. Now why did I bring that up?

      Well think for a minute, if they had put Luke, Han and Leia in one just one scene together that would been a billion dollars more in revenue just to see them reunited together if but for a second. This is how stupid Hollyweird gets on things, It is staring them in the face, it is so clear and obvious and yet they cannot see the money through their wokeness or stupidity. Certain recipes work and you should not change them.

      Ok I can go on for hours about this, Enjoying it, but I am also seasoning some cast iron I scored on at a antique store, so be back later for more discussion.




          wanna guess which radio station and Evil DJ’s set that torture up?

          A soft rock station that only plays shit that would make me stab a #2 pencil in my ears?


            No No, not soft rock for sure…. Mark and Brian were far from soft rock DJ’s


            Anna needs to get her shit together and switch to Odysee


            Anna needs to get her shit together and switch to Odysee


            If someone has all the requirements to mirror their YT channel, there really isn’t an excuse, imo.



            Ironically not 30 min after I said that I found Annas Odysee chanel is up…


            Was watching a motion comic and one comment said that Darth Vader was based on Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four? Never heard that one before.



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