Has anyone here successfully deleted a Disney account?

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    I don’t mean just cancelling the Disney+ subscription but actually have their entire account removed.  I started this process back in February and still haven’t been successful.  If you do a search on how to delete a Disney account, you find a support page with a link and instructions to log in and it has the option to delete it.  I did this and was told that I have active subscriptions (which I didn’t).  I used their text chat support feature and confirmed that there were no active subscriptions, but I was told that the deletion process was started and that I should get the confirmation email in 14 days (yes, their standard policy takes them 14 days to delete an account!).  Well, a few weeks later I would still be able to log in.  I have repeated this process 5 or 6 times now with the last couple times actually calling in to their tech support.  A few weeks ago, I was told May 4th would be my termination day (fitting!) but nothing happened.  I am on hold with them right now as I type this trying again.  I am legit starting to think that they do not have a deletion process – just lies to make you think they are removing your info.

    I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any (I even made the account for this!) – has anyone here successfully deleted their Disney account before?


    There is NO deleting an account from anyplace in all reality, you would need to delete yourself….. When you give them your E-mail, Phone, Credit/debit card etc they have it until you manage to purge all of that information.

    With my business I had people say delete me from your records blah blah blah… My reply was simple “I will remove you from my mailing list and calling list but for legal and tax reasons I will maintain your information” People do not understand if Uncle Taxman comes calling you better have all that information ready to show them.

    So the best I can tell you is this:
    If you can get them to stop (e-mailing, calling, texting I.E. Bothering you) then its a WIN and take it unless you want to delete all your information they have, and in Disneys case if you buy anything from one of their child-companies they have that info as well. You go on one of their properties they know etc. Google aint got nothing on the mouse when it comes to knowing.


    If you are buying directly for disney+ using a credit card, you can create a stop payment with your bank/credit card company.

    If that does not work, you can ask for a new card (with new numbers) then cancel your old card.  Just remember to update your other vendors whom you use your credit card with.


    I had to do that in the past when I suspected someone got ahold of my card’s numbers, and before they could mass-purchase something, I had called my credit card company to stop all transactions and issue me a new/replacement.


    They were very understanding that I was pro-active and did not wait for bad charges to appear.

    I guess they would rather issue new cards than having to deal with potential fraud transactions.


    It really isn’t a billing issue – I just don’t want that account to exist anymore.  I had never considered the tax reasons for them to maintain at least some data so thanks for that insight.  That call I made while typing the initial post resulted in me getting a phone number to check the progress of this process, so at least I got that (though I never tried it yet).  I will keep this thread updated in case anyone is interested.

    Thanks for the replies!


    Minor update.  Today has been 2 weeks since May 4 (one of the promised deletion dates) so I checked and sure enough, I was able to reset my password and log in.  I called them again, was told that logging in resets the process, blah blah.  Basically, “we will totally delete your account but if you try to log in we can’t”.  It’s not there as long as you don’t look at it!

    Also, while I was on hold, I filled out a form for my states consumer protection program.  Probably won’t accomplish anything, but it made me feel better!

    I truly believe that Disney is a scam organization.



    Another 16 days, another call to disney support.

    This time, I did not try to log in first (for reasons explained in previous post).

    I was told the account was deleted.  I went to log in, hit ‘forgot my password’, and got an email from them to reset the password.  I then explained to the rep what ‘deleted’ means.  More hold while they talk to supervisors, probably leading to more promises that won’t happen.  At the end of the call, I was told I was put on an expedited list and would be contacted in 3-5 days.  I highly doubt it will happen.  I truly despise this company.  Right up there with Creality and Microsoft on my excrement list.

    I did get a letter from my states consumer protection department saying that they would be contacting Disney, which made me smile.  Probably won’t accomplish anything, but it’s still funny.

    Also, I will say that the disney support reps have all been friendly and helpful to the best of their abilities.  It’s just that disney’s tech people are as useless as their writers!

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    An abandoned account, but still an account, is what they are still counting, IMO.

    For example, the house of mouse can still say:

    Oh look, we have 220 Million accounts!

    Of course, only 75 Million are still paying via a packaged deal (with a network or internet provider), while 25 Million are Disney+ directly, while 110 Million are inactive/non-paying.


    220M sounds better.

    Keep on it.  Don’t let the house of mouse win in their number’s game!


    Update time!  It’s been over a week since I was told I would get a call in 3-5 days (surprise!  no call!) so I called in again.

    I would just like to reiterate that my beef is with Disney’s IT setup – I really can’t imagine a scenario where deleting an account should take 14 days.  My beef is not with the support reps, and I am careful not to take it out on them.  I always tell them they have been very nice and helpful because they have always been nice and are being as helpful as they can be.

    Until today.

    This guy was a dick.  First, he told me that my account was disabled.  I went to disneyplus, clicked on ‘log in’, entered my email address, hit the ‘forgot my password link’, and immediately got the recovery email.  I explained that this was the problem and told him about all the times I had called in and how many times I had already been down this path.  He tried to tell me that I was not told it would take 2 weeks to delete an account (I was told just that about a half a dozen times by now) and that if I was told I would get a call, I would get a call!  As I was clarifying that my beef was with the IT implementations and not the support people, he hung up on me.  No joke.

    I immediately called back and fortunately got a non-dick.  I explained the whole story again, he apologized for the inconvenience, talked to a supervisor, and I was told that it should be taken care of in 14 days.  I was also reminded that trying to log in during this would cancel it so don’t do that.  I was given a reference number this time so in 14 days I can call them and do this all over again but might not have to repeat the story.  :)


    Have you ever got a transcript of the conversation sent to your email?

    I have found when I had to “talk” with CS at places like amazon, I always go it via chat, so I can get a screen shot or an email of the chat.  So I can say to whom and when I chatted with them, and what they told me.

    Having gotten contradictory information I had gotten on multiple instances.

    I was able to pull up my previous chat, and go over the details when the current CS says something different.

    Most times, I ask if it was an IT problem, to send their IT department a recommendation to “address/fix” the issue.

    CS is more willing to help as a “suggestion or recommendation” than a “your system is broken” style tone.


    And yay, that non-customer service rep you got, did you also get its name?

    When you called back and talked to an actually rep, after going over the need to get your account “deleted”, and got the response, then you could add the whole “hung up on me”.

    Letting them then know person so-n-so you just spoke earlier to might need a refresher course on service the customer, and why.


    I didn’t remember the name.  When I talked to the second guy (who was very nice and helpful) I did mention the experience with the first one.  He asked if I wanted to file a complaint but I declined.  I told them if they were interested they could probably look up the call from their recordings and review it.

    I really didn’t expect this whole thing to drag out.  If I had I would have taken better notes and probably put it on a web page.  On a related note, if the support system says that the call may be recorded, does that give me the right to record it as well without saying so?  IIRC, the law on that varies from state to state.


    I would first ask the CS rep, if this conversation IS being recorded by them.  If so, then say you will also be recording this for future reference/recollection/take notes from.

    If you don’t and you ever need to use it in court, alot a places might dismiss it as inadmissible evidence.


    Time for another update.  I called in again as it’s been over 2 weeks.  The support rep is pretty sure we talked before, as she remembered my email address!  I gave her my new reference number and she said she saw no evidence that anything had been done since the last call.  She said my account was in some stuck state and she couldn’t do anything about it.  She said she had seen this happen before.  She escalated it to tier 3 and marked it as ‘critical’.

    At this point, I’m just doing this to see how it plays out.  I am kind of wondering if Disney+ allows you to change the email address on an account.  If so, I can make a dummy one on my domain, switch it to that address, and then set it to forward back to their support address or something.  We’ll keep that in mind as an endgame option if need be.  ;)


    They are desperate to keep the numbers up, even on deactivated accounts.


    I kind of forgot about this so it has been just over a month since I called but I tried again today and just got off the phone.  I once again got a very friendly support rep and was told that pretty much nothing had happened since the last call.  She mentioned escalating it to tier 3.  I read my notes from the last call and told her that was what I had heard a month ago.  Long story short (and by story, I mean re-run at this point), she said to call back in 14 days!



    So long as they have an “open” account, they can use it to inflate the number of people “ON” Disney+.

    Keep it up.

    Don’t let the evil empire of the mouse win.


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