have you watch game of thrones sense the end

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      As one who had “cut my cable” over 15 years ago, and I don’t do the “pay-to-view/subscription”.

      I have never seen GoT, be it when it came out, nor as reruns nor on DVD.

      To answer your question:




        I started watching it not long before it ended, but i’ve only watched the first 2 seasons, i’m too curious not to finish it, just taking a break now


        Nope, but have thought about it. It’s kinda like Lost, I know it starts amazing and runs great for awhile. Then it turns to shit, so I feel discouraged from even beginning the series again.


          That is how I feel, I am a book fan first and feared when GRRM hit the lottery they would not be finished. Now I know it is true, but worse he let to absolute horrible people finish his story for him. All I can hope is he is combining Winds and Dream and finishes them and changes the damn ending.

          Now when I say changes I mean it! He said it for years and years it would be “fulfilling and Bittersweet” Dany dying would not allow that happen, A two kingdom solution would not allow it to happen and Bran the worthless sitting the throne is just horrible.

          Bittersweet to me would be this:

          Dany and Jon the two most likely rulers, Both who are the most capable of rulers, Both whom earned it over and over and Both who longed for anything but being rulers, would find the love in each other slowly through the book and in the end their story finds them at a little house in Dorne with a lemon tree and the final scene is them shutting the door, a RED DOOR.

          Arya’s story would end much the same, She was never meant to be anything else, certainly not the savior of the Universe.

          Tyrion would be my choice as the ruler, He hated it the first time but was good at it “Possibly married to Sansa as I think Penny will try to kill him.

          We know the fate of the twins its just how.

          Sansa is the one I think the show did the dirtiest to. something in side me says Her and Robin Arryn “the real Robin” will be together and rule jointly over the Vale and North if not also the Reach. (that theory goes deep in to the books), but I believe Robin indeed was sent to Dragonstone and learned under Stannis and returned to the Vale as a certain mouse.  Love or Hate Sansa in the TV SHOW Her in the books is a completely different character.

          If GRRM ever finishes “which I doubt” having the ending we saw in the show would ruin what his ego has wanted, which was to be up with J. R. R. Tolkien in the list of writers. The ending we saw in any way killing the BIG5 would not do that. He even stated their would 5 at the end and listed them. Yes he could change his mind but as it stands right now, he will go down as “The Man who could not finish what he started”


          It’s a great show till the last 2 seasons. If you never watched, you should, specially now that there’s a big lack of quality tv shows to watch. I wish i could watch the first seasons for the first time. top quality.

          (yeah, season 8 is real garbage, they fucked it up).


          Haven’t, but probably will at some point.  The first 4 seasons are outstanding.  I thought it really started to go downhill from that point on.  Stopped watching in season 6.


          Please don’t see the last season


            SEASON 4 is where is started going downhill fast, they ran out of source material and it was showing. That is when the Sandcrabs showed up and DND had no clue how to use them, I swear they never even read the books about them, because book v show is not even the same characters. Season 5 had many things that deviated from the books and Season 6 on was full on DnD CLUELESS IN WESTEROS. The last season ruined even wanting rewatches for fans and has had to have cost Billions to HBO.


            I never bought any of the DVDs after season 4. Hell I gave what I had to an uncle 4 years ago & never got em back.


            Once Dumb n Dumber ran out of shit to steal the show fell off a cliff. People think swason 8 was bad. but lets face it the show died the day they ran out of books to rip off.



            I might do a full rewatch before Blood of the Dragon, or if George ever finishes the books.

            Honest take, I wasn’t as mad at season 8 like many because I think there’s a lot of context missing due to the books not being out.

            The die hard fandom talked about the possibility of Bran becoming king because of Bloodraven.

            If you all wanna talk about it, I’m here to discuss it.


              Bloodraven? Brynden Rivers.

              Na not by Brynden, Grrm has confirmed Brynden is who Bran meets in the cave but he is NOT the 3EC. To many problems with things Bran asked him he did not know that the true Crow would know.

              I am going to try to stick to books not show for this, especially as the show basterdized Brynden. Even the books you have to have read Dunk & Egg to know who he was with any clarity.

              Is he like Cold-Hands? Yes, another guide or possibly the guard for the 3EC, but not the 3EC Himself. Not unless GRRM is getting lazy in his world building, I don’t see it happening, and that is why the books are taking forever. He cannot stop adding characters and bits to his world.

              Now Can Bran become “King”? Possibly but not of Westeros, perhaps the True North. Magic in WESTEROS the people would not accept that plus in would violate the Treaty of the Men and Children.

              That is the simple Answer.

              Now, no telling what George will write if Bran is to be king to fix the problem with Magic Laws and The Treaty.

              I am more interested in what is under Winterfell and the Magic in it.


              No, I have not.

              It broke my heart.  And made me really appreciate Breaking Bad.  When that ended I need a cigarette.

              When Game of Thrones ended I needed a stiff drink, and a nap.  Followed by plenty of Excedrin Extra Strength.


              So you do not think that Bloodraven a motive?

              No mention of the other’s during Fire and Blood.

              We have yet to get the dialogue between Aegon the Unlikely, and Bloodraven about Bloodraven joining the watch.

              We know that Aegon goes to the north in the Dunk and Egg series.

              The biggest theory out is that Bloodraven caused a number of events *Summerhall, awaken of the others, bringing the Direwolves to the Starks*.

              There are hints that Bloodraven gave Euron knowledge, but Euron went his own way.


                Bloodraven, Does he have a Motive?
                If that is what you are asking, yes, everyone has motives for what they do. But in Bryndens case it is probably not what people think (that being he wants to be  king and Bran is a pawn)

                Brynden had numerous opportunities to be a The King had he wanted. That was never something he even attempted to make happen. He and Shiera together may have something going on. It could actually be her that is the 3EC, her magic was extremely powerful. And I would guess she still lives from this quote

                “I have my own ghosts, Bran. A brother that I loved, a brother that I hated, a woman I desired.
                —Brynden Rivers to Bran Stark ”

                Bothers (past tense)
                Sister (present)

                The wolves to the Starks is interesting. However if someone wargs a Animal a piece of them remains still in it, Bran would detect that, as powerful as he is. Someone surely put the wolves in their hands, Could it be 3EC? sure, but could also be what it was chance.

                Now Summerhall is a dead horse, Brynden was in the Watch and “missing” for for 7 years by the time of Summerhall. There is always a chance but this one is so slim, Brynden is not exactly someone who can make it all that way unnoticed. It would also go against his nature to attack a King or Kings family. Again he could have been king had he wanted.

                As to the awakening of the Other, speculation and fan theory for now.

                Part of the problem with ASOIAF, is the magical elements, when you are talking about the books we “book fans” understand magic is a big part of the world and have to try and find the “magical tie-in” for many things. You then need to tie-in the persons behaviors. Despite GRRM’s short combings to which there are many,  Elio and Linda keep those things very consistent thank the 7 gods because George sure cannot.

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