have you watch game of thrones sense the end

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    1. all of this is speculation because ASOIAF, Dunk/Egg, and Fire/Blood isn’t finished.

    2. The biggest theory about Shiera is that she’s Melisandre’s mom.

    3. The biggest reason the idea of Bloodraven being the catalyst of all the events is really Fire/Blood. Why do I say that? Last time I checked, there’s no mention of The others as a threat in that book. When did the free folk start fearing the others?

    4. Why have BR in the place where Bran found him if there’s no magical tie in?

    5. Seems like you misinterpreted that quote. All of that was past tense.

    6. I see there’s a strong possibility that BR saw a magical advantage for going up north. Yes, he could have been King during anytime, but hear me out on this one.

    BR said the quote you mentioned because Bran attempted to connect with some of the Starks he saw during the vision in Dance. Why would he warn against reaching out to people in the Weirwood?



      (1)Correct so all we are doing is speculation

      (2)I put no stock in all the fanfic about her being Mels mommy. Here is why and something fans fail to remember

      She has practiced her magic for years beyond count

      A Dance with Dragons Melisandre I. It is easy to count the years for Shiera and BR. This tells me she is much much older than them even.

      (3)Fire and Blood is going to be (and grrm knew it would) become a new HBO series. No mention could be intentional or another of his damn forgetting something. No surprise there. Do not put stock in anything he does unless it is directly in ASOIAF book…. Learned my lesson years ago and listening to Lynda about how much they have to send things back to him because he got something wrong confirms that.

      (4)Another in a line of “helpers” like Cold Hands maybe…. Hard to say someone hasnt finished the next book. Speculation though is he does not make things that easy for readers so I really doubt BR is the 3EC.

      (5)Possibly, but doubtful, we know the brothers are dead. Shiera is still alive to our knowledge, remember no one is dead until confirmed dead in Asoiaf.

      (6) I have a phone call in a few minutes, Also want to recheck on source material so give me a day or so. Short version off the cuff is, you go in the net before being ready you might not be able to fully interpret properly or be immotionally confused… again let me double check


        Ok lets take the quote in full context

        “I have my own ghosts, Bran. A brother that I loved, a brother that I hated, a woman I desired. Through the trees, I see them still, but no word of mine has ever reached them. The past remains the past. We can learn from it, but we cannot change it”

        A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 34, Bran III.

        He says he cannot reach them; the show, shows bran kinda reach his father and Hodor. But in the books no one I know of has, perhaps one person might have, but it escapes me if there was one. I have no doubt based off Hodor confirmed by GRRM that Bran will.

        Why would he warn against it? You don’t mess with history, changing how even a single rose pedal falls could have devastating effect. Imagine if he was able to Speak to his father, or lord forbid Lyanna and Rhaegar.

        This I why time travel really needs to be used carefully and sparingly, not just BR telling Bran, but in all literature, and Film. It can be a cheap story telling devise (for lazy writers) or a great way to fill in pieces for a better writer. Grrm I hope and think is using it more to fill in story.

        The problem is, if Bran is able to tap in to and use (www.wierwoodnet.com) he becomes in a since A GOD. That goes against Georges writing style, not saying he wouldn’t do it, just it goes against his style.

        “The singers of the forest had no books. No ink, no parchment, no written language. Instead, they had the trees, and the weirwoods above all. When they died, they went into the wood, into leaf and limb and root, and the trees remembered. All their songs and spells, their histories and prayers, everything they knew about this world. Maesters will tell you that the weirwoods are sacred to the old gods. The singers believe they are the old gods. When singers die they become part of that godhood.”

        A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 34, Bran III.

        “They know. The gods know. They saw what I did. And for one strange moment it seemed as if it were Bran’s face carved into the pale trunk of the weirwood, staring down at him with eyes red and wise and sad. Bran’s ghost, he thought, but that was madness. Why should Bran want to haunt him? He had been fond of the boy, had never done him any harm. It was not Bran we killed. It was not Rickon. They were only miller’s sons, from the mill by the Acorn Water.”

        A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 46

        Back to BR, IF he is 3EC then he is lying to bran and the children lied to him, remember they say he is the last greenseer’s! Possibly, but we also know the Isle of Faces has them, so unless they are all dead he is not the last. Maybe he is the last in the true north. BR/3EC is full of “inaccuracy’s or lies”. Bran even questions him suspiciously.

        I just don’t think he is the true 3EC unless it is not BR but a Stark as Bran is trying to determine <We do know his name is Brynden>. If true then Cold-Hands is BR. A hint to that is in the conversation from Leaf to Bran in A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 13 Leaf tells Bran the wights cannot kill him because the Killed him a long time ago. George has plainly said BENJEN is NOT Cold Hands. Be nice to have the books to confirm if he is a Stark or Brynden Rivers. Some believe it is Brynden Stark the 13th Lord Commander. I doubt that, but maybe a descendant of him as we know he and the Queen had a child.

        I think the clue to who is the 3EC and who is Cold-hands is a sword, the one who has it will be BR.

        It has been a decade since “Dance” with 14 months of quarantine from Coivd. My gut keeps telling me that he has combined “Winds and Dream” in to one book.

        To be honest, I am not sure at this point if I want to read it one one hand. I wonder how many fans feel the same way “book fans”. We all know George has said the Books are the Books and the Show is the Show. But if we are to believe the endings are to be the same, no amount of proper writing to bring it to the same conclusion will make me at least feel satisfied. George promised Bitter Sweet. That ending would be anything but.

        Shit that ending, if all the characters end up the way they did in the show, no matter how good its written would be worth reading to me. It would be contrary to everything in the Books and Everything he has set-up for them.

        I have seen fanfiction that is better written than what we got from D&D and none of it has the Big 5 Killed off. The reason is the fans writing it remember the outline George gave, which was they all make it to the end.

        Who knows, we may never know because George has not finished, despite what some say. Yes Yes the fucker does owe the fans the completion of the story. But like DND never finishing Tyrions joke in the show, George will be a joke and never finish the books.

        As crappy as the show ended, I still enjoy talking and speculating about the books. So on that hand, I might read it <IF> it combines the last two books so we get a proper ending.

        I have one theory I really want answered, who is Ser Shadrich, my gut is he is a Knight of Howland Reed possibly a Bastard Child maybe a True Born or Brother of Howland.

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