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    Champion Wrestler on the PS1 is one of the many awesome wrestling games that unfortunately never saw a release outside of Japan. It’s timing based, much like Fire Pro, but it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of the controls. Definitely worth a look if you’re into emulation, and is an easy add to the Playstation Classic…


      I still have my copy of Plok, such a weird game



      “Champion Wrestler”? Hahaha. That’s awesome! Seriously, the name is so generic, it surpasses any sense of lame and enters awesome levels.

      Ah, but, I’ve never heard of that one–Not because it’s Japan-Only, either, but, it just missed my radar. I can’t seem to get PSX emulators to work like they should, though, so, I’m a bit screwed at the moment. Until I get a PS2 that can be hard modded.


      Rock N Roll racing is one of those ones that has weirdly been on my radar for a long time, and, I’ve never actually played the game before.

      That was one my buddy was always talking about, saying he played it with his friend when he was a kid.

      I never actually had a Super Nintendo as a kid. I played them, never had one. I had Genesis instead.


      Heroes of might and magic V


      Since we seem to be on the topic of SNES racing games, this one was always my jam:



      This was one I played at my cousin’s house, and, it was fun. They actually have this on the Switch SNES Console now, too, and, it’s AWESOME to go back and play.


        Hell yeah

        Stunt Race FX


          Brawl Brothers. It’s an old Beat ‘Em Up game on the SNES. Incidentially, it’s also on the SNES Switch Online.

          It’s a surprisingly good old school beat em up title if you want to get away from the more prominent entires in that genre from those days (ex. Final Fight, Streets of Rage, etc.). Though it does little to overly deviate from the standard formula, which is a big part of the reason why the developer went bankrupt. The company (Jaleco) made games that I personally really like, but they just didn’t do anything to really break the mold and stand out, and ended up getting swept away.

          Though if you play it, I’d recommend putting in the code that let’s you play the Japanese version. I don’t enjoy the English version’s wierd maze-level designs.


          Not sure if these would count as hidden gems, but I have some suggestions on the sports side of things:

          NCAA Game Breaker 98 – This is a pretty good competitor to NCAA Football back in the late 90s. Pretty fun alternative to EA’s offerings. I found it one day at a local pawn shop and have had a lot of fun with it since. It has a season mode as well as a tournament mode, which NCAA Football quit including after the Ps1 era.

          NFL 2K2 and Tennis 2K2 (Also known as Virtua Tennis 2 in Europe). Tennis 2K2 is one of my favorite tennis games of all time. It’s a blast on the Dreamcast. Same can be said for NFL 2K2. Many of you may know of NFL 2K5(And All Pro 2K8 which is pretty good too), so 2K2 will play similar, and I think it’s way ahead of its time for a 2001 game. It’s no wonder EA got the exclusive rights to the NFL after Madden 05, because 2K/Sega was way ahead of them way back on the Dreamcast.


          The Flinstones for Genesis is an awesome and quite challenging platform

          The sprites are very well drawn and animated. I was surprised by the quality of the game, its not the usual licensed generic game.


          another suggestion that is a special kind of hidden gem, is a Rom Hack of Streets of Rage 2 with the Ninja Turtles as playable characters. Its way cooler than playing with boring humans, perfect for co-op also.


          If you like isometric racing games, i would try Racing Gears Advance.

          Me and my frens play all the time using bluetooth co-op on the phone emulator.



          If you like isometric racing games, i would try Racing Gears Advance.

          Me and my frens play all the time using bluetooth co-op on the phone emulator.



          Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.  Originally released for the SNES.  Enix only distributed 25,000 copies of the Super NES version in North America.  In the UK we had to wait until the Playstation release.



          Beetle Adventure Racing on N64.  Probably my favorite racer on that system!



          One Must Fall 2097 and Terminal Velocity for DOS (they’re SO good).

          The Harry Potter games for GBC, they’re final fantasy style rpg games.

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