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    Any Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy fans (or should I say Hoopy Froods?) out there pondering the Life, Universe and everything?


      Saw the movie, never read the book. Heard good things though.


      In my opinion the film is a poor imitation of the original books, radio and tv series. I highly recommend you seek them out


      Oh yes!  I always bring a towel with me anywhere I go!




      Yeah man, the original books is where the experience for this is at.  Now I realize most of us book folks are like well the book is better, but even the TV series and radio show was a much better representation of what it was all about.  Man, I wish I could mind wipe myself to be able to exp. this all over again.

      I envy you!


        I love the Hitchhiker’s Guide.  All 4 books.  Listening to them via Audible is so easy.  If you have a long car trip, I definitely recommend them.  The movie was good but barely scratched the surface.  I plan on buying a Hitchhiker’s shirt soon.   DON’T PANIC!!



        Who’s your favourite Hitchhiker character? Mines Marvin the Paranoid Android, voiced by Stephen Moore. Much to my shame, I only found out today that Warwick Davies did the film version, and Alan Rickman did the voice for the radio series!



        +1 to this post!  My favorite too!


        I am a fan of the longest trilogy in the world.

        And yay, somethings don’t do good on film.  Hence why I like reading the original novel (or adaption).  It gives insight other media types cannot provide.


        BTW:  I also like how someone created a youtube where the HHGTTG did an entry on the Daleks.

        Pure hilarious.




        I love the Hitchhikers to the Galaxy. I’ve read all the books and some of his other books too. I have the original series and the movie. One of my favorite all-time books.

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        I could never get into Dirk Gently Holstic Detective Agency, and I haven’t read Salmon of Doubt, which is work taken off his computer after his death. Last Chance to See, a book about endangered species is good though


        I have read those. Starship Titanic is another I have read. It was a decent storyline. Non compared to the Hitchhiker series.


        If you can get hold of it, there is a graphic novel version of the first Hitchhikers, which I recommend. I can’t remember the details off hand, but a search on the web should point you in the right direction

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        I will have to look for it. Thank you.


        Disaster Area the greatest band that never existed

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