How would you jump-start Star Wars?

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    @DarthVengeant good call on Kevin J. Anderson, who writes for DUNE now and James Luceno, who did the RoboTech books.

    KOTOR Remake DESTROYS Disney Star Wars Visions | But Will SJW Activists Ruin It?

    Ryan Kinel – RK Outpo


    Bioware has hired Sam Maggs to re-write Knights of the Old Republic.

    Maggs is a SJW activist that hates male Star Wars fans & constantly mocks the fanbase telling them to “die mad about.”

    She was was asked about her favorite SW game in 2019 and said “Not KOTOR.”

    Sep 10
    This is why I’m done with Disney Star Wars. I won’t have anything to do with this nonsense until people who don’t hate the fans stop being rewarded with jobs. On the flip side, it is entertaining to watch them bomb and then go “But why?”




    No Gameplay Reveals Are AWFUL | Kotor Remake, Wolverine, Spider Man 2 Playstation Showcase 2021

    Gaming With Geeks

    Games are the one blind-spot for me. I am not a Gamer and I have so much respect for Gamers. I wish I would have stuck with Gaming, but thought it was for slackers, when it is the very opposite. They say the gamers are the best problem solvers with all the riddles and patterns and cheat codes that they have to utilize. I miss GamerGate energy and real resistance to these SJWs.


    Marcia Lucas DESTROYS Disney Star Wars | George Lucas Ex-Wife Calls Out Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams
    Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost
    Marcia Lucas has called out Disney Star Wars in a recently released book, specifically mentioning Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams.


    Is This FINALLY The Star Wars VR Game We Needed On The Quest 2?
    BMF VR
    Today on BMF VR we are checking out the brand new Star Wars VR game Star Wars Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge The Last Call Update. Does this Star Wars VR experience live up to the anticipation? Let’s find out!

    Should have put all the above posts in “Star Wars Is Gone For Me,” so that is a mistake on my part. Seeing the above video makes me think a way to jump-start Star Wars is to use these games to recruit talented fans for either writing or characters. Find the best. Seek out the best. Recruit the most capable with the highest aptitude. The franchise is called Star Wars, for crying out loud, so find us some top military recruiters to go deep cover and pinpoint the top players and top personalities from the fan-base, you fools. Come on, move people!


    The Last Padawan 2 | A Short Star Wars Story | Fan Film


    how would i jump start star wars that is a very easy question but long to explain.
    First i break star wars into multple area with each area having a lead.

    Jon faverau would lead the movies
    dave filoni would lead the shows animation
    amy hennig would watch over the games
    timothy zahn would watch over the books (comics and paperback books)

    I would fire KK and MAKE IT VERY PUBLIC. she did it to gina and so many other lets see how she likes it( sorry but the way they did gina really makes me mad)

    In the tv movie area, first i would scrap the ST do what atari did get all the copies throw them in the desert bury them to never be found or shoot them into the sun. I would give all the actors a second chance at being in star wars it was not their fault they got crap roles, they should get a second chance.

    i would have any movie flow from mandolorian series and the mando verse as that is the one people seem to really connect with and really has been the one that has kept the fire burning for star wars for a little bit now.

    i would have dave and jon with help from George to bring many of the events and characters from the EU into the new verse, it would not be a mandate but i would highly suggest it to them.
    i would offer gina back into the star wars verse, i say offer because lucasfilm(KK mainly) did her wrong and that needs to be made right but she might not come back because of what happened but i would try to bring her back.
    if would give everyone at lucasfilm a chance to stay or go with this new path we are on, if they dont like it  exit stage left if they can roll with it then lets go.
    the focus at star wars would NOT be woke but story that is what star wars has always been about story not politics, that is where they messed up.
    i would have one verse not a movie or tv verse but one verse where tv can affect movies and movies can affect tv and where actors who play parts on either or could easily transition to the other should the need arise.
    i would nuke the high republic from high orbit.
    any writer who thought a rock was a good character is fired
    i would find the writers for the best star wars books and with the help of Dave jon and george  begin and new line of books
    i would fire the story group and make a new one with writers from across the country who can prove they love star wars.
    i would have Amy hennig make a set of rules for MTX in all star wars game that were fair to all people and cosmetic only.
    i would have her begin sequels to KOTOR and republic commando (not through EA)
    i would have her try and use the games to make some of the old EU canon
    i would also ask her which would be better to continue to licence out games or to remake lucasarts and start doing new games ourselves, whichever she want to do i would support.

    extra things
    i would support fan projects as long as they were within the spirit of star wars (no adults fan films or anything like that)
    i would look at visions and use it as to which studio should be given a chance at doing a canon anime i would also make it so whoever they hired on as voice actors could transition to Live action cameos if need be.

    just a few thoughts on how i would jumpstart star wars.


    Fan films. Fan fiction. I have always liked the effort.

    Convor Strike – A Star Wars: Remnant Fan Film
    A team of Imperial military strategists is being transferred from the tropical world of Larsa to an orbiting space station….

    Thank you for watching Convor Strike! This is a submission for the Cinematic Captures Star Wars Fan Film Contest, as well as an installment in my Remnant series.



    Stranded – A Star Wars Fanfilm / Animation


    This is my entry to Cinematic Captures fanfilm contest which I’ve worked on for past 2 months. I did the entire thing solo and ended up having to rush it a bit to meet the deadline, but overall I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


    This contest was a positive development. Directing and editing contest. Hope they find talent.


    The Dark Melody Cinematic captures Star Wars Fan Film contest

    My submission for the Cinematic Captures Star Wars Fan-Film Contest! Everything it is written directed animated by me also the starting sound track is composed by me, This is the first time i do a short film but i am thinking to make a short serious for this story.

    Open source fandom. Date mining talent.


    I prefer Star Wars stories to be focused on Jedi and Sith because that was the first movie and it has been the main theme most of the time. I’m curious about other stories too, I know the Star Wars universe is really big. My favorite character has been Darth Vader. Second would be or was at least Luke Skywalker. Exploring ordinary characters could be appealing. I am pretty open-minded to all kinds of stories. But I prefer lightsabers and such.

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    @Comic Gate, is that supposed to be Anakin Skywalker in that animation?  It looks like him with the green saber, the fighting style it seems, all of that  apart from the ponytail. You made that, you say? Good work. I’ve not made any animations yet. It seems that 3D modeling takes time or so I’ve been told. I guess it depends on the specific programs you use or the exact techniques.


    My favorite part of your video is the end, the music is unique and inspirational. At first, I thought the Empire was coming to attack with the arrival of the ships, but then I remembered this was probably before Revenge of the Sith. Second favorite is how Anakin or whoever that guy is found a blaster door or whatever it is and used that as a shield which he then slams onto some of the drones. The Clone Wars was an interesting show for 7 seasons and it did have a few interesting moments similar to this.

    So, I would compare this to the likes of The Clone Wars, the tempo of this video kept me interested. There were a few brief moments during The Bad Bash which was pretty captivating including the last few episodes of season 1.


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    None of these are my videos, but thanks. Wish they were. Agree with you about a lot of things. The Darth Vader comics in recent years have been top quality stories. Contests like this are a good way to find young directors.

    Sorry if I make it seem like any of them are my videos. I need to use the quote feature or add my own comments. I just scoop out the description and post the contest from the fans, so Not mine. Apologies.

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