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    Abe tried to sweep the war crimes under the rug and the government approved history books in school don’t mention anything about that. Which is pretty sick considering Japan was responsible for the Asian holocaust. And the Japanese Broadcast officials straight up claim none of it ever happened. That’s almost North Korea level propaganda.

    Imagine German schools sweeping their history under the rug and their public media organization claiming Hitler was a made up story and the nazis didn’t do anything wrong. That’s really fucked up.


    While the Japanese have committed atrocities in WWII on the Kokoda trail in PNG, Burma and elsewhere including in Nanjing, China, many of the things of which they are accused especially by China and the degree to which those accusations are true is dubious. The Chinese and the Koreans (who are heavily influenced by Chinese propaganda) take the utmost extreme anecdotes of what happened for fact without question, to which many Japanese take offense. I don’t think anyone sane denies anything bad that the Japanese have ever done (no country is perfect), but you might take their defensiveness against some of the accusations for flat-out denial. Here’s a scholarly article on the massacre of Nanking (Nanjing) as seen from the Japanese perspective, if you’re interested: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/7_S4.pdf

    Even as someone who is not Japanese I take offense to the lack of objectivity regarding this topic. I haven’t been able to find English-language articles online that talk about Nanjing from a Japanese point of view that don’t use the term “denialist” which is an intentionally dehumanizing term that I absolutely hate, because by very intent it is a term that was coined to eliminate the possibility of a discussion before one even starts.


      Good, the last thing japan needs is the eternal sin that is plaguing white people. I know how that feels as a german myself but I’m glad I got rid of it, ironically thanks to SJWs.




      Based /pol/.


      Guyz thank you for sharing some info a bit of abes policy a bit,there are plus and minus about him. WW 2 in every country is very sensitive topic . Me who lives in former post soviet time country , whose relatives fought both against their own will against Soviets on german side and against germans on Soviet side really hurts seeing using as weapons for their selfish goals. For like 30 years ,since Soviet union collapse there has been so much fighting for power and money that my country is in such state most of the people leaves it searching for work and stability. Seeing such long stability and prosperity in Japan just make me want to cry.   About,foreign worker policy , i understand their worries too,we got bunch migrants from other countries, who aren’t officially employed ,who numbers last year went up like for 25  percent . Plus they are paid less,while us locals cant barely get job due to them, cuz companies can save money by hiring them. Yeah Japanese are hiring them officially,i would understand they were some kind of people from who the fuck nows from Kazakhstan, borat like people,but japan in from also hear ,looks with foreigners with cautious. Japan for some centuries also were closed off country.


      Well some people realy needs help sheehs..


        They weren’t expecting a very protective fandom, lol, fucking thots.



        Imagine getting mad over vtubers.



        I just want to share this because I think that Japanese protests are the cutest thing ever:


        He,he. Japan you rock as always


        Oh and guyz,this is so heart warming.


        Occultism/Witchcraft/Feminism is all over everything Japanese.  I shall prove my point with a sailor moon poster.sailor1hiero



        Bruh see how they look if this is feminism then that’s the kind of feminism I want to see more of here as well. Also they’re not Christians – why should they give a flying fuck about your anti paganism sensitivities?

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