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      SO MANY amazing metal albums and tracks have been coming out this year, so I thought I’d drop a few I’ve been listening to. Feel free to share any you’ve been listening to as well!

      The Browning



      Sleep Token

      Darko US

      In Dying Arms

      Just to share a few :)


      Just to bump your thread. You have better taste in music than I do. I underestimated metal-heads in life. I kind of envy them and also, country music people.


      Oh hell yes. Spiritbox has been my new fav band for about 4 months now. That breakdown in Circle With Me….so tasty.

      Didnt know The Browning had a new album, will check it today.

      My buddy showed me Darko Us “Mars Attacks” and that video is pure meaty chugs with nightmare fueled visuals. Beautiful, in a word.

      I’ll contribute this by Eskimo Callboy


      Does Dragonforce count as a metal band?


      These guys are just goofy, cheesy fun.
      A good time.



        @TowLiquor Spiritbox is just absolutely amazing. I bought Eternal Blue on vinyl and just absolutely adore it. Fuck yeah I love Eskimo Callboy too. I’ve been forcing people to watch Hypa Hypa, especially the WBTBWB’s version cause it’s just even more insane haha.

        @Blood.Ranger of course they count as metal :)


          @comicsgate why do you say that? Musical taste is just an acquired taste like anything else. If you’re ever looking for recommendations, I’ll gladly throw them your way! I guarantee I’ll have a few that aren’t so great either, but at the end of the day, you like what you like.

          I’ll throw this one down too cause I think it’s pretty damn good.


            I dwell in hard rock and dabble in metal. It’s one of the few genres that the industry has not figured out how to mass produce yet so most everyone is actually talented. And of course there is the golden age of metal/hard rock where their was Kiss, Ozzy, Scorpions etc.

            Here are some I have been listening lately, none of it new mind you. Just some favorites.

            PS – Jinjer rocks.


              This gave me all the tingles



                  Howard (from Killswitch) new band SION just dropped a new song




                  I started listening to Metal back in the mid 80s when I first started to learn to play guitar.   I listen to a huge variety of music and I especially love more unusual music.  Are you familiar with the Japanese Metal Band of boomers called Ningen Isu?   I’d describe their music as very much like modern polished Black Sabbath:

                  Ningen Isu is Japanese for “Human Chair”.  I believe their name is related to a popular Japanese novel.

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                    I will say something about my life long Metal Journey. Most of you make me feel old. I am not going to insult musical tastes, but much of what I see here is pretty trendy and tame imo. But, that’s not important. Metal in universal. I may hate stuff like Korn and Lamb of God, but were all in this together man.

                    I am old school. I  have been into metal since the early 80’s, since I was bout 9 or so. I am still a raging metal head. It was all about Ratt and Metallica for me at first. Then, it was Stryper and Van Halen. (yes, I love Christian metal too) Then it was all about Iron Maiden for me. So on, and so forth. I am old enough to have bought Seventh Son of a Seventh Son on vinyl in the store in it’s original release. :)

                    So, I got into Jr high and a friend of mine introduced me to Kreator. And wow, that changed things for me. It was all about thrash metal for me then. Then in early high school he introduced me to Obituary and Death. WOW! Things changed even more for me. I was hooked on Death Metal.

                    So, I vividly remember the day I heard the first Deicide album with him. I had never heard anything like it, it was pure evil and I loved it. The drummer was ungodly, me as a drummer appreciated that.

                    I then also vividly remember getting Bolt Thrower – Warmaster. I got home and popped the cassette in, and was BLOWN AWAY. That is one of my all time favorite albums and bands to this day.

                    In the early 90’s I got into more goth and industrial. Type O Negative, NIN, Lycia, Christian Death

                    Then came Black Metal. OHH BOY!!!!!!!!!! That was it for me, I loved it all. Dark Throne, Celtic Frost, Venom, etc. Actually, around 2001 I was in a Black Metal band who was signed to the label Phil Anselmo (yes, from Pantera) headed.

                    Sometime in year 2012 I was flipping through Youtube one day looking for music and saw a video titled Babymetal – Headbanger. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was absolutely blown away. Having been into metal for 30+ years I had never seen anything like it. I was immediately addicted. I have now seen them live twice and own enough merch that I wont say how much I have spent. This then started my journey into all things Japanese, to which I am still immersed in to this day. I would say half the metal/music I listen to now is from Japan. There is just so much of it! I am learning the language and will go there probably next year, if it is possible by then. I love bands like Ningen Isu, Loudness, Band-Maid, EZO, Necronomidol, Mary’s Blood, and even the beautiful Chisato Moritaka. I just can’t get enough of Japanese music and culture. It has changed my life.

                    Metal is a huge part of my life. I couldn’t date anyone who didn’t like metal for example. At the age of nearly 48 my home is covered in it. It has brought me so much. I has changed my life more than once. I hope some of you discover this long journey like I have and enhance your life with all it has to offer.

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