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      I will say something about my life long Metal Journey. Most of you make me feel old. I am not going to insult musical tastes, but much of what I see here is pretty trendy and tame imo. But, that’s not important. Metal in universal. I may hate stuff like Korn and Lamb of God, but were all in this together man.

      I am old school. I  have been into metal since the early 80’s, since I was bout 9 or so. I am still a raging metal head. It was all about Ratt and Metallica for me at first. Then, it was Stryper and Van Halen. (yes, I love Christian metal too) Then it was all about Iron Maiden for me. So on, and so forth. I am old enough to have bought Seventh Son of a Seventh Son on vinyl in the store in it’s original release. :)

      So, I got into Jr high and a friend of mine introduced me to Kreator. And wow, that changed things for me. It was all about thrash metal for me then. Then in early high school he introduced me to Obituary and Death. WOW! Things changed even more for me. I was hooked on Death Metal.

      So, I vividly remember the day I heard the first Deicide album with him. I had never heard anything like it, it was pure evil and I loved it. The drummer was ungodly, me as a drummer appreciated that.

      I then also vividly remember getting Bolt Thrower – Warmaster. I got home and popped the cassette in, and was BLOWN AWAY. That is one of my all time favorite albums and bands to this day.

      In the early 90’s I got into more goth and industrial. Type O Negative, NIN, Lycia, Christian Death 

      Then came Black Metal. OHH BOY!!!!!!!!!! That was it for me, I loved it all. Dark Throne, Celtic Frost, Venom, etc. Actually, around 2001 I was in a Black Metal band who was signed to the label Phil Anselmo (yes, from Patera) headed.

      Sometime in year 2012 I was flipping through Youtube one day looking for music and saw a video titled Babymetal – Headbanger. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was absolutely blown away. Having been into metal for 30+ years I had never seen anything like it. I was immediately addicted. I have now seen them live twice and own enough merch that I wont say how much I have spent. This then started my journey into all things Japanese, to which I am still immersed in to this day. I would say half the metal/music I listen to now is from Japan. There is just so much of it! I am learning the language and will go there probably next year, if it is possible by then. I love bands like Ningen Isu, Loudness, Band-Maid, EZO, Necronomidol, Mary’s Blood, and even the beautiful Chisato Moritaka. I just can’t get enough of Japanese music and culture. It has changed my life.

      Metal is a huge part of my life. I couldn’t date anyone who didn’t like metal for example. At the age of nearly 48 my home is covered in it. It has brought me so much. I has changed my life more than once. I hope some of you discover this long journey like I have and enhance your life with all it has to offer.



        I am about your age so shut your mouth with all that being old sh!t.  :)

        My metal/hard rock (I use those interchangeably as there is a thin line between them as I see it) path is the inverse of yours.  I was not into Music until later in life.  At the age most kids are blaring their car stereos I did not care much.  Part of that was 90’s music (excluding hard rock and metal) blew. But I started with newer stuff and went backwards ultimately.

        I started working.  And one of the places I worked sold car stereo stuff.  Before I knew it I had 2 12’s in my car and was entering bass contests.

        Music for me was hit or miss for a few years I bounced around in what I liked but did not really love anything.

        One day I heard Queen in the Highlander series on TV.  I was instantly in love with that song and was like THAT IS AMAZING!

        So I scratched at the surface of older music and found I liked far more than current nonsense.

        Then one fateful day I watched a YouTube video for fun.  I was playing WOW at the time and this was a WOW song.  It was “I am Murloc” by L70ETC.  It was a full on music video made in WOW with shredding guitar and pounding drums.   I did not know what style they copied but I knew I wanted more. I figured out pretty quick though it was hard rock/metal’ish.

        So I started exploring.  And then it happened.  I found “In This Moment” singing “The Promise”.  It was a hard rock love song and I KNEW I found what I liked most.

        I started listening to hard rock left and right new and old.  I liked some new stuff but as I went on I went further and further back all the way back to Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

        Where do I dwell now?  I am still digging backwards and listen mostly to that stuff occasionally exploring for something new and good.




        PS – While I am baring my musical soul publicly I have to admit my secret favorite band.  Evanescence. Yes it’s rock, some call it Goth rock but probably not hard rock.  Truth be told I have been in love with Amy Lee for near about 20 years now :)   The only 2 times I cried in my life we were when she once cut her hair and then when she got married (ok that’s not true but it’s funny :P )

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        Sorry. Algo keeps sending me stuff and I get carried away.


        Now I’ve told you this once before
        You can’t control me
        If you try to take me down you’re gonna break

        Now I feel your every nothing that you’re doing for me
        I’m picking you outa me, you run away


          @Vknid : Ya man. I like a lot of female lead vocal metal. Something about a female voice just makes it great to me. I especially like Japanese female singers. Just…damn! I can just close my eyes and listen forever to that. I’ve got Mary’s Blood, Wagakki Band, Unlucky Morpheus, RAMI, LiSA, and on and on. I have so much of it.

          Here is a few other female lead bands that are more unknown. Elis, Stream of Passion, Follow the Cipher, NeraNature

          What am I listening to recently? Well. The new Hypocrisy, the new Paradox (which was album of the year for me last year), the new Exodus, and I am really digging the new Scorpions album. It amazes me that those guys can STILL put out quality songs after all these years.

          Also, Cobra Spell are great for that 80’s sound I love.

          Hail and kill!





            @Maverick : I had that album when it came out back in the day. Best Alive Cooper album ever imo.

            And, this one needs to be turned up loud!


              This is what it is tonight…


                I keep listening to this song for obvious reasons.



                  Member of Necronomidol in her solo album


                    What a happy day for the fox god! Babymetal return!!! SUGOI-DESU!!!


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