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    I watched Az’s take on this first episode.


    All I needed to see was a drawer full of Infinity Stones, basically shitting on and gutting the entire importance and stakes of MCU Phases 1-3 to instantly know this show is utter garbage.

    Good job, you fucking dicktards. Good job.

    This is why I haven’t given any of these shows the time of day so that what I’ve seen isn’t ruined forever and am pre-pooping on Phase 4. None of this is good and it’s ruining everything that came before on purpose.

    It’s malicious and wrong.

    Fuck this.

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    This is also why I’ve not gone anywhere near anything Marvel TV related since the first four episodes of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’. I went off to carry on reading ‘Dracula’ half way through the fourth episode. Much more entertaining!


    @DragonLady I slept on this, and now I’m even angrier this morning.

    Angry video forthcoming.



    It sounds like they’re trying to pretend that Phases 1-3 don’t exist with the Infinity Stones from what you’re saying. Which is an insult. Sadly, it’s not the first time the woke brigade have done this. They did it with Star Wars a while back and I was like “So…did I just imagine the boys in my class at school dressing up as Darth Maul on Halloween back in 1999???”


    Made my angry video, and as usual even though I am a tiny nothing of a channel, an SJW found their way there, totally identifying themselves by their language.

    And I quote:

    Yeah, no. They make it clear that the stones don’t work in that reality, and they only have them because they’ve been taking them off of people trying to destroy the timeline.

    Sorry you got radicalized by incels from G+G! Try watching the show first.


    What I love is that the reviews I watched…had nothing to do with G+G, and second, their so called come back to my argument means nothing. It doesn’t matter that the stones don’t work in that reality…it doesn’t change the fact that the callous and disrespect of the Stones in such a manner still insults the past 10 years of content, treating them like nothing. It’s a disgusting treatment of all the lore, but an SJW who blindly eats what the hive mind tells them wouldn’t understand that.

    Now, as much as I’d love to destroy this nitwit, I won’t. I will hold to my rule of non-engagement with SJWs, because by saying “radicalized” and “incel” they ID themself. The use of such language really does amaze me. So juvenile.

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      Ok, I decided to watch… WHY DID I GO AGAINST MY GUT.

      What once were Beautiful, Mustangs, Ferrari’s and Corvettes get smashed in to junk. Welcome to Disney the place where everything great goes to be destroyed.

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      I’m probably looking into this too deeply but…it looks like they’re using ‘Loki’ to do a soft reboot of the MCU…which might explain the amount of female versions of characters that we’re currently getting.


      Watched Nerdrotic’s take on this and the dude still doesn’t understand Old Man Rogers.

      When Steve went back to be with Peggy he branched the timeline, a timeline where an earlier version of himself was frozen, we have no idea what he decided to change (if he did at all) in that timeline.

      He later returned to the original timeline via coordinates of Stark and Banner’s machine to give Sam his shield. His Sam. Not the alternate timeline’s Sam as that would be the other Cap’s Sam…assuming things even played out the same way to get to that point.

      It’s not that hard to grasp.


      Marvel has a GREAT run. Some of the best movies ever made. Ultron was even better with each following viewing, for me.


      I agree with everything that she says in this video. From what I’ve been hearing about this over the last week…well, bad enough that they craped all over poor Thor on ‘Endgame’, now they’ve craped all over Loki in his own show! This is NOT the Loki I started watching ten years ago on the first Thor film. Disney know that the only reason a lot of people wanted to watch this was because of one thing right? : Tom Hiddleston as Loki! I didn’t ASK for a female Loki and I’m pretty sure most of us female fans didn’t either! Good job I don’t have Disney+ or I’d be wondering whether or not to bother any more with it. I’m also very confused (and suspicious) as to why it’s got a 9/10 on IMDB lol!


        I’m also very confused (and suspicious) as to why it’s got a 9/10 on IMDB lol!

        🤣🤣🤣 I can’t help but agree

        Anyway, episode 3 was actually semi decent, still a little slow paced for my liking, but at least it had some sort of a story line, here’s my thoughts:

        1) The TVA is some kind of cult with no real power, all they do is manipulate variants into doing their bidding

        2) Female Loki (is she actually a Loki??), if she/he is, then what happened that fried his brain so much that he doesn’t want to change back to himself? Anyway, as long as they don’t pull some shit of having female Loki substitute Loki, i don’t care, they can work together, they can even work apart in different MCU projects, but never substitute the original Loki! This female Loki goes by Sylvie, and the character in itself isn’t that bad, she’s kinda like an annoying little sister, and that dynamic between her and Loki’s quite fun, so keep things like this, and don’t fuck it up!


        the fake ratings on imdb and rotten tomatoes are already old news, most people are well aware of that, specially on disney and netflix shows/movies.

        but the new thing now is they pay twitter to put their shows trending. You can pay attention, that’s not organic trending, it’s paid trending.


          Kawaii 😻😻😻😻😻


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