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    Hello scarecrowslady, thank you for your reply. Out of the four mangas that you are reading currently, I have only heard of Hellsing and Fruits Basket. I have watch an episode or two of the Hellsing anime. I also have seen clips of the Fruit Basket anime. I also appreciate your interests and stances on the mangas that you are currently reading.


    Hello VenomBroly1993, thank you for your reply.


    Hello ajpecanic, thank you for your reply. I have not read the manga of Gleipnir before. I also appreciate your interests, stances, and volume placement that you are reading the manga at currently.


    My Hero Academia (even though I hated the villain vs villain arc)

    One Punch Man(Murata’s Art is great)

    Komi Can’t Communicate(A little dose comedy is always great)


    Hello datro, thank you for your reply. I am reading My Hero Academia currently. I have heard of One Punch Man. However, I have never read Komi Can’t Communicate. I also appreciate your reasons for liking or disliking the mangas you are reading currently.


    Oh yeah enjoying both at the moment. Murciélago is about a ex-mass murder named Koumori Kuroko turned hired assassin by the Japanese police force and she goes on missions around the city taking out bad guys that the police can’t handle. Shibuya Goldfish is about man-eating goldfish overtake Shibuya and the remaining survivors are trying to get out of Shibuya and figure what is going on as to why this is happening.


      Uzaki Chan want’s to Hang Out

      This manga gets too much shit. Aside from a few jokes, it’s really pretty tame. No nudity. Mostly an awkward couple to be and a bunch of misunderstandings. It’s funny, mostly.

      The Quintessential Quintuplets

      I don’t know WHY I got into this one, but I like it. I went into it knowing the ending, so I have a unique take on it. I was able to observe all the nuance of the story from that perspective. I won’t spoil it but all the whiners who don’t like the ending… It is perfectly fine.


        Fullmetal Alchemists

        Code Geass

        Demon Slayer:

        These 3 I watched the anime and loved them so instantly went to grab the manga


        This manga’s currently publishing, I got vol. 1 ’cause of the super cute chainsaw-devil-dog, and now I love the story and count down the days till the next volume

        Dr. Slump:

        Watched the anime as a kid so got vol. 1 for nostalgia, but it’s so hilarious I definitely want to continue it

        Real Account:

        This manga’s about being stuck inside social media and if you reach zero followers you die

        My Roommate Is A Cat


        Manga about cats, ’cause I love cats 🐱🐱

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