Morality cannot be subjective

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      Way to entirely miss the point. I’ve said fear of punishment is not morality. If the only reason you do not commit a crime is because of fear of punishment, then you are not a moral person.

      Also capital punishment means more aggressive criminals who are willing to go all out as they have nothing to loose.


        Oh no I understood everything you said,

        You do not like it, because someone might be executed by mistake.

        Fine that is your opinion, I could have respected that had you not then tried to use Goodwins Law. Which says to me, you have no argument whatsoever, other than a personal opinion based on feelings and hypothetical s that by-enlarge are false.

        Punishment is actually part of a Moral society, that is a fact you seem to not understand, holding a person accountable for their actions is part of a moral society, without laws and Rules and the accountability for breaking them, then we have Anarchy. Or rule by terror where people can be killed for any reason or even no reason.

        You say “Fear of Punishment” Hate to break it to you, but everyone I have ever met has feared punishment, Even the most minor of laws “speeding” people fear the citation is why most obey the law or when the lights come on get that feeling in their stomach for the punishment about to be written. How about doing something you know is against your parents rules growing up?  Those laws and rules, and the consequence are written to help maintain a Moral and Ethical society, or as a child to parent, teach morals and ethics.

        Your argument about people who know they are facing sever penalty becoming more violent, does not hold up except in Hollywood Scripts. If it was true in the “real-world”, there would be far far more shootings by police each year and since the death penalty has been around for centuries and even 3 strikes life for decades now, The evidence to your argument is contradicted in that, Not more violent crimes because of harsher penalties . Well I am left with you do not like the “death penalty” and posted based feelings instead of fact.

        Moral societies through History have had laws an punishments. Our society has a set, the Taliban has another. But both societies are clear on the laws an punishments. Philosophy an Religion plays as much a part of Morals as Law. In fact many laws come out of religious text or leaders. Morality is based on what “your society” says it is, and how do they say it? Laws and Punishments.

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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