Mr. J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode Eight And Nine

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    Hello to those who see this. If anyone remembers hearing about Star Wars Episodes: VIII and IX having scrapped ideas, well apparently, the original treatments for Star Wars: Episode VIII from Mr. Abrams have been leaked by someone who goes by the name Bootsy Playboy, who claims he worked at Bad Robot with Mr. J.J. Abrams from 2014-2015. “Bootsy” says that he was able to snapshot the treatments during his time working at Bad Robot. Authentic treatments or not, it is still important to get the word out there about these ideas.

    Feel free to read the supposed Episode Eight treatment at the following link:

    “Bootsy Playboy” goes into further detail about his connections to Bad Robot as well as reads the potential episode eight treatment in the following video:

    Feel free to read the supposed Episode Nine treatment at the following link:

    “Bootsy” says he’s trying to make a video of reading the treatment for Nine that should come out in the near future, but does still happen to have teaser trailer for the video:


    To quote our lord and future ruler of earth Doomcock:

    “Cinematic Anti-Christ.”

    I don’t need to see this to know it would have been sewer floaters.


    What you have said is completely understood and respected. It is just important to get the truth out there about subjects such as potential unused Disney Star Wars story lines, even if it may be “sewer floaters” to you. Thank you, Roas.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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