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Anyone enjoy hair metal or glam rock, well feel free to start a discussion here or just say what you . Examples of bands that are part of this type of rock genre area of music are White Lion, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Europe, Whitesnake, Autograph, Ratt, Tesla, Great White, Skid Row, and much …

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The truth shall set you free. In the documentary, OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL, you’ll without doubt get the truth with proof on the entertainment industry, the music industry, the mainstream media, Hollywood, Pizzagate, the CIA, the big six corporations, and a majority of the Satanic methods and practices that go on behind the scenes in …

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Hello to all who see this. If anyone remembers hearing about Star Wars Episodes: VIII and IX having scrapped ideas, well apparently, the original treatments for Star Wars: Episode VIII from Mr. Abrams have been leaked by someone who goes by the name Bootsy Playboy, who claims he worked at Bad Robot with Mr. J.J. …

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