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    Hoo boy I have a good feeling I might be called an SJW for this but I thought Redo of Healer was…eh it wasn’t like offensive or anything like that but I also didn’t think it was a masterpiece either it just kinda went in one ear and it went out the other but first let me clarify I only watched the first two episodes and then I dropped it in my defense I have a whole bunch of anime on my queue to watch right now so I have no idea what goes on in episode three or four and I haven’t read the manga either so…yeah what did you all think of it?



    Shameless self plug….my thoughts on Redo:



      I started watching Redo of Healer after watching That Star Wars Girl’s review of ep. 1, this anime is complete insanity!

      I do agree with @Roas that Keyarga goes about getting his revenge in the wrong way, and i also think the wrinting on the show needs work, however, on Keyerga’s revenge, not giving him any excuses, but i can kinda understand why/how he’d become like that. I’ve always been into psychology, so i’d be lying if i didn’t say that the most intriguing part of the show for me is what the hell’s going on in Keyerga’s head, and after all the shit he was put thru, honestly, what i was most surprised by was his revenge against Flare, i really thought he would’ve been too disgusted by her to put his rod in her (anyone who’s watched the episode’ll know what i’m talking about…), but, i guess aside from becoming ultra vendictive, all that shit also made him a nymphomaniac (actually, i just found out nymphomaniac only refers to women, for men it’s satyriasis, learn something new every day, and i’m very happy i’m in incognito mode 😅) satyriasis, and although his revenge is grusome and disturbing, i’ll give him credit where credit’s due, he has said in the first few episodes that he only wants to hurt back the people who hurt him, so as f***ed up as he is, he does have a shread of morality in that he doesn’t want to hurt innocent people

      So, i’ll be watching this series till the end, maybe this makes me f***ed up too, but i want to see Flare, Blade, and Bullet get f***ing massacred, ’cause people like that absolutely disgust me


        It’s  a fucked up story but I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

        It’s pretty tame compared to a lot of actual hentai, honestly.


          Not sure why you thought that would get you called an SJW.
          I’m gonna take a wild guess and say most of the G+G community probably wouldnt like it.

          As long as you arent shaming people for watching it, labeling people for watching it or saying it shouldnt exist because you dont like it, you’re good.


          Redo is defiantly a spicy topic. The show is not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea.  I am personally enjoying it and its shock factor does contribute my enjoyment. I go into every new episode thinking “oh boy what are they gonna do this week?”. Plot wise though i think it’s ok so far, kinda like a worse version of Shield Hero, but that could change for the better or worse as we get deeper (pun intended) into the show


          In my opinion Rising of the Shield Hero does a much better job at telling a compelling story of overcoming betrayal and injustice, taking revenge on the villains without falling down to their level and a suffering MC finding redemption, love and acceptance and opening up to new people.

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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