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    So far we have, the Boston Bruins vs the New York Islanders (Game #1 is tonight 8PM EST/5PM PST), the Carolina Hurricanes vs the Tampa Bay Lightning (Game #1 is tomorrow afternoon 5PM EST/2PM PST), the Colorado Avalanche vs the Vegas Golden Knights (Game #1 is tomorrow night 8PM EST/5PM PST), and the Winnipeg Jets vs either the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens (which we will know by tonight or the latest on Monday night).


    Who do you have winning each series?

    Here’s my picks:


    Tampa Bay




    Would love to see your picks! Comment below! :)


    The Jets are the only one of those I am unsure of.

    verses the Habs, YES, it is their’s to lose.

    versus the Leafs, I almost want to say it will go to the Buds.  The motivation to do it for Tavares (and the fact some of the leaf’s players this might be their last chance at a cup run-let alone winning it – I am talking about you Thornton and Spezza, etc.) I have o give that “X-Factor” to Toronto.


    Honestly, this expedited scheduling for the playoffs is throwing me off a bit with two rounds happening simultaneously. I honestly think Boston and Tampa are the obvious choices for those series. I’m going to pick whomever wins the habs/leafs series to beat Winnipeg and somehow I think Vegas steals it from Colorado because i think it’s their year this year.


    I turned on the Vegas avalanche game and…..oof, this looks brutal. Luckily for Vegas it’s just one game. Hopefully they can bounce back.


      You and me both. I knew we were going to lose it and use it as a throwaway game, but YIKES. That 3rd period escalated something fierce and now Reaves is suspended because the Refs didn’t punish Graves like they should have and Reaves, though a clean hit, hurt Graves just enough to warrant a suspension. (Even though Janmark never came back to the game but Graves did, so clearly he wasn’t hurt that bad.)

      Just a total crapshow.


      At least the NHL is not NBA or soccer, where they need to give out oscars for best performance for a critically injured moron.


      At least the NHL has a player safety committee, who can after the game review plays and issues suspensions for illegal hits, etc. even if they were not called during the game.


      It is just a matter of seeing if they think those players need to be reviewed and if additional action needs to be taken.


      Honestly, the player safety committee is pretty much useless as well, as that Wilson debacle showed (I’m biased because the rangers are my team, but it should have been a suspension). Honestly the biggest problem right now with these playoffs is the officiating. If they would actually call penalties when they happen and not just “let them play” like they always do in the post season, we wouldn’t have these retaliatory scrums pop up everywhere.


      Golden Knights’ Ryan Reaves will have hearing for roughing Avalanche’s Ryan Graves

      The Vegas Golden Knights were upset with Ryan Graves’ injury-causing hit on Mattias Janmark and went after him during Sunday’s 7-1 Colorado Avalanche victory.

      But Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves is looking at the possibility of a suspension after he was ejected in the third period for punching Graves in the back of the head, throwing him to the ice and going after him while he was down.

      Reaves received a double minor for roughing and a match penalty. The NHL’s Player Safety department said it would conduct a hearing for Reaves for roughing/unsportsmanlike conduct.

      You almost think they (league/refs/sponsors) WANT a certain team to win over another.


      I’m going to give it my best shot at being as objective as possible here lol.

      Okay starting with the Graves (slightly late hit) on Janmark:

      Janmark beat Nemeth to the puck in the corner and did a drop pass to Roy (which was successful), Graves then came in and laid a good hit on him (a bit late, yes. But not illegal, other than an interference call, which was called on him – he served a minor penalty “2mins”).


      Now onto the Reaves, Graves, AND Grubauer situation.

      Let’s not forget that Reaves crosschecked Colorado Avalanche goalie Philipp Grubauer in the head after the play. That’s when Graves stepped in and  Reaves grabbed him by the neck and took him down to the ice. Then he started to punch him in the head while he was on the ice, which got him the match penalty. So Reaves got a couple roughing penalties (2mins each) on Grubauer and Graves, then 5min and a game for what he did to Graves while he was facedown on the ice.

      Personally, I think the most Reaves should get is a max fine but should not be suspended (if he does it will be like 1-2 games maximum). He was already tossed from the game midway through the 3rd and cost his team 9mins in penalties. Also, the NHL Player Safety has been a joke this year, just look at the Wilson situation vs the Rangers not too long ago.


      Let me know what you guys think.


      Update: Reaves Suspended 2 Games.


      In other words:

      Nazem Kadri had the appeal of his eight-game suspension from the NHL Department of Player Safety denied by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on Monday.

      For a repeat offender, mind you.

      This is the third time Kadri has been suspended in the postseason.

      There is a difference of playing on the edge, and going over it.

      Sadly, both Reaves and Kadri cannot understand that.

      These selfish acts don’t help you team(s).


      Giving and taking a good clean hit, great.

      Going after others… bye bye.


      Montreal will be travelling to Winnipeg for round 2.

      Toronto is done once again.


      I honestly can’t believe the Leafs blew that series. I expected it but I still can’t believe it. Something has to change with that team because good lord, you can’t be that talented of a team and shit the bed literally every year.


      I get to look at the positive though. The Rangers no longer have the longest stanley cup drought in nhl history (I say as I sadly wait 26+ years to see them win it for the first time).


      The Habs took game #1.

      Will wait and see if the Jets can get rid of the rust (for being off for so long) for game #2.

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