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    Yeah, honestly I’d put that win on mostly rust for the jets. I don’t want to take away from the habs but being away from hockey for that long in a playoff scenario cannot be beneficial .


    The NHL’s Department of Player Safety announced Thursday that Winnipeg Jets star Mark Scheifele has been suspended four games for charging Montreal Canadiens forward Jake Evans in Game 1 of their second-round series.


    @the mods just saw marc pop in to fnt with a leafs hats …… lets bring him on sports wars for some hockey talk !!!



    Good lord, if Vegas wins again, it’ll be another collapse for Colorado in the second round. Honestly I don’t what you fix in Colorado to prevent this from happening. Feels like one of those intangibles that just has to click.


    Toronto “fans” have been seeing that for over fifty years now.

    Each time they think their team finally has what it takes, the team response by showing them that no they arn’t.


    Toronto’s CN Tower lights up in Montreal Canadiens colours and Twitter goes wild

    Has hell frozen over?

    Toronto’s CN Tower was decked out in support of the Montreal Canadiens as the team heads to the third round of the NHL playoffs.


    But the CN Tower’s homage to the Canadiens, which “represent Canada’s hope for a 2021 NHL Stanley Cup,” garnered some interesting reaction on social media.

    Torontonians were quick to roast the decision, with one Twitter user went so far as to write the landmark is “dead” to her.

    Another said “I just want to vomit.”

    Do you react that way when your mayor losses a sports beat?

    Others thought lighting up the tower in Hogtown was just adding rubbing salt in the wound.

    It has been self inflicted for 50+ years, IMO.

    The gesture was appreciated by some in Toronto, though.

    Hint: They are probably Habs fans.

    Sports fans can celebrate the gesture.

    Montrealers, meanwhile, seemed to revel in the whole thing.

    Mayor Valérie Plante also tweeted that it was “quite the honour.”

    So should we then cuss and curse it if was painted blue, as signs of an egotistic fans?

    Part of sports is sportsmanship…. and sadly that seems to be missing by alot of people today.


    The New York Islanders are onto the third round, having eliminated the Boston Bruins.


    Now we know three of the final four teams.

    We might know tomorrow whom that fourth team is.


    As much as I hate the islanders, the next series should be really interesting. I don’t see them getting past Tampa, but who knows. Hopefully not


    Vegas Golden Knights have moved onto the next round.


    So my bracket this year is this weird mix of disastrous and hopeful. The two teams I picked to be in the cup are still in it but everything else has been hit or miss, lol.

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