Non Woke tv shows to watch [Request]

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    Hie :) so i’m sick of tuning into a show and getting nothing but wokeness bs…


    So does anyone here recommend some good tv shows? I mainly like Sci fi , fantasy and comedy. but i can go for anything.

    I just finished watching merlin so i really want something new XD


    Here’s a list of shows that i’ve watched in the past or are watching now:
    (there’s some woke ones in there like the flash and that dc crap, they started good and became woke)

    I really appreciate your replies :) Thank you.


    Are you looking for current shows, or are you also looking for something from the past as well?


    A quick list (trying not to repeat anything from your list):

    Babylon 5

    Battlestar Galactica (Both original and reboot)

    Buck Rogers

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

    Space: 1999

    Batman: The Animated Series

    Star Trek: The Animated Series

    Fawlty Towers

    Monty Python’s Flying Circle

    Your Highness

    Conan The Barbarian (1980’s)

    Sword and the Sorcerer

    The Addams Family

    The Munsters


      Honestly? Don’t bother with anything post 2010. Most of my movie watching and my collection stop at 2010 and dwells mostly from the 70’s to 2010. That’s about the time they decided to make nothing but propaganda apparently.

      So I guess my point is, don’t look to anything present day to scratch that itch, dig backwards and see what you can find.

      PS – “Almost Human” was an AWESOME show. It was a total shame is was cancelled so early.


      Everything old is new again. That is how you need to approach finding shows to watch these days.

      First, some of what’s on your list that is yet to come….I’d forget all that crap. It’s all gonna be woke, and all probably going to continue to destroy the franchises they supposedly support.

      Here’s what I didn’t see on your list that is sure fired quality:

      Farscape and Farscape: The Peace Keeper Wars

      Poldark (the newest one with Aiden Turner, not the old one)




        Man, its simple,
        For new shows, HGTV is pretty good, Nat Geo not bad either
        But for really good, there is without doubt Thaousands of TV and Movie series/shows pre-1996 that are good to watch. Just have to remember the technology for the time.  SOME CHANNELS…. TCM, Sundance, IFC, MEtv and a few other… Really use your channel guide if its pre-96 its probably going to be good,


        a little bit off-topic

        I was looking for new tv shows, and ended up checking Prime Video Twitter page… holly shit… what a shitfest … i mean… i know a lot of twitter pronoun cultists are crazy and obviously mental ill, but an official account posting all that shit all the fuckin time? wtf

        Seriously… this is just an example why the US and the West in general is in this ridiculous cycle. full woke agenda non stop 24/7. and then they cry when someone call out their bs, specially when they try to brainwash kids. oh well :P



        I would give these a try:

        According to Jim

        Last Man Standing

        Rules of Engagement

        Murdoch Mysteries



        Boardwalk Empire


        Dukes Of Hazzard






        Yellowstone is changing a little bit thou…  I still watch it, but they probably got backlash from some weirdos and now every episode has “this was our land” “fuck men” “pussy power” propaganda, unfortunately.

        It’s still worth watching because of based Rip. ;)


        I think I’m at the right place, it’s just that what was once normal, now feels a bit underground-ish. You have too look for it in order to find it.

        You type in “top sci fi tv shows” into google and all you find is this new woke sh*t. It’s like older tv shows never existed.

        A few years back I’ve started making a list of TV show’s that I’ve watched and liked. I’ve forgotten some, but here’s my list:


        Breaking Bad

        Criminal Minds





        The Mentalist

        Game of Thrones



        House MD

        Kevin Probably Saves the World


        Pure Genius

        Rick and Morty

        South Park

        The Last Man on Earth


        Black Summer





        Some of the Star Trek shows

        First 2 Stargate shows

        Stranger Things

        Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicle

        Terra Nova

        The 100

        The X-Files

        The Orville










        Kyle XY

        Sense 8



        All of us are dead

        Sweet Home

        Midnight Mass

        The River

        Squid Game

        The Big Bang Theory

        How I met your Mother


        That 70s Show

        The fresh Prince of Bel-air

        Also there are some anime’s worth watching if you run out of stuff to watch like:

        Death Note


        Samurai Champloo

        Made in Abyss


        Parasyte the Maxim

        Tokyo Ghoul

        Steins Gate

        Attack on Titan




        The older shows are better and once you get into you forget they are old. They can be a little hard to watch but like I said once you get use to them its not as bad. The problem with older shows they don’t display that well on HDTV sets.

        I watched Babylon 5 again on Comet and I forgot the video looks like crap once I got back into the story.

        Some shows are really woke and some are just a little woke. I can deal with a little woke but the ones that are really bad I just change the channel.

        The problem is all these woke companies own all this stuff. So it’s going to take time for it to filter out as new stuff comes out like new people that are not woke and are working on their projects.  Within a year or two there will be better content coming from new companies that are not woke just give them time.


        Yeah, agree.

        When Yellowstone got dominated by woke BS and 1883 is all about Wahmen being heroes, while men are dirty cowards and the Indians are all good, honest, civilized, while white men are all savages… Well, it’s just too much.

        Our hope kinda lies with Daily Wire inviting other people to grow a pair and start doing something similar, but, in my specific preferences (and hope) in the Fantasy world.

        I’m not holding my breath, but we’ll see.


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        I have been watching the old Logans Run Tv series from the 1970’s based on the Movie- on TubiTV , but i think it only ran for a season or two.


        Might I suggest Blazing Saddles as a anti-woke movie.

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