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    I am going to be making a video on them at some point (though Cold War may set me back on them), but I STRONGLY recommend playing both Prodeus and Hades.


    Prodeus is in early access on GOG and Steam, but it’s already fucking awesome (It’s a Doom-style FPS) and Hades is a top-down Rogue-Lite which a cross between Diablo, Dead Cells and Greek Mythology.

    Both well below full price, both better than most of the AAA games i’ve played this year.

    Got any indie gems on your slate right now?


    I can suggest

    Archwar:Heroes and Demons

    This is quite an interesting game and many characters in this game.

    Check the game out at:

    Other portals:


    Dark Prospect is a really awesome new early access game.  It’s still a tad rough, but it’s a lot of fun.




    I really enjoyed Journey. The game came out for Playstation in 2012 and it has been on Steam and Epic Games (for people that are using it) for a little while.

    It’s a platformer (an easy one), 3rd person.

    It’s only a few hours long but it’s great. The whole point is to get from A to B. It’s a single player game but you can run into other players (one player at the time). You can’t communicate by text (or even see the player’s name). You can generate a sound and that’s about it. It’s interesting.

    You don’t want to play the game for a challenge. It’s more about enjoying the art (the landscape and music). However, there are some surprises here and there.



    Next is Hue. Again, the game is on Steam and Epic Games.

    Platformer/Puzzle. Sidescroller. Again, a fun and relaxing game. By the end of the game, you’ll have to react quickly to solves some puzzles otherwise you will die.




    I finished Journey on PS3 but haven’t got around to playing the steam version (though I do own it) – definitely an incredible game, with a beautiful ending.

    I don’t think I’ve heard of Hue though, I’ll check it out


    Cyber Shadow is an amazing side scrolling action game – it mixes a lot of elements of Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania; check it out



    I see a lot of Mega man in there too


    I play them less nowadays, but I had a lot of fun with both Cataclysm : Dark Days Ahead which is a free roguelike and Salt and Sanctuary which is an indie platformer/Soulslike hybrid.


    I stumbled across ‘Xenonauts’ on GOG. It’s an updated version of the original X-Com game that improves on the graphics and also many aspects of gameplay.



    Well, most of indie games that I follow is still early access or no release date yet. If I didnt play them, does it count as recommendation? Anyway, so far the next games seems to be most interesting:

    “Edge of Eternity” – jRPG in Early Access right now.

    “Othercide” – some turn based tactics battles and interesting design. Okay, this one is out already.

    “Waylanders” – in early access. Reminds me of Dragon Age Origins or similar titles.

    “Tainted Grail: Conquest” – seems to be a hybrid between RPG and card game battles like “Witcher Thronebreaker”. In Early Access.

    “WORLD OF HORROR” – seems to be some bonkers game. In Early Access.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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