Pentagon confirms that Pyramid shaped UFOs are real

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    So I had watched a Creepy Little Book Livestream recently where Pete the host of that Youtube channel was talking about how the Pentagon confirmed that Pyramid Shaped UFOs are real.

    Hell even Tucker Carlson talked about it on Fox News recently too


    So everyone, there is a possibility that aliens are indeed real and coming here? I wonder what aliens in real life would look like?

    I wonder could they be similar to us and be that way because of convergent evolution meaning evolution that happened on a planet similar to ours where the beings there evolved separately from us to look very very similar to us?

    Or maybe aliens will look like something from HP Lovecraft and give us all nightmares if we even look at them?

    Or aliens will look exactly like us Humans….but they have super powers like Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman healing, an extremely long life span that goes on for a million years? And they get super powers from our sun?

    Or aliens could be a race of sentient robots that have long since replaced their organic creators and the robot aliens split into two factions where one wants to destroy everything in the whole universe including us while the other faction believes that freedom and life is a right of all sentient beings including us and would defend us from their evil counterparts?

    And these two robot alien factions have fought one another for the past several eons?

    Or aliens would all be ALF?

    What do you my fellow Humans think?


    Stargate was made for plausible deniability!!!




    It’s all so odd. Why does it take the government to release information on UFOs.

    I truly believe the government has a hand in the UFO thing. I believe the government uses UFOs to hide their experiments on new technology and aircraft for use in the military. Think about it, if the US can keep secret their testing for new aircraft and weapons and tell the public that it’s all UFOs then they don’t have to worry about new experimental weaponry leaking to it’s enemies from other countries.

    If UFOs are real they would have already made their existence clear and without a doubt years ago. Instead it’s always the government involved in concealing information and keeping secrets. Why is there always all types of mysteries about Area 51 regarding UFOs, and yet the fact is Area 51 is still top secret but has been reported to be the site for new US military tech, aircraft and weapons.

    The UFO thing is so shady that at this point it’s all just a hoax.


    We have seen time and time again, when they (gov, media, etc) want to cover something up, they will release it LATE on Friday, and/or release a worse story shortly afterwards to get attention away from the original article.

    I personally see that is the case with this.

    And of course, U.F.O.’s are real.  It stands for Unidentified Flying Objects.

    So is this triangle unidentified?  according to the articles, it is that.

    Is it flying?  Once again that is what the video’s show.

    Is it an object?  DUH!


    Now is it alien in origin or man-made, or what-not?


      Anyone who believes that we are the only life in the Universe is as intelligent as Reylo’s.

      Funny this thread comes out while i’m binging SG1, Drones from Antartica just took out Anubis. Up to bat Dr Weir. Damn fine Netflixing


      Sure is a lot UFO activity nowadays. It’s a big sign that things are really going to get crazy soon. And pyramid UFOs a new one (and suspicious one) to me. All I know of are the flying saucers, the giant cigars, the triangles, and the smaller ones.


      The flying tictacs of 2005 sure confused the fuck out of the navy pilots.


      Stuff like this has been happening for 7+ decades.  The government and media have mostly been covering it up since then and have been acting like every military whistleblower who talks about it is crazy.

      I’m hoping we’re finally going to get some actual disclosure and that this is not another one of their tricks.


      the thing is, why is it always in the US? why nothing happens in asia, europe, africa? lol aliens only want the white house? xD I think many americans have a huge alien obsession.

      sometimes it’s very hard to believe all these stories… and the videos/pics are always very similar… nothing clear… very easy to be something edited.

      I guess if someday aliens visit earth, they will let us know, for sure.


      There have been UFO incidents in Europe as well and that’s not including Richard Branson’s balloon stunt in which a group of UK police officers fled in terror at the sight of an ET doll pushed around the side of the balloon made to look like a flying saucer that had landed in a field after it was blown off course and passed over a populated area when being tested.

      There is also the 1976 Tehran UFO incident in which the pilots of Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantoms found that their onboard instruments failed whenever they got too close to a pulsing object they were launched to intercept.


      My dad will have a field day if this turns out to be true😂. I can hear him saying “I told you so” when I thought that he probably watched one too many X-Files episodes😂!



      Or it is Pyramidas from Power Rangers Zeo


      and lets not forget than nowadays we have cameras literally everywhere… all the time… ctv cameras, smart cameras, google maps, everything. if some ufo really comes, we will know it.


      the thing is, why is it always in the US? why nothing happens in asia, europe, africa?

      It’s worldwide.  On every nation on the planet.  Research it and you might be surprised what you find.

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