Pentagon confirms that Pyramid shaped UFOs are real

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    I recall there were stores of UFO’s being cited near nuclear test zones (US & Russia).

    We have plenty of reports up here in the Great White North.


    It might be just a perception because your local media only reports local sightings.



      the thing is, why is it always in the US? why nothing happens in asia, europe, africa?
      It’s worldwide.  On every nation on the planet.  Research it and you might be surprised what you find.


      It is reported often in other countries, the US News is just to busy covering the DNC’s ass to cover other news… For instances we had record rains yesterday including the flooding of the Original Wal*mart store #1…. 3 minutes on that and another 2 on local, the rest was all POLITICS… They are not longer News Organizations that report news, they are a political arm of the DNC.

      BTW im not at all bothered by the Pyramids, its these we need to worry about.






    Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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