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    A thread for posting whatever custom wallpaper you currently have on your PC (or other device you may use) and feel like sharing.


    It’s Sonic’s 30th anniversary this year, so I’ll be changing it every month with official artwork from the Japanese Sonic website, Sonic Channel.


    What I had as my wallpaper in January:



    I’d post a screenshot of my laptop, but… Hulk smashed 💻

    I do have most of my wallpapers saved somewhere else though, might post some later

    Love the Sonic wallpapers :3


    I change my background every month, and I try to not reuse a single image in a year…except Christmas. I have my set Christmas pics I use every year.

    Oh, and my background is always an anime I’m currently watching or favorite series.

    This month:



    Go team Rem!


    The wallpaper i had when i smashed my laptop 💻

    homunculus - glitter


    A few other wallpapers i had


    digimon adventure 02 wallpaper

    ant man & wasp

    meowvel avengers


    Yea no.

    The models name is Chloe Vevrier.


    New wallpaper for March:





    I’m hoping to see the movie this month.




    @Roas, I’m gonna steal your Demon Slayer wallpaper and try fit it as my G+G cover image 😈

    When’s the movie coming out??? 😁


    When’s the movie coming out??? 😁

    All I’ve seen is an early 2021 release on blu-ray. It’s gotta be soon for the West, because of the Season 2 release later this year.


    I have two images:

    When I turn on my computer, I have this image:



    “enter of your own free will, those who darn enter my domain”


    Then my desktop background is this:


    “What treasures and fiends will I discover this day?”


    April is here…

    I’m planning on marathoning Season 2 Part 1 this weekend.



    Had to make this one myself using the trailer for Season 2 Part 2 since no decent screen cap existed. Not great, but not terrible, just wish it was a little crisper.


    My favorite comic book super team: the JSA


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)
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