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    Might as well contribute.




    Since I’m playing FF14 off and on in preparation for Endwalker in November, I felt like going with this favorite piece of artwork from Shadowbringers.





    Looking forward to playing Sonic Colours again. Ultimate is looking like a perfect remaster.


    Had this as my lock screen during the summer:



    Nearly Halloween…and up comes the Disney villains Halloween wallpaper on my laptops 😂. This one is my favourite as it also includes some lesser-known Disney villains that Disney seems to keep “forgetting” about such as Chernabog from ‘Fantasia’ and Judge Frollo from ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’. I wish the Horned King (voiced excellently by John Hurt) from ‘The Black Cauldron’ was on it too as he’s another one that Disney seem to keep making up excuses for “forgetting” about 😑…




    Can’t believe it’s been nearly fifteen years since Silver made his debut. Dang.

    His theme song is still one of the best tracks in the whole series.


    A few days late….wanted to make sure I was into it. More Demon Slayer this anime season! Let’s go!




    Old wallpaper from Sonic Channel I once had:




    Still remember Sonic Rush’s release like it was yesterday – Blaze was overwhelmingly positively received by fans back then (everyone loves a tomboy princess).

    The soundtrack is still easily in the top three of best Sonic BGM of all time.


    “THIS! IS! SPARTA!” Couldn’t resist getting this manly ‘300’ wallpaper when I found it a short while ago😅. Screw Twitter for complaining about ‘300’ for no reason or other last year!

    Desktop 2


    I made the Harley Quinn custom icons. My cursor is Darth Mauls ship. (small burr edit to not show my PC name). Size is full 4K 3840 x 2160. My pc is hooked up to my 50 inch Samsung 4K TV. I set on my couch and everything is right here. The desktop is my own custom made wallpapers of which I have a great many. I often have Wallpaper Engine running, but I can’t show that here for “reasons”. lol.



    Felt like a little One Piece this month.




    It is December, which means CHRISTMAS!

    This is the one time of year where leading up to Christmas I change my background every week to enjoy my collection of holiday themed backgrounds.

    We begin this year with a Merry Christmas from the ladies of SAO!



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    There’s nothing symbolic about hedgehogs and eggs, but these two will endure for several more years, I’d wager.

    Love the Sonic Adventure 2 imagery in the background. Twenty years on and it’s still one of the most iconic games in the series.

    Also getting Sonic Unleashed vibes from this picture.

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