Power Rangers Time Force (20th Anniversary)

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    I’m not sure how many are familiar with this fan-favorite of Power Rangers but for those who are, how exactly did you celebrate the 20th Anniversary (2-3-2021)? I literally scrambled and stayed up at night a few times trying to finish my retrospective fan-made analysis/essay on this show (yes…you read correctly, an essay). I actually watched some of the episodes again even after that date.  What did you like about the show and what didn’t you like about it? Who was your favorite character and why?


    After Turbo Rangers I lost interest, and only really got into Light Speed Rescue after that.


      Unfortunately I don’t remember much of Time Force except I watched it after school and loved the costumes, especially the helmets, they had the coolest ones of all the Power Rangers!

      My favorite was Wild Force though 😸


      Time Force is one of my favourite seasons of Power Rangers!!!!! 😀

      Nice to see more Power Rangers here besides me

      TIME FOR TIME FORCE!!!!!!! 😀


      Hey everyone here I just started a Fan thread for Power Rangers, you guys want to talk anything about Power Rangers just click on the link here

      A Power Rangers fan thread

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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