Prediction time, the COVID situation

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    I thought from the get go that once the governments of the world (particularly in the west) got a taste of their new “COVID powers” they would never let them go. The same goes for all the money being raked in by Big Pharma from the governments buying up the vaccines.

    So I always figured there would be continual cycles of lockdown, masks and other forms of control. I assumed as soon as COVID died down magically new strains would take off.

    I suspect this cycle will continue up until they figure society is about to break. Maybe beyond.

    Look for more lockdowns, masks, control, new strains and more vaccines. I am betting that vaccine boosters will be required or new vaccines will come out for new strains.

    I suspect this will go on for at least all of 2021 and possibly further. They will push this paradigm as far as they possibly can. Why? The elites will continue to gather the only 2 things that matter to them in this world, money and power.

    And since we are close to a new school year, if you are wondering if their will be masks and distancing etc. I figure yes there will be. Although they might use that to push vaccines on kids saying no vaccine then you have to follow all the covid protocols.


    The answer to schools an their policy as of right now at least in Arkansas is back to normal. It may change, but that is what it is as of now.  Last year It was Mask and distancing where an when possible, problem is with classes having 25+ “distancing” was next to impossible. So if Kid “A” had a person they come in contact with ANYPLACE get covid, it not only took that kid out but up to 8 others “wonder why “”quarantine numbers were high”” now you know”

    Kicker is the last day of mask mandates for our city ended, an I quote “when the last bell of the school year sounds” So covid stopped when school did? Wonder why people do not trust government? Exhibit A your Honor.

    Now schools have the option in the case of a major outbreak to “pivot” to online learning. Only ha 3 of those last year “for snow days NOT covid” oh ya kiddies no more snow days.  People in this state by-in-large are tired of it, yup we have a few who think they speak for everyone an are trying. But the vast majority are so over this.


    Good points for sure but I think they will end up wearing them in school again.

    Also, I agree that the world is getting very tired of this crap. And it seems the more we tire of it the more they try to enforce. Just look at France and Australia right now.


    One reason to get students back into school is that so many parents were taking their kids out of school, and doing home schooling.

    The teachers union HATED that, for then they lose power and influence, and the push to indoctrinate students with anti-western propaganda is halted.

    I also heard some places WANT to make it mandatory for even those under 12 to get vax’d, and what better way to do that then via school (and the local onsite nurse), so every student is forced to line up and get the jab…. no option or if there is an option, it would be getting suspending until such time as they get the jab.

    Hey, just like so many other businesses/hospitals are doing.  Get the jab, you can come in.  No jab = no job/no service.


    And isn’t everyone else amazed that the flu was eradicated last year.

    No reported deaths or hospitalizations.


    And in comes the “expert”:

    Fauci Says U.S. Moving in ‘Wrong Direction,’ May Need Booster

    The U.S. is moving in the “wrong direction” in combating a new wave of Covid-19, and a booster vaccine shot may be needed especially for the most vulnerable, said Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

    New variant, more lockdowns, more shots, more controlling!

    He addressed the growing issue of “breakthrough infections,” when a person contracts Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated, and the possible need for booster shots for those with suppressed immune systems such as cancer or transplant patients. The issue of a third shot was discussed on July 22 by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, he said, which will continue to review the data that “might push us in that direction.”

    In other words, how much of a “donation/contribution” they can get from big pharma before they say we need more jabs.

    The U.S. will buy 200 million more doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, meant for children under 12, who aren’t yet eligible, and also for boosters if data show they are necessary.

    All the more reason to get more people jabbed, and jabbed yet again and again and again!



    I seem to be the only one in my family that was thinking about this rationally last year. FAR too many people were overreacting to this and hadn’t seemed to realise (or forgotten) that if you’re a HEALTHY person you’ll most likely be fine. If you’re a ELDERLY person or someone who has UNDERLYING HEALTH PROBLEMS then it’ll effect you more. JUST LIKE WITH ANY NORMAL DESISE! We DON’T lock up people every Winter when the flu is around (I too got suspicions when they didn’t even mention that last year). There’ve been pandemics in the past before but we’ve never had to shut everyone in to the point where people were committing suicide because of loneliness or financial difficulties caused by this nonsense.

    And yes like with everyone else I also knew they were going to do the “show us your papers!” sorry, “show us your vaccine passports!” thing that we’re now getting!

    Like everyone else I’m fed up of this nonsense and I just want to get back to work (if we’re still open by then which I doubt) which I’ve not been to since last March!


    Good points for sure but I think they will end up wearing them in school again.

    Also, I agree that the world is getting very tired of this crap. And it seems the more we tire of it the more they try to enforce. Just look at France and Australia right now.

    Nope Law was passed at least for our state… it would require the Arkansas Legislature to reverse it… Ya they put it in place because of the PEOPLE and the Peoples wish VERY LOUD WISH. Can the courts go against the Law an Constitution? Not the State Courts and Article 10 of the Constitution would apply to any Federal attempt. Not to mention the Fed would never want to take it as to side with the State it is the precedence that would be used to overturn Roe v Wade, You say the State “HAS” that authority then you are saying the STATE has the right to abolish abortions. (Both Medical procedures and both “My Body, My Choice” it is NOT a rode I believe the Fed wants.

    Although,,,,,, there is a challenge before SCOTUS on RvW right now so who knows.

    Here is the law


    After the great success they had using Covid to completely foul up the 2020 election, and since they are now also in power, I would predict that the Dems are going to resurrect and amp up Covid-mania in 2022. They may even try to push through some kind of “no vax no vote” types of laws. I think that’s happening somewhere else now, maybe France.


    I feel sorry for Australia atm. The police there are trying to prosecute anyone associated with the anti-lockdown protests…yet where were they this time last year with BLM😡?????? They should be trying to prosecute them as well or not bother at all as far as I’m concerned😡!


    Both France and Australia are scary places right now. I pray for the those living in both countries as they are now living under tyranny.

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    Israeli health officials have said 60% of current hospitalized “delta” COVID cases are in vaccinated people. Most of them are age 60 or older and often have underlying health problems.


    That’s an interesting factoid because all you hear in the US is the rising numbers are a pandemic among the unvaccinated.


    You have to go to other Nations News Sites to find out… US News Stations are pretty much blacking out world coverage with minor exceptions. Wonder why???


    Guess who else is getting on with the “get the jab” movement?

    You got it!  Planned Parenthood!

    Planned Parenthood Kicks Off Major Push to Help Get People Vaccinated Against COVID-19

    New York, NY — This weekend, Planned Parenthood will kick off a major initiative to inform  more people about the COVID-19 vaccine, and get them vaccinated this summer. The organization’s multi-pronged Protect. Every. Body. campaign will hold 50 canvassing and phone-banking actions across Washington state, Wisconsin, and Ohio between June 4-6, and launch new digital content, including an ad campaign and testimonial videos.

    Protect? Every? Body?

    You are so fucking hypocrites!

    You openly advocate for the deaths of millions of babies, having their bodies torn and ripped apart and vacuumed up / biomass sold for research.

    Wanting to decrease human population… thru abortions.

    And you are going on a campaign to get people jabbed?  To Protect ! Every ! Body !  But the babies they want killed in the most hideous fashions.

    Having this EVIL entity telling anyone to get the jab is telling me there is something behind it all, more sinister.

    Less people + get the jab.

    Less people + get the jab.

    HHmmm… do they know of a side effect they are not sharing?

    Could it be, get the jab, people get sterile, less people? ! ?

    Just asking, for a friend.


    Planned Parenthood has probably murdered more people than Hitler.

    So the fact that a murderous organization that runs eugenics clinics wants me to get a shot pretty much tells me that’s the last thing I should do.

    And I already considered that the shot could have a high chance of sterility. Chipping away at the population has been a goal of the elites for some time. If it came out tomorrow that getting the shot meant a 50/50 chance of being infertile I literally would not be shocked.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want but then I will show you the DDT ads on Youtube where they spray it on children because “it’s safe”.

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