Reboot or No Reboot

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      What movies would you like to see get rebooted or not rebooted?


      Reboot nothing.


      Be creative, make new.


      Oh wait…Hollywood is creatively bankrupt….




      I would like to see a new Cannonball Run movie. Problem is, you don’t have too many celebrities that have a high enough caliber to put into a fun, ensemble movie like that.


      You can never replace Burt or Dom…again I say




        That’s true, they actually made that movie


        Reboot doesn’t touch the original timeline/lore, so I don’t really give a fuck, remakes are the worst


        Excalibur, but I have no faith in Hollyweird.


          Hollywood is creatively bankrupt.   I don’t want any more reboots or remakes with genders swapped, etc.  I hope they don’t mess up Lord of the Rings.


          Reboot: Green Lantern (So much goddamn potential.  Could be the next Star Wars if done right.)

          Don’t reboot: Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings.  Rebooting any of those franchises should be automatic life in prison.


          I loved the Animated Series REBOOT!


          With Mainframe and Bob the Guardian, and…


          Oh what?

          Are we not talking about Reboot? ! ?  LOL




            I totally agree with that


              Whoa, haven’t seen this in a long time


              Not too mention Dean and Sammy.


              I really hope we do not get an reboot to Back To The Future. Never reboot Back To The Future.



              Howl’s Moving Castle could use a reboot to make it more accurate to the book.  But that’s one of the exceptions to the rule, wherein I believe we shouldn’t be rebooting much of anything at this point.

            Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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