Reboot or No Reboot

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      There are a billion great books out there and Hollywood doesn’t use one of them…. they only care about their agenda.  Nothing more.



      Don’t reboot anything



      A Wonder Years reboot but with a black family….the show absolutely no one asked for, because the Wonder Years sucked the first time around.

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        Yeah, I heard about that


        I believe most those in hollywood can’t read – they don’t know what a book/novel is.

        Hence why they do not want to do something new – but want to re-imagine / reboot / do a sequel.

        They have no imagination, and this from the land that used to be full of imaginations.


          I don’t want any movie to be rebooted, it almost always sucks ass.


          I want Animal Farm to be rebooted.


          Also definitely want the Star Wars sequel trilogy to be massively rebooted, with Steven Seagal as Darth Krayt.


          Honestly can’t think of many movies that would benefit from a reboot or remake.  Many times, the directors and producers would overcome the technical limitations of the time with a great story and acting.  Now they just CGI neat stuff to cover up for the garbage they produce.
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          One of the best shows ever IMO


          General rule:

          DO NOT reboot good material

          DO Reboot good material that had a bad adaption made

        Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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