Shooting at Joel Osteen’s Megachurch. Tragedy and loss of faith.

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    Things happen throughout our lives that shake our faith. But this is a Church, the House of the Lord. Surely the expectation is that some “additional level of (supernatural) protection” is afforded here.

    So when an incident like this happens are you rocked to your core or did God let this happen for a reason?


    Happened before to them in 1990. I read his mom’s book and it was good. Will try to find some parts of it. Would say that are a generational church. Been aroud since prior to the 60s and founded by John Osteen. So, they have had 2 attacks in about 60 years. That is protection enough. I know a lot of people have issues with Osteen.




    Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 11-43-49 If My Heart Could Talk A Story of Family Faith and Miracles

    People have issues with Joel, but they were a Baptists family that started their church at a feed store. He was blessed because then they grew to 1,000, then 5,000 and so on. It is not easy to do this. You definitely have to have the vision, the anointing, the sense of real estate and business and to teach others and grow others. I know little about it. Wish I’d been active in a church like that.

    Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 11-43-32 If My Heart Could Talk A Story of Family Faith and Miracles


    Also, there were comments before about how people do not like jazz at church and do not consider it worship, but Lakewood put out some amazing material.

    You will never be unblemished. Never will you avoid challenges and scandals and controversy, no matter how good you are.  I know Jeremy does an impression of Joel. Sometimes, I’d get defensive about it, but I’m not Baptist.



    Male to woman trans shooter.
    On a side note, someone told me that Southern Baptists make up the majority base of the GOP and yet, there are no Southern Baptists in office. If that’s true, there is something massively wrong with that.

    Alex just said this scapegoats women because it’s a man who identifies as a woman who did the shooting. From Central America. This could happen at any time with all the invaders. Someone said one in 10 Americans you meet is here illegally now. All the globalists gotta do is arm them and you are screwed.

    Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 12-22-50 ALEX JONES 1 of 4 Monday 2_12_24 • AMERICA IN CRISIS - News Reports & Analysis • Infowars






    *History of criminal behavior…

    …another case of mental illness.



    The child who was injured was her son…still in critical condition at hospital. Prayers and thoughts for a full recovery.


    Put aside the fact that she put him in harms way by carrying him to this event (I’ll stop short of saying she intended to use him as some sort of shield: “Don’t shoot, I have a child with me!”).

    Does anyone reasonably expect a child growing up with a parent like that to become a well-adjusted member of society?

    And now, if he happens to recover imagine having to live not only with the knowledge and consequences of his mother’s actions but he’s a product and potential of that genetic pool.





    I’d like to welcome El Salvador to the category of “white,” as listed by the criminal profile above. Not only was this person confused about identify, but the government is also confused about how to racially categorize this person.
    So, this person is classified as white and called “antisemitic,” so soon, the public will probably be told that it was a “white supremacist” with an AR-15, amirite?
    Normally, would not post below. I do not normally take shots at Joel. I’ve listened to his sermons and some are interesting. Who’s eerie and spooky to listen to on road trips is Raul Ries, if you ever find him on the radio.

    Another “Psycho”-Tranny Shooter, But There Was a MORE Dangerous Man in the Church That Day
    The David Knight Show

    An insane tranny, migrant, repeat offender with a “Palestine” sticker on his stock attacks a church. What do the various media outlets focus on? And if he wants to attack a CHRISTIAN church, why would he bother with Joel Osteen’s church?


    People have the right to know who he is and why he did it. I’m tired of the media hiding stuff like this. “Let’s not jump to conclusions!” . Yeah and they wonder why we do that because it’s ALWAYS a ethnic minority person of some description when they try to hide it.



      Yes ma’am absolutely.  And I noticed you said he.  I agree with that.  People who speak against the trans agenda (not trans people) will do so while saying the requested pronouns and say conjured phrases like “biological female”.  Speaking out against a thing while submitting to it’s speech requirements entirely nullifies one’s argument.

      The pronoun situation is just a way to force people to bend their will to the state and a way so that people end up asking the state to compel speech and action and once that happens there is no going back.

      The pronoun thing is entirely sophistry.  When you speak to a person you do not use “their” pronouns.  And it’s not “their” pronouns because they never say them themselves.  And things such as Mr, Mrs, Ma’am and what not are not pronouns those are titles.

      That all being said, these “mass shooters” are not all mentally ill.  In fact I would wager most of them are not.  Willing to harm people en masse is not necessarily illness.  It just means you place no value in others which is the root of most of our crime issues.  And you can attribute that loss of values to things like abortion and assisted suicide and the attack on Christianity.  You cannot devalue some life without devaluing all of it.  If you can wave a “not a human” wand on one person, it can be done to anyone.

      20 years ago if someone was trans it meant they had deep illness to the point where they got surgery and so on.  Now trans is simply a feeling and most of the folks buying into that thought process will buy into everything else the radical left is telling them.  So for example, white people are evil, Christians hate gay/trans folks, there is no God, pleasing the self is the zenith of existence, trans people are being attacked everyday, people not radically left want to take your rights and maybe lock you up.  So if someone believes all that, how do you NOT end up willing to hurt other people?




      My dad’s cousin and most of my relatives up in Scotland go to church. In fact, I’m pretty sure I remember her saying that one of their pastures is LGBT+ but the church goers have known that for years and guess what? It never bothered them in the slightest. Probably because he never forced his opinions on other people whilst he was doing his job.


        My dad’s cousin and most of my relatives up in Scotland go to church. In fact, I’m pretty sure I remember her saying that one of their pastures is LGBT+

        I really dislike that acronym.  Like many of the radical lefts terms, it’s not inclusive it is exclusive meant simply to form tribes.  If I say someone is LGBT+ (like you did above) what does it communicate specifically?  Only that they are not heterosexual.

        Same thing with say POC (person of color).  What does that tell you about a person?  Does it describe their nationality? No. Does it describe their background or culture?  No. Does it communicate their beliefs?  No.  It simply means not white.

        As far as a gay pastor.  Well, being born gay is not a sin anymore than having an unbalanced attraction to wealth is.  It’s when we submit ourselves to what we know is wrong is when the sin comes in. So a gay pastor or even a priest that is not an issue.  I am sure a good number are.  But practicing that lifestyle while preaching God’s word is wrong and beyond hypocritical.  And in spite of what the media will tell you, many gay folks choose not to give into those desires so as not to offend God and many turn away from that entirely.

        The thing to understand is that when the elites and the government push an agenda, their goals for that agenda are going to be ones that enrich and empower themselves.  They care nothing about the thing they shield their evil intentions in. And if we all end up in breadlines begging for crumbs, true equality will occur.  Because there will be black, white, gay, straight and so on in the line with you.  And no one will care about anything but the fact their stomach is empty.

        All the leftist nonsense disappears overnight when the first hunger pangs go unanswered. And unless people wise up and band together that reality will be here soon.



        Off topic and On a Side note, but the “He Gets Us” group, whoever is doing the commercials, are preaching falsehoods.
        Almost anything that comes from the top down from from big corporate billionaire TV is wrong and a lie and a deception.

        Why everyone is fighting about the He gets us Superbowl commercial. My honest thoughts.

        Have you seen the controversial He Gets Us Superbowl commercial? Find out why it’s causing so much debate and my honest thoughts on it in this video! From the foot washing scene to the overall message, we’ll discuss all the buzz surrounding this commercial that aired during the 2024 Superbowl.


        I apparently need to turn in my bible, because it is missing the chapters were Jesus is washing the feet of the moneychangers, the saducees, the pharisees, and the Romans. Also, mine includes an added bonus chapter where a woman accused of adultery was admonished by Jesus to “go, and sin no more” which seems overly judgemental for our enlightened, politically correct era.





          Off topic and On a Side note, but the “He Gets Us” group, whoever is doing the commercials, are preaching falsehoods.
          Almost anything that comes from the top down from from big corporate billionaire TV is wrong and a lie and a deception.

          Well said sir.

          People conflate love with unconditional acceptance. That is absolutely wrong.  Trying to help those you care about through teaching, preaching and information takes work and effort.  And THAT IS WHAT LOVE IS!  Love is effort!

          Simply saying, yeah do what you want that is fine.  That is not love, that is simply pandering so you don’t have to deal with someone else.  That is the opposite of love.



          If I could like your posts, I could. Unfortunately the like button is still not available for me atm 🙄…

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