Shooting at Joel Osteen’s Megachurch. Tragedy and loss of faith.

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    Another dangerous tranny saying something to the effect that climate change is bad for black people.
    This is mental derangement and mental impairment. No, I do not accept lies and propaganda.




      If you look at the West as a whole right now you will notice something.  In Western Europe, many of the “Defense Ministers” are middle-aged women.  Here is the US we have women on the frontlines and folks like the trans whatever above running things.

      If anyone thinks for one moment we win a war against China or Russia you are delusional. War is not fairness, war is death.  If an enemy can push you down and shoot you in the face then he wins.  No one will pause or spare you because you were born with a vagina or you surgically had one added.

      I am sure China and Russia loves our feminism, tsunami of gay/trans and feminization of men.  In fact I am quite sure China promotes this heavily through things like Tiktok.

      We were gifted paradise by the WW2 generation but we set that paradise on fire because people who wanted to rule the world convinced us fire does not burn.


      The USA has been invaded already. That Michael Yon guy says the military is going to team up with the invaders against the citizenry on behalf of the WEF, UN, and Globalists. I put zero blame on Americans. Americans were too compassionate, too tolerant and too good and that was used against them on behalf of young, military aged men coming in droves. This is still a problem that cannot be fixed. It’s human nature and they use peer pressure to get the public to accept everything and anything and it is said that peer pressure, as exists in the public school setting, will control over 90% of the lemmings. I am not different. They do this to break animals in as well, which is, to use the pack to get them to fall in line. It is said in psychology that only 1% can stand up to the mob. Unfortunately, this is human nature and why Horari will call us “hackable animals. ”

      As for Russia and China, have you seen the footage of their youth military camps? They can assemble a rifle in elementary school. I have seen footage of them training Chinese youth and they make kids say, “I hate them, and I will annihilate them” about anyone who opposes China. It was a trip to see that video. In a way, I admired it. China ain’t raising sissies.

      On yet another esoteric side note, ( and I hate to do this to anyone, but sometimes, our minds won’t stop racing, ) there have been a number of tranny shooters lately. It’s impossible not to notice this. This might be hard to follow, but in the 70s, there was a book on Exorcism titled Hostage To the Devil. There is one chapter on a transsexual named Richard/Rita.
      Could be wrong, but in the account, the tranny was sexually assaulted by the Church of Satan and the occultists did something to Richard/Rita that allegedly and supposedly caused the individual to be demonically possessed. Now, I am not so sure I am into religion or any of the other weird stories, but with all the tranny shooters, you have to wonder if occultists prey upon the weak and mind control them to carry out deeds.
      What would be very ironic about this, is that the media will accuse YOU of being “transphobic” or “homophobic,” and yet, who is being taken advantage of by whom? Who is using who? It’s only a conspiracy theory, but it would be an angle if the weak and impressionable are sexually traumatized to put them into mind control doing the bidding of some evil deep state. You can read about it here if you are curious:

      I don’t blame anyone at all for not buying into to any of this, btw. Only a thought.


      The Virgin and the Girl-Fixer - Hostage to the Devil The Possession and Exorcism


      Pretty sure China and Russia are laughing at us. I don’t blame them.


      Heard some ridiculous propaganda that made me laugh, but some weirdo says he thinks that the kid that was brought to church was an illegitimate bastard of Joel and that Joel pulled an Arnie and copulated with a lady from El Salvador. Absurd, but it made me laugh.

      Here is some of the footage. Unfortunately, youtubers get a hold of it have have to put their big head on it.
      While your moron teachers teach kids to hate white people, China is kicking ass.

      “KILL AMERICANS” – China’s New Education Campaign in School


        The USA has been invaded already. That Michael Yon guy says the military is going to team up with the invaders against the citizenry on behalf of the WEF, UN, and Globalists. I put zero blame on Americans.

        This is not correct.  It’s speaks about the correct groups but you have the focus wrong.

        To call the people coming over invaders (I am sure there are some we now know China is involved) is missing the point.  Those people have been lied to just as much as you and I.  This is an important point as it shows you that the primary defense for all this, compassion, is an out and out lie. Those folks are conned into risking everything they have and their lives because the elites want to dilute American culture such that it no longer exists.

        Now as far as the military that is a very scary prospect.  The illegals won’t “team-up” with the military but I do believe the recent proposals for trading military service for citizenship will happen and I believe that was a plan long in the works. For me that is frightening as you will have a force full of people that have no connection to their host country or it’s people, values or morals.  I believe such a force could be convinced to harm Americans with a simple request.

        Are Americans to blame?  Yes, absolutely.  People allowed themselves to be fooled in exchanging our freedoms for safety and ease of life.  We ceded miles of ground an inch at a time and now we are backed up to a cliff edge asking ourselves how it came to this.  The American systems of government had built in checks and balances for corrupt politicians, I am sure the founders knew that would come.  Everything is or was there for The People to be able to carve out rot but we failed at doing so, instead we fell for polished words, platitudes and promises that appealed to greed that were never fulfilled.  The American System did not fail the people, the people failed the system.  The founders knew government corruption would come but they did not anticipate the corruption of the people.

        That’s all very dramatic and dark as it should be, we are in a very bad place. The good news is the thing that would have stopped all this initially is still the the that stops it now.  People setting their differences aside and working together with an understanding the only 2 “teams” are The People and the Government/Elites.


        “When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”
        ― Thomas Sowell


        Just remembered this song. One guy I hung out with even had it as his ringtone. He was a performer and would take his family to a lot of these events and sometimes, I’d go to them. Even he kind of made fun of Joel. The thing with Osteen is that a lot of his sermons are like, all affirmations in sermon form and he has this calm, NLP hypnotic tone. He never raises his voice, lashes out, nor snaps ever. I’ve seen some of his outtakes to where if the pace is off or he messes up, he will re-recored it. He really is a master of video. He is no slouch at all when it comes to camera work. He might be world class level at that. Clearly, he is. He said he started out behind the camera, working for his dad.

        Someone brought up the Crystal Cathedral yesterday and shamefully, I did not even know the guy associated with it, which was Robert Schuller, so I went there and I guess his son took over that church as well? The thing about all this is, that even if you think religion is all a bunch of bunk, in this era, we have the ability to go back and watch all the old sermons and old footage. Another one that kind of trips me out is Kathryn Kuhlman, the faith healer who some say was a witch, so I watched her once and went thru some of her videos. After all the mockery and scandals and things said, it fascinates me that people still attend some of these services and I do think there is spiritual power to it. While many struggle with loss of faith, I’ve seen some people that just cannot do without it and they really seek it out. This is what kind of made me just a little bit curious about Russell Brand, is that no matter where he is, he seems to seek out the top spiritual guides in the area and kind of follow them around. It seems to come totally natural for him to make a bee-line to those spiritual people.

        There’s another guy that a buddy of mine makes fun of, Joseph Prince. I thought he was Filipino, but I guess out of Singapore. These pastors and preachers are no joke and, despite what people say about churches maybe taking advantage of people, I think it’s a far better choice in programming than TV and Movies.



        So, based on a hoax, many churches were burned in Canada. Many churches are being vandalized now. Remember when they used to get uppity about churches burning in the South? How real was that? Whenever something happens to a synagogue, you hear about it, but crickets now, these days, when it comes to the rest of us. This is much like what happened with Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse. Based on bad news and fake news media, excuses were made to target men. Same thing with Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett. The Fake news media makes up excuses for their leftists to go out and commit arson and violence and vandalism. I think the churches should be able to see the Canadian Fake news media for their hoaxes and lies.

        Remembered a couple of other songs from the old days that I liked.


        So, based on a hoax, many churches were burned in Canada. Many churches are being vandalized now.

        And most of the Natives/Indians who knew the truth remained silent, as the attention and desire to get more money trumps truths.

        Residential schools back in those days (1918’s), the survival rate in those schools were higher than the general population for the Spanish Flu and other diseases.  For those that did die, they had to have a nearby area as a cemetery with neat graves and wooden crosses (that only last 35 years IIRC).

        So naturally those wooden grave markers had long since eroded away.

        But the TRUTH does not fit the agenda/narrative.  The TRUTH does not create “victims”.

        Those that want to destroy and rewrite history are winning.

        Streets need to be renamed.  Statues need to be removed.  All because people were…. HUMAN!

        Fake News – deliberately misleading, disinformation, omitting facts that disproves their point of view.  “Don’t believe your eyes, believe our lies instead!”  “Fiery but mostly peaceful protest”

        Bizarro world.

        And it is NOT a shock to anyone (by the legacy media) why the majority of people don’t TRUST the lying media.


        Joel Osteen Preaches 1000th Sermon; Fleecing the Flock With The Same Trashy Theology

        Some hater article showed up today. Guess JO has preached 1,000 sermons. Just makes me think about you streamers who have consistent shows like FNT. 1,000 videos or 1,000 shows is definitely a milestone. No doubt it changes a person to be that consistent over time.
        One thing I always liked about both Gary and Jermy is that both have said simply that they do not drink alcohol. One little positive thing that involves spine and taking a stand for oneself. Never popular to go against the tide and against the tide and especially, against the public.

        As for Joel, he is one of many that I will read or listen to just because of all the lazy hate that comes from secularists, I like the people who try to preach a positive message. For you people out there with autistic kids, you know something is wrong and that you are not being told the truth by people. You see the Big Pharma ads and commercial on TV that end with “may cause suicidal thoughts.” How is that ok? What if every sponsored worldly message you are getting from TV and public institutions is tainted along the same lines?

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