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    Over the past couple of years or more, I have really taken to watching a bunch of people over on YouTube. Obviously, watching DDayCobra, Drunk3P0, and RK Outpost led me to becoming a member here on Geeks and Gamers. Originally, I went looking for answers online as to why all of my favorite shows and movies were actively being destroyed with SJW and Woke agendas. My best friend told me to check out Nerdrotic and Friday Night Tights. And that a lot of my questions would be answered there and by fellow YouTube channels.

    Sadly however, I currently can’t afford to be a paying member and take part in superchats or donations. It just isn’t in my budget. So I have gone and created some artwork that I want to share. The first two that I have completed and emailed out are for Nerdrotic and DDayCobra. I haven’t heard back from either of them, so I hope they at least liked what I created for them. When I get more finished I will be posting them here.






    That’s some great art @Corvus6


    Nice, very nice


    Hey are you on Deviantart? Maybe you could start a Deviantart Fandom Menace group there and get all artists that follow the Fandom Menace to go theough and submit art there then create a link to put on the G+G Discord to get Jeremy or Garry’s attention.

    Just a crazy idea I have



    Yes, I am on DeviantArt as Corvus 6 Designs. Here is a link…

    As for creating a group, cool idea, but I just don’t have the time to manage something like that. I barely have the free time to work on my own art pieces. If someone put something like that together I would certainly join and take part in the group.


    Here is what I put together for RK Outpost. Ryan, sorry, I could not resist getting in on some of the “hairless cat” fun at your expense. It totally comes from being a fan of your channel and your work on FNT. Keep up the good work, and just enjoy the good natured ribbing.

    RK Outpost



    Kitty 😻


    Just to throw this info out there. These were created using the current version of Gimp on a Windows 10 Laptop. Using an old Wacom Cintiq 13″ Drawing Tablet. All of the “stipple” was done one dot at a time. Practically drove my wife crazy with all the “tap, tap, tap” of the pen hitting the display screen.

    If anyone out there knows if a 100% free stipple brush for Gimp, or a Photoshop Stipple .abr that works in Gimp, please let me know. I have tried finding a stipple brush for Gimp. But the only free .abr I can find is not compatible. Or at least not setup correctly. And yes, it us possible to use Photoshop .abr brushes in Gimp. So long as they are configured correctly and installed to the correct folder.

    I use to be a subscriber to both Photoshop and Illustrator. But have since moved to both Gimp and Inkscape. They work just as well, with similar setups/commands, and they are Freeware.


    Here is what I have done for AZ at Heel VS Babyface.

    Heel VS Babyface heelvsbabyface


    I feel so honored and humbled. AZ shared the picture I did for him on the June 18, 2021 episode of Friday Night Tights withe Eric July, about an hour into the episode. And then AZ shared the picture I did for Gary (Nerdrotic) on today’s episode of The Real BBC (June 22, 2021) on his channel, about an hour into the episode. I am having a blast creating these, and have something special in store for all of these illustrations once completed.

    I am currently working on a piece for Odin. And hoping to have it ready for this Friday to send out. I still need to come up with designs for Comix Division, Tom (ME), 1/4 Black Garret. I am considering including an illustration for Xray Girl since she seems to be part of the show now. Which I already have an idea for. And I have to be honest, I know she is working as the producer for the show, but I hope she actually starts jumping into more of the conversations. She adds the female perspective to these topics which is nice to have, when she does talk.


    Here is what I have created for @OdinsMovieBlog

    OMB’s Pizza Cam



    Az just showed it all off on FNT.

    Gratz, man!


    Well done sir. I’m hoping these make their way to t-shirts. Surely ya’ll will come up with some agreement.


    Thanks. Yeah, that was really cool of AZ to show them live on the show. I was just hoping he would forward the emails I sent to him. I am very humbled and honored to have my artwork share screen time with these incredible entertainers. And that they got a good laugh out of them.

    As for any of them wanting to use them for t-shirt merch. I will gladly offer up my design files to them. To be used however they want. All I would ask for in return is a single free t-shirt in my size. My recommendation though is make the image huge on the back with a small channel logo on the front left chest or sleeve.


    And apparently, I need to get to work on one for 1/4 Black Garrett next. After AZ mentioned I am working my way through each member of FNT. Garrett faced the camera and waved his hands as to say me, me, me. So if you are out there Garrett reading this, yes I have started work on a design for you. I was struggling with what pop culture reference to use. I know you are Ash in the credits for FNT. But I didn’t want to use that. However, I noticed something in your studio that gave me some inspiration. And the piece is already taking shape.

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