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    Artwork for 1/4 Black Garrett.



    I am actually shifting gears and putting individual designs on hold at the moment. Sorry Comix, Tom and Xray Girl, those individual design are still in the works just back burnered. I have had an FNT poster in mind for a couple of weeks now that I just can’t stop thinking about. And thanks to my long time friend and coworker Vektor Visual getting his poster out to the guys I just can’t put this idea on hold any longer. I am about 60-70% done with the base illustration since starting on it last Friday. Sadly, I will not have it ready for this weeks episode. I should have the Black & White version ready for next weeks FNT (7/16/21). I am also considering a colorized version, but that is not set in stone. I personally prefer the Black and White only illustration format. One of my favorite comic artist is James O’Barr and his black and white comics. And basic Black and White illustrations from artist like Pushead, Florian, and Baizley.

    Vektor has been helping with suggestions and critiques as the design has been taking shape. A little history, Vektor and I have been close friends since 1995. If you have the time to check out his site I highly recommend you do so: He needs to get the FNT poster up on the site.


    I finished the Black and White Poster/Wallpaper early thanks to my wife. So I sent it to the guys and even did my first super chat today 7/9/21. The design idea is based on combining the poster/box art for the movie Reservoir Dogs with the album artwork for Prong ‘Beg to Differ’. Again, shout out to Vektor for helping critique the piece while it was being designed. Unfortunately, I had to reduce the image size to meet G+G file size restrictions. If you want a higher resolution please visit my DeviantArt page. The original file is almost 10mb and the size is 5900×3320. And should look pretty good on most screen sizes.



    Vektor has finally uploaded his FNT poster to his DeviantArt page.



    With permission Odin has turned the FNT-Reservoir Dogs Image I created into a t-shirt. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, please visit his store here:

    Enjoy. I will be picking up one for myself. I think it looks great.


    Just got informed that the shirts will be hosted by a different distributor. I will update this information when I get further information. I wish I could just delete or edit that previous post.


    The shirt are available again. If you want one for yourself head on over to the link below to show your support for Nerdrotic/Geeks+Gamers/Friday Night Tights.


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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