Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Post-Release

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    “A refurbished Star Wars is on somewhere or everywhere. I have no intention of revisiting any galaxy. I shrivel inside each time it is mentioned. Twenty years ago, when the film was first shown, it had a freshness, also a sense of moral good and fun. Then I began to be uneasy at the influence it might be having. The first bad penny dropped in San Francisco when a sweet-faced boy of twelve told me proudly that he had seen Star Wars over a hundred times. His elegant mother nodded with approval. Looking into the boy’s eyes I thought I detected little star-shells of madness beginning to form and I guessed that one day they would explode.
    ‘I would love you to do something for me,’ I said.
    ‘Anything! Anything!’ the boy said rapturously.
    ‘You won’t like what I’m going to ask you to do,’ I said.
    ‘Anything, sir, anything!’
    ‘Well,’ I said, ‘do you think you could promise never to see Star Wars again?’
    He burst into tears. His mother drew herself up to an immense height. ‘What a dreadful thing to say to a child!’ she barked, and dragged the poor kid away. Maybe she was right but I just hope the lad, now in his thirties, is not living in a fantasy world of secondhand, childish banalities.”

    -Sir Alec Guinness, A Positively Final Appearance


    Upon watching the first two episodes, I felt genuinely embarrassed for not only the cast, but the behind-the-scenes crew.  Embarrassed for the set designers.  Embarrassed for the puppeteers.  Embarrassed for the best boy.  Embarrassed for the caterers.  In fact, out of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, only this brand still fills me with embarrassment for those who wanted to help forge another tale in their childhood dream, but only ended up birthing an unmitigated disaster.  So much worse than even your own meager expectations.

    “Who’s in the gutter now?”  You are, Star Wars.




    Disney killing Star Wars has become like South Park killing Kenny.


      This is nothing more than another (Check the box, Agenda drive pile of shit) So long as Disney has a thing to do with ANYTHING under the current teams and leadership that is all it will ever be.


      Its depressing. I see my closest friends I’ve had since 1st grade grovel over anything Star Wars these days. I’m the outcast now simply because Disney is taking a franchise and destroying it with shite story telling, dropping a deuce on the original lore and mythos.


      I’ll let me do the talking for me:




      Personally I’ve never seen such bad acting with the Inquisitors. I was trying not to laugh most of the time whenever they spoke! And yes, it did feel more like the Lady Inquisitor’s show more than Obi’s show. The Mandalorian is starting to look like a masterpiece in comparison.


      What is the diagnosis?

      What has the post-mortem discovered?

      It’s Dead, JIM!

      The evil empire of the house of mouse, along with Darth KK, are mutilating the body of George Lucas’s legacy.


      Normal SW fans would’ve known from day one that Order 66 was going to get referenced in this show and wouldn’t be so easily triggered to the point where they’re demanding that Disney put a trigger warning on it! These are clearly fake fans who probably didn’t know anything about Order 66 and what it involved until that episode!

      Yes the scene has always been hard to watch (who hasn’t shed a tear on this???) but not to the point where they have to put a trigger warning on the episode.


        I enjoyed all the Obi Wan stuff and the scenes focusing on him. Ewan does great as Obi Wan. The Owen scenes with him were good too.

        Reva was yet another insufferable female token character that doesn’t listen to anyone and is annoying and “strong”. She just looks horrible in that oufit as well as well. The actress needed to lose the leg and butt fat, it just looks bad when she walks. I assume that is why most of her shots are from the waist up.

        The two Leia chase scenes were really bad. They felt like they belonged in a Disney kids show, not Star Wars. The little girl playing Leia did decent.

        The opening scene with the younglings that is causing “controversy”, I don’t see the problem. It was part of ROTS, Anakin came into a room and killed kids. ON CAMERA. Why is this so upsetting then? What about Anakin killing the kids and families of the Tuskens on AOTC? Why is this all the sudden SOOO upsetting? I just do not understand. Imo it’s making something out of nothing just to have something to scream about online. Why are these same people not crying about games like COD where you blow the heads off people and stab them to death? Heh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? These are the same people not wanting boobs or sexy content in a game, but it’s ok to murder everyone in Modern Warfare all day?????????? IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




          I wasn’t going to post here because Star Wars (while I enjoy it) is not my thing.  I loved the original movies and disliked everything else.  Similar to Trek for me, post the 90’s maybe early 2000’s it’s trash to me.

          However you make an excellent point in your post.  I see this all the time.  I play PlanetSide 2 and have for years and I find complaints about game play etiquette in a  game where (without gore) you kill the hell out of people.  I mean really?  Like you want to complain about someone “tea bagging” (just crouching over you) you but you just shot like 10 people.  How does that make sense?

          To be honest you will find most YouTube channels are like the news.  They will rage/rant over most anything because they have to so as to make a dollar.  I am not saying they make things (cough cough CNN) up but they will be highly sensitive over most anything to get the clicks.  You just have to realize that and take things with a grain of salt.

          I think all of us would do well with a dose of chill on a daily basis to be quite honest.


            How Reva differs from Darth Vader:

            Darth Vader has doubts
            Reva knows she’s the best


            Darth Vader has a conscience
            Reva is a narcissist

            I don’t know if Moses knows how bad she’s making Reva look by saying this 😖😆🤣



            NO-ONE is better than Vader! Not even Palps was and he learned the hard way. This lady is so fooling herself if she thinks otherwise!


              What is really irking me is the new Star Wars Theory video where he is giving right in to Disney’s “racism” bullcrap accusations about Moses Ingram playing Reva. I would have though he would be a little smarter than that. It’s a fabricated outrage like Disney has done time and time again with anyone who dislikes new characters or movies. I don’t believe her fully.



              The stans really are suddenly out in full force tonight. My video about how they are pushing Leia over Luke in the show from yesterday was relatively untouched by them the other day, but between the REEEEEEVA video I did today and that, they really started laying it on with the stupid thick in my comments. All of the sudden while I’m watching Tuesday Night’s Main Event, they all suddenly just kept commenting going after me.

              I think I spent too much time playing with them all tonight…but they are so stupid it’s hard not to mess with them.

              My point is, these people really are sick in the fucking head, behaving exactly like we knew they would. Calling me all kinds of names while in the defense of Disney and their narratives.

              One even said I’m not a real Star Wars fan…HAHAHAHAHA

              I’ve never seen such insanity in my life.


              I’ve had to remove the show from my watch list because of how bad the acting was coming from the Inquisitors and Reva as well! I spent most of her scenes trying not to laugh at her basically screaming like a banshee every time she opened her mouth LOL!

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