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      Its a crap show period…. I tried giving it a second watch and NOPE its crap.  Those who just want to consume anything star wars will love it even if we had a Rock as a Co-pilot.


      It got worse.



      The king weighs in on episode 3:



      “A refurbished Star Wars is on somewhere or everywhere. I have no intention of revisiting any galaxy. I shrivel inside each time it is mentioned. Twenty years ago, when the film was first shown, it had a freshness, also a sense of moral good and fun. Then I began to be uneasy at the influence it might be having. The first bad penny dropped in San Francisco when a sweet-faced boy of twelve told me proudly that he had seen Star Wars over a hundred times. His elegant mother nodded with approval. Looking into the boy’s eyes I thought I detected little star-shells of madness beginning to form and I guessed that one day they would explode.
      ‘I would love you to do something for me,’ I said.
      ‘Anything! Anything!’ the boy said rapturously.
      ‘You won’t like what I’m going to ask you to do,’ I said.
      ‘Anything, sir, anything!’
      ‘Well,’ I said, ‘do you think you could promise never to see Star Wars again?’
      He burst into tears. His mother drew herself up to an immense height. ‘What a dreadful thing to say to a child!’ she barked, and dragged the poor kid away. Maybe she was right but I just hope the lad, now in his thirties, is not living in a fantasy world of secondhand, childish banalities.”

      -Sir Alec Guinness, A Positively Final Appearance

      Alec Guinness would feel vindicated but deeply saddened if he saw the state of the fandom today.

      That part in particular about behind the scenes production… Maybe this wasn’t the point Mike was trying to make, but when I watched behind-the-scenes documentaries to the prequels as a teenager, despite them being “boring,” I couldn’t help but be fascinated because there was at least a certain sort of sincerity to them. Like what you were seeing was what you were getting; that film making was essentially still just another job and nowhere near as glamorous as Hollywood would try to convince you it was.

      As for Obi-Wan – Yeah, no, probably won’t watch. On paper it’s all a good idea as an interquel between the two trilogies (including bringing back McGregor and Christrnsen), but there’s just not enough to pull me in, and the negative reception is enough to keep me disinterested.


      I agree this show is trash but seeing comments on this video about how Obi-wan character is on point and the fight shouldn’t be impressive, makes me wonder If If Disney Star will be ok and only hardcore fans are the one who are “critical”



        Reva is such a mary-sue she makes Rey look like a well developed character


          Ok correct me if I am wrong. Just trying to put an end to the Reva crap…. There were only 10 Inquisitors if I remember cannon correctly, Maybe if someone stretches it a hell of a lot 11 Including Vader. Admittedly been a few years since I read the EU on them all…. But I do not remember her as one. I do remember a pair of unnamed.
          Also to me Cannon is anything before Disney started altering it. So lets use at least pre-2016 as I do not thing anything with them was planned or in the works for Disney before that.

          1. One red skinned and

          2.One male

          3. Ninth sister
          4. Eighth Brother

          5. Seventh Brother

          6. Sixth Brother

          7. Fifth brother

          8. Second sister

          9. Twi’lek

          10. Inquisitor


          @Mustangride1 The Inquisitors are Disney Star Wars creations appearing in 2014 first in that crap show Rebels. They never existed in the actual EU. In actual Star Wars Canon, Vader was the tip of the spear during the Jedi purges with just regular troops backing him up.

          To answer your question outside of that, I have no fucking clue, but I’m not surprised that Disney fucks up their own paper thin continuity.

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            Thanks Adam, that is what I thought, but been a long time so I had to verify.


            And those trying to explain away the bad writing/plot holes have come up with this:

            Obi-Wan Kenobi Theory: Leia Didn’t Remember Ben Due to One Sinister Reason

            The following contains spoilers for the first three episodes …

            You have been warned.

            One of the most intriguing topics fans are chattering about online as they dissect Obi-Wan Kenobi’s story is why Princess Leia didn’t remember him in Star Wars: A New Hope.

            Because the writers of this show are stupid?

            However, rather than be an oversight or plot hole, Leia might not have remembered old Ben for one sinister reason.

            Ok, lets hear the next level of demonizing a fan favorite male character.

            This has to do with Ben’s Jedi powers, namely the mind trick….

            This would allow Ben the ability once more, but rather than control someone in a short burst of time to do something physically, like let him pass a checkpoint, Ben may turn it into a mind-wipe.

            Oh goodie!  The jedi can force mind wipe someone now!

            Granted, it’d be Obi-Wan crossing a major line…

            Something those that hate canon (and the lack of source material) have no issues with doing.

            Ultimately, there’s also another way of working around demonizing Obi-Wan. If he doubled up and mind-wiped this hunt from the Empire’s Inquisitors that he didn’t kill, as well as Vader, it would …

            Make for an even BIGGER problem.

            Reports/logs in the Empire would have to be altered, all the stormtroopers who worked with the Inquisitor’s would know someone had killed them, etc… you are talking of hundreds of people needing to be mind wiped.

            Then, you have VADER.

            To think Obi-Wan would be able to mind wipe Vader is stupid..  There is no way someone as powerful in the force would fall for a mind trick.

            And even if it did work, how close would the two have to be for a mind wipe to work?

            And if it did work, then why did the jedi not use it more often?

            And why did Obi-Wan not use it on the Death Star, or use in when his use of the lightsaber drew attention when he was trying to get a ship to take him and Luke off Tatooine?


            No, this show is bad writing, canon breaking, garbage.


              As I said in Adams Live stream, Leia did know Ben. I will lay it out here as his chat was difficult. Sticking ONLY to Episode 4.

              In the message inside R2 she refereed to him as “General Kenobi” His official Military title as well as his real name Obi-wan Kenobi, a familiarity can be implied by this. A person with no “familiar knowledge” of him but on a mission would have never said “Help me Obi-wan Kenobi your my only hope”  she would have continued with using the “Official and Formal title of “General Kenobi” she should have said “Help US General Kenobi your OUR only Hope”. This points to her being familiar with him.

              But further evidence of her familiarity with him comes even on the Death Star, when Luke meets her, when she finds out Luke is there with Ben she again uses his Formal name, not his Rank.

              Leia is a very seasoned diplomat a very intelligent leader of the rebellion and would not make such casual mistakes. If you have ever been around someone like that THEY DO NOT drop formalities of Military or Diplomatic decor. I had friends of my grandfather that MANY years removed from the service still called him Master Chief  or Chief, I watched him and his friends call retired Col, Sir or Colonel. It is not something you casually forget or fail to do. It is a respect given unless you are on a personal and familiar basis with the person.  Hell my sons friends when on leave with him dont call him Joe they call him Sarg.

              This is something fans do not often think about, George would have he grew up around people, like that, Why she started off with the General Kenobi could been an oversight, but more likely as it was our first meeting with Ben, George wanted us to know he was once a General in the Army and man to be respected and admired. It is a quick way for Him <George> to let us know many things in that very first meeting. Heck that meeting set the stage for everything beyond that.

              Think about it, in that short scene we learned:
              1. Ben was a General in the Army

              2. He was a Jedi Knight (Ben)

              3. Who Leia was (to a degree)

              4. Who Leias “father” was to her knowledge

              5. Who lukes father was (from bens perspective)

              6. About the Jedi Order and their duty

              7. About the Death Star

              8. Lukes father was a Jedi

              9. Luke is a good pilot

              10 about Light sabers

              11. The force

              11. Darkside of the force (briefly)

              12. The rebellion against the empire

              Think about it, in less than 4 minutes on screen we learned all that, George would not have been so careless, it was very much insinuated with just a little use of logic that Leia knew Ben on a personal level, one where she would be comfortable using his name and not title.




              I don’t think Leia knew Obi-Wan on a personal level.

              To me, it was that she learned from her parents (and the secrets of being a diplomat and part of the rebellion) that General Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive, and if at the worst time if she ever needed help, to try and contact him.

              That was my impressions from the George Lucas’ Star Wars.

              Kenobi never left Tatooine until R2 came to him with the recording in a New Hope.

              Yoda never left Dagobah during his exile as well.

              Kenobi (like Yoda) was training under Qui-Gon’s force ghost guidance.

              So what these morons on doing under KK, is pure garbage, IMO.


                Honestly, Leia knowing Obi-Wan before A New Hope is the furthest from a plothole compare to other stuff in the show

                Leia being familier with Obi-Wan makes sense in both @Mustangride1 and @Legatus_Legionis’s scenarios, whether she knew him personally or from Bail (so knowing him as a family friend even without meeting personally)

                So from the smallest to the biggest plothole:

                • Leia knowing Obi-Wan before A New Hope – not to far outside the realm of possibility
                • Reva knowing Darth Vader is Anakin – extreamly unlikely but still not impossible, that is information known by Vader himself and by the emperor, and any information that is known, no matter how top secret, can be found out by others
                • Reva knowing Darth Vader is Leia’s dad – 100% IMPOSSIBLE!!! For fucks sake not even Vader knew he had kids at that point! That information is not available in any way to the empire at this point in time!! Yes this shit went down in the latest episode when Leia asks Reva “how did my father die?”, motherfucking bullshit

                  Digi, do not forget GAT also knew Vader was Luke.



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