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    That is a cool idea.


    I have another post but I really think the social justice assault on magic and d and d needs to be recognized.


    What did the NPCs do now?

    Its not like WotCrack isnt one of the WOKEST companies on the planet and have been for 20 years.


    I would be all for this as well.


      I’m all about tabletop gaming, mainly role-playing games.  I’ve had a channel on the YT for over ten years, and I don’t mind lending my axe/voice to those that clamor for a forum of our own.


      I can contribute to RPGs if needed :)


      role-playing games are honestly my favorite. Glad to have your axe with us!



        Yeah…there’s a lot of crap. I heard talk of making elves genderless or something…as well as them wanting to get rid of racial bonuses because it’s “racist to real world people”.

        Oh, and someone got roasted on twitter a few months back for saying orcs were racial stereotypes for people of color, and Wizards seems to have taken it seriously, despite the guy getting ratio’d.


        The more the merrier!


        It would be so cool!


          Those paint kits are very awesome.  You get ten paints, usually, and two brushes, and a figure or two.  For thirty bucks, it is a lot of value.


          I’ll have to have a watch!


          Let me know if there are any specific topic requests


          sounds very awesome and i know you could contribue a lot to rpg discussion.

        Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)
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