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So we have a Blow Joe ticket, trying to harken back to Monica Lewinsky’s glorious time as an intern.
5 months ago 1 Comment

I let it hang out here.  I don’t care. I’m alright being an asshole, a heel.  I absolutely want to see Trump get the nominee. If only for the anger and rage from the impotent left.  Firehoses for everyone!  

6 months ago no Comment

I wanted to be on here more. Give me a few weeks…

If only
6 months ago no Comment

If only we could up the rate of communist disposal, this world would be a happier, brighter place.

6 months ago no Comment

Tonight I’m just listening to Ords Bored whack his way through Diablo II. Kinda nice, I remember that game very fondly.  Our game on Saturday is coming up, I’m excited about it.  Will my players survive?

Geeking out
6 months ago no Comment

Today I’m with my friends, running a Pathfinder game. They’re high level.  The game is set up for this, and I run games different than most. The theme of most of my games is, “Shit rolls downhill.” if you want to watch them

6 months ago 7 Comments

The last week was a bit busy. The week usually means for me, over forty hours of work, and showers are the best time of the day. If you worked sanitation, you would understand a little more.  Today was a light day, we only had one job, but our equipment needed maintenance, and that can …

7 months ago no Comment

I should be kicked for leaving the blog pages with a nasty photo. Like “here’s what Bruce does, have a good week!”   Griggs would probably send Pixelated Ryan after me for causing the G&G diet, you know.  “Don’t be thinking that you can give people a Last Jedi-level photo and then wonder why nobody …

7 months ago 5 Comments

Hump day has always been that moment for me that Wednesday or not, it’s the peak between the time off I had, and the time off I have coming.  Taking a moment from not sorting the apartment (haven’t really started on that quest yet), it’s in the planning stages.  I feel like I have to …

7 months ago 2 Comments

Tonight, as much as I want to finish the giants and efreeti maiden that I’ve worked on, I think it will be a bare hour to deposit into the hobby bank.  I worked a twelve hour shift, and I smell like sweat and other things (photos tomorrow, Hump Day Blogs will focus on work).  I …

While we Have a Few Moments to Discuss Miniature Figures
7 months ago 3 Comments

So in my introduction blog post, I showed a happy little Rust Monster, because other referees/game masters/dungeon masters have a happy giggle when they see such Metal culinary snobs wander in a campsite of sleeping player characters.   I mean, which deranged referee doesn’t delight in hearing the fighter of the group whine about losing …

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