Trump was right. He warned us about this

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        Too many people don’t understand it. 60 Minutes told them, Orange Man Bad.


        Yes Trump was so right. We The People .


        The question then becomes…


        Will the us become more like czechoslovakia, yugoslavia, or brexit/secession.


        A split between the left/right.


        Any of those would be a blessing or we’re going to become like Venezuela.


        But yeah,

        I think that’s about right. At the very least, the media, democrats, Hollywood, the academy, etc. . . think regular people are idiots who need to be manipulated for the sake of what they believe to be progress.

        Idk. Freedom and people doing what they see fit has only made the world better than it ever has been in history, but what do I know?


        That is how elites of history always think of those “below” them.

        Royalty vs peasantry.

        Lord vs serfs.

        bourgeoisie vs proletariat.

        Freedom vs slaves.

        To them, it is and has always been about class.

        A stupid citizen is more easily controlled than an free thinking one.

        We can’t have an educated population so we instead have to indoctrinate them.


        As with all civilizations of the past, alot fall from within from the corruption and contempt of the successes of the past.


        If only getting addicted to power wasnt a thing


        Power corrupts.

        And absolute power corrupts absolutely.


        That is one reason the us founders wanted to limit terms.

        Today so many politicians are career politicians and know nothing of reason businesses.


        Trump warned us for years.
        Trump tried to kill the Big T3ech monopolies for 3 years and not one Congress slime had the balls to take it up.

        Primary them all. Its time to implement Term Limits on every position of the SWAMP including the Supreme Court. Secondly the court is not a lifelong appointment. Those pieces of shit can be removed for refusing to uphold their oath. (Or going to Pedo Island on the private yaght.)


        I’m not a US citizen. And I strongly believe Trump was the best president the US ever had. It’s all going downhill from now on.


        With how crazy stuff is right now, all I can say is that I pray God protects Trump from the swamp monsters he exposed.


        They are going to go after him with a vengence,

        Impeachment by the intolerant leftist is a foregone conclusion.

        The call to disbar all lawyers associated with Trump (so he cannot defend himself) has already begun.

        NY is going to get (and leak) everything line of every tax return of Trump and his organizations/companies.


        And how exactly is this going to “bring the nation together”?

        How is this a “time of healing”?


        It is NOT.

        Anyone who has worked for Trump is being blacklisted – “NO Soup For You!”


        This is CCP – social credit scoring!

        Welcome to communism!


        ^^^ what he said.
        ChiCom does this shit to people who refuse to bend the knee.

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