The Disney Star Wars Scene that made me hate the series. What is yours?

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      Holy shit, i cried my f***ing eyes out watching this scene at the cinema 😭


        And that’s 3 times Rey and Kylo make out in this thread 🤮🤮🤮


          Finn certainly helped ruin it all for me, can’t stand him. He is the Jar Jar of the ST. A pointless, waste of time character that does nothing but annoy.





          This scene. This fucking scene. I was shocked and pissed when Luke threw away his lightsaber, but this scene said it all. Waiting forever to see Luke again, and you have him sucking off an alien manatee walrus looking creature. This scene was loud and clear. We are here to destroy this character, and you’re gonna have to drink it all up no matter how shitty the taste is, and after this movie has finished, the pure blasphemy that this movie was will be dripping down your chin, leaving a horrid after taste in your mouth that you will never ever be able to get rid of no matter how hard you try.


          Here is the rub; there is absolutely no comparison to being good with a quarterstaff and being good with a sword. The weapons are completely different and the usage is wrong from one skill set to the other.



          What destroyed the Rat franchise?
          The day that Krazy KK threw out the EU and said that her canon was superior… Only to give us the crying Chucky Wendigo trilogy… Seriously that set of books was given to me digitally so I forced myself to read them.

          Not one aspect of those books is based on the lore of the universe. The characters are not given story arcs. The characters are merely alphabet stand-ins for modern DNC politics. It took me more than 3 months to finish those 1000 pages of text. Then the farce awakens arrived and the entire film was SW re-filmed.



          That is for me the worst thing. TFA was already SHIT and the other did not do anything to win me over. The only thing I wanted was good content.. and the sequel trilogy was pure shit. I am hopeful that George will return no matter how long he will do it. I only want to see stupid Kathleen Kennedy leaving.



          Poe’s “yo momma” joke 5 minutes into TLJ.  That was the moment I knew it was over.  That movie was the longest 2.5 hours of my life.


          I can buy the fact that she can be good with a lightsaber, but how good at using the force within a day is just bad character development


            How good Rey is with the force doesn’t have a good explanation in the movie, maybe i’m making excuses, but i enjoy trying to fill in these kind of plotholes, so here’s my theory:

            Us humans, if put in a situation of danger, make adrenaline, wich can increase our physical streanght for a limited amount of time

            Maybe the force works in a similar way, Rey was in danger, midichlorians went into overdrive, and her force powers increased temporarily


              Damn you for showing that twice!  Damn you!!!  lol  ;)


                Damn it!!  Here it is again.  You people are killing me!!!  lol  ;)

              Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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