Tonight was a hard night.

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    I have created a account to support geeks and gamers. I’m going to watch justice league. I blame Hollywood at the end of the day. God bless you guys, I got your back.


    Look, at the end of the day, here’s what happened. Snyder said something that maybe he was compelled to say, maybe it was something worded poorly, whatever.

    So what? We gonna cry and complain and whine about it? I’m not. That’s an SJW tactic. That’s what the blue checkmarks do on Twitter. I don’t go that low.

    I’m gonna focus on the positives. We got some great insight, some cool interviews, and a TON of money was raised that is gonna help a LOT of people.

    Let’s not give the trolls and the haters a reason to celebrate tonight. They see the unity in our fanbase and the positivity we can bring and they tried to attack that tonight, on a night that SHOULD be a celebration for the fans and for G+G. So let’s act like grown-ups and not like little kids. You don’t wanna watch the Snyder Cut now? After years of campaigning? That’s your prerogative.

    But it’s incredibly short-sighted. If HBO doesn’t get the message with this movie, why would they start listening to us more in the future?

    Anyway, that’s it. I’m done.


    Bottom line.

    Snyder did a dick movie.

    Uche can try and simp for it all he wants, but Rippa, Ryan, EVS, and Gary were all right (EVS’ stream snipe was more entertaining). This was an insult to all of us who support G+G, which I still do. I’m a member of this community, and I will remain a member of this community, but we were all disrespected tonight. I’ll still review the Snyder Cut with a neutral eye, but I do not support Zack Snyder after this crap.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again in a video tomorrow.

    We have to stop waiting for the uncreative scum of Hollywood to entertain us anymore. The only way we will restore creative escapism entertainment again is through our own efforts and our IPs.

    We just have support one another and nurture good projects.

    We have been disrespected and we should reject and not support god damned Hollywood anymore. Collect what was old and good, but do not give these assholes anymore money for the new garbage they keep handing us.


    Unfortunately I won’t be spending any money on the Snyder cut anymore… I will still be donating though


    I’m going to be honest. I’m not a simp for Zack but I’ve been waiting fucking four years for this movie. I don’t give a damn what EVS thinks he can suck my dick. I respect everyone’s else opinion but I hate EVS. Zack fucked up and were paying the price. I respect your opinion on the matter but it’s different when you have wanted to see this movie for years. Also if anyone has inside information it would be Uche he has been pulling the strings the whole time. you go on doing you but I’ve had enough internet today, have a nice night.


    Lesson of the day: never trust Hollywood millionaires.

    Fuck em. We helped the cause, then move on. The cultural war is just starting.

    As a community we were completely disrespected, but it is what it is. From now on let’s choose our allies more wisely.

    Let’s make more live streams with better people. Bring Eric July on, he’s a true geek and gamer and would be awesome to see him collaborate with g+g.

    G+G = the best online community. Fuck the haters from the woke mob. And this is coming from a biracial European+African married to an Asian. ;)




    True that.


      What Zack did says way more about Zack than Jeremy. After seeing all this blow up I realised how important it was to support the G+G channel so I signed up 5 minutes ago. Congrats WB – if you thought this would go your way, you’re sorely mistaken. They have instead awoken a sleeping giant. RIP Hollywood- remember this – the rebellion started right here.


      I signed up mostly because of the stream and the subsequent fallout. Zack’s ‘disclaimer’ did sound rather boiler plate in its makeup, but IMHO it would have been better if he’d just not shown up. I mean it was great on the surface that he wanted to be a part of something made by fans of his movie to try and reach out to them, but his statement killed a lot of that goodwill.

      Jeremy said in the follow up stream that this was a learning experience, and I hope it is. If another movie comes out that warrants another YouTube tailgate party like this one, maybe just do it on your own and if anyone from the actual movie wants to show up, screen them first. Make sure no strings are attached to their appearance, and if there is, buh bye.

      Kudos to Uche and the others who put this all together, and I hope G+G will continue forward, strengthened in their resolve.


        I only have HBOmax because I have ATT and its an extra $2 on my cell bill.  I hope someone from ATT and WB reads this.


        Also, I just wanna say to Uche: Dude, what you did in organizing this, helping put this all together is nothing short of incredible. NOBODY can take this achievement or the lives this will help from you. You’re the MVP of the night sir!


          I agree Uche did some good work.  And, I did see the pain in his face.  The stream was about charity and kept it on point.  But, one more reason for us to not give money to Hollywood.


          I honestly think you guys are overreacting. Sounded like standard corporate chatter. Not affiliated with GG because, as Uche said, he thought he was dealing with GG and he needed to be clear. Then talk about the anti-hate.

          He said them together so it sounded like he was linking them but I don’t think so. Before going off a cliff you should see if he can clarify.


          Here’s my take on the whole thing…

          I’m not ready to dogpile on Zack.  I am 99.9% sure the whole “I’m not affiliated with Geeks and Gamers” thing was a demand by Warner Media, especially after hearing Uche’s testimony confirming as much.  I was watching the stream live, and Uche took a phone call for a good 10-15 minutes in the first hour to talk to Zack, so his story holds up.  Zack was obviously contacted by someone at Warner about the Geeks and Gamers logo on the auction site, and Zack had no choice but to address it.  Concerning the follow-up comments about hate against Asian-Americans, I’m not sure if that was his own doing or something else Warner made him address, but it had nothing to do with Geeks and Gamers.  He was talking about the mass shooting that took place in Atlanta.

          WITH THAT SAID, holy shit, he worded it all about as poorly as he could have.  When I first heard his comments live on stream, I was stunned.  I instantly hit rewind to hear it again because of how confused I was.  It really did initially sound awful.

          Moving forward, I think the only person that can clear this all up his Uche.  He NEEDS to contact Zack and explain what went down after his comments.  I hope at the very least Zack can thank Geeks and Gamers in a Tweet about the charity or something and help this blow over.


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