Tonight was a hard night.

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    Everytime something good seems to be coming our way the industry has to drive the shiv deeper into our ribs.

    Diplomacy can do wonders in these situations.

    What if he instead said ” Thanks to everyone for fighting for this cause, I’m not part of Geeks & Gamers but i appreciate everyone working together for this good cause”, than later say ” On an unrelated topic I just wanna say we need to come together and not follow the hate towards different people like what’s happened towards Asians right now”.

    I’m just a washed up dude living alone and even I can be diplomatic.


    i’m british so i’m only watching the stream now.  i don’t think snyder went out of his way to offend. he’s a Hollywood director and he’s always going to be looking over his shoulder and to his next paycheck. i don’t see why celebrities have to comment on news stories but the do and his unfortunate choice of language could be seen as offensive but I personally don’t think his intention was to link G&G with spree shootings.


    I watched this all go down from beginning to end.  Including the 2 main response streams on G+G and ComicArtistPro Secrets.

    There have been a lot of people flying off the handle about this so I’m going to give a bit more context.  What Zack said was pretty shocking, it blindsided everyone there.  Up until that point donations were flying in.  After he said it, they slowed to a trickle and the chat became more focused on what he said more than the charity.

    What nobody has talked about yet is how Ray Porter had left the stream, not saying anything about coming back.  He then came back later, and said he had seen everyone’s channels and liked what they do.  He also said he had been reading the chat, and mentioned how things can be taken out of context.  You can see this here:


    As I see it, Zack was probably told what to say by higher ups.  It sounded to me like a corporate disclaimer.  Unfortunately it was worded in such a manner than many people will be thinking he was linking G+G with hating Asians.

    Some people are jumping the gun, saying that people should start trashing Zack for this, but I don’t think we’re at that point yet.  While I personally agree with them that what he said should have been addressed during the stream, at least by saying that G+G set this charity stream up, we are where we are now.  And where we are now IMO is at the point where Zack can be contacted about clarifying what he actually meant.

    If he says on record that he wasn’t linking G+G with hate, this can go a long way to nullify a lot of damage that could come from this in the future.


      I was there for Both streams. All was going great until Zach showed up, I said it last night I will say it again. The very first thing he did was not come in and thank everyone for all the donations or even Ryan, LL or Uche, but to immediately distance himself from the very group as a whole that was doing the donations. Proof of that is the instant tap-turn-off in donations. That stream I have no doubt would have blown past 100k maybe even going 150k, but his words destroyed it and took the heart out of it. WORDS MATTER!

      Was he under pressure by WB or HBO or Both? Probably, but he had other options.

      First, was to Bow out of the Stream to not take away from it, he would have caught flak for it but with a half ass excuse why probably been forgiven and the charity could have still raised money with Ray Porter (superclass act for what he did).

      Second, knowing forehand there was major issues from whomever (and he knew) he could have called it off to which then im sure Ryan, LL and Uche would have still put it on and still raised tens-of-thousands.

      Third, He could have come on and said something like “For legality reason, I have been asked to let people know that Warner Brothers and HBO are not affiliated with Geeks and Gamers, The Charity itself or other entities that may or may not be associated with this event”

      But he did not and then piled on about race and hatred, bad wording, bad phrasing? DAMN RIGHT and there is no excuse for it. He needs to come out and clarify! That is what an adult would do out of respect for not just geeks and gamers but all those who donated to the charity that G&G through their hard work and actions made happen. That is Respectful and the right thing to do.

      Zach is a individual, a single person who has thoughts and opinions. But if you live in Hollywood your thoughts and opinions and heart along with action had better align with the collective, or you get last night.

      I will finish with this. Gina’s words are ringing loud and true. I believe Zach was Bullied by yet more of Hollywood and the Truth of who they are will destroy them.


        Well said, Roas.


        Never was a fan of G&G, but I signed up tonight because of what happened.


        1. EVS is right, as usual. I sensed a lot of autism in the G&G stream. EVS, as a bit of a bully himself, laid out very well what actually took place in term of the complex social game being played. And he understands the stakes. I advise everyone to review his live stream of the G&G livestream, even if at times he is a little hard on the G&G team. Harsh medicine, but it needs to be taken.

        2. If someone comes into your house, punches your friends, and then walks out the door, the last thing you need to do is start fighting amongst yourselves about who could have done what, and who’s to blame. We all know who is to blame: Zack Snyder. He said what he said, for a particular audience. He could have said something else. Or he could have declined to come on the stream. No need to tear up G&G or Uche, or anyone. Zack Snyder is a POS. Don’t let him wreck anything else.

        3. For the autists and simps in the room, essentially the only way to understand what Zack Synder said was: Geeks & Gamers are partly responsible for the mass shootings that killed Asian people. You can make sense of that only if you consider G&G videos on Rose Tico. Putting the two together, Snyder said: “Geeks & Gamers’s videos on Rose Tico are somehow partly responsible for the mass shooting that killed Asian people.” This is an absolute lie, and had Zack said it out right it would be obvious how ugly and false that lie was. But because he was too cowardly to make his claim explicitly, it left many people confused, and essentially lets him off the hook. Sorry, but nobody should let Zack Snyder off the hook for this.

        4. Join me if you will in NOT watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Not even pirated. This film joins such works of art as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Marvel’s Captain Marvel as films I will never see. Justice League sucked the first time it came out, and it sucks now due to Zack Snyder’s backstabbing personality.




        I was really excited about the stream that was going on.  I had no idea about the fallout behind it until really late last night.  As a grown man, it just breaks my heart about what Zack said.  Zack doesn’t believe that however the powers that be forced him to say that.  It also goes to show why there needs to be a different outlet for film making and releasing.  If we don’t come together and start supporting other outlets, nothing will change at all.

        These corporations are holding the keys and the only way to get them to change their behavior is to take our money elsewhere.  Since ghostbusters 2016, these sick people have at every turn tried to force an belief system on the public at every turn.  Each franchise one at another has been taking a dive because of it.  And it is my belief that this is being done to destroy the way people are allowed to think or feel.  And i’ll call it what it is exactly…..pure evil.

        At some point i’m angry on one end and on the other hand I feel rather jaded and sad moving forward with what movies will come out.  Will they be good or will they be films shoving an agenda down our throats. Clownfish tv said a couple of weeks ago that what is going on is that the media wants you to give them your money and shut up with what you get in return.  These bastards totally believe we don’t matter and what we say or think doesn’t matter.  And incidents like Gina and now this situation is proving it.  So whether you agree with someone’s political beliefs or not, we have to check that shit at the door moving forward.  We have to come together to support good and unfiltered entertainment.  Whether you like the product or not is up to you.  However we have to come together and continue to support each other in regards to everyone having the ability to produce entertainment and not have identity politics in it.  Just my thoughts and i’m sure how i’m feeling will pass, but right now just not in a great place about this.


        Clownfish tv said a couple of weeks ago that what is going on is that the media wants you to give them your money and shut up with what you get in return

        You know Clownfish are now ‘alt-right’ according to the RewritingRipley medium post? If Clownfish can be alt-right–literal white supremacists–anybody can be. It’s very sad. It’s immoral. And it’s the world we live in right now.

        Rewriting Ripley
        A podcast on feminism and fandom in the age of social media

        …you don’t say.

        As a homosexual who is not even a TERF, I can see how bad things are getting. Right now I’m dealing with a friend who is being targeted for sexism by feminists for not including women in his extra-cirrucular activities. THIS IS A GAY MAN I AM TALKING ABOUT. Imagine gay men not including women in his extra-cirricular activities. This is now forbidden by feminists.




        I’m 2 hours into geeks and gamers reaction to the comments made.

        Firstly I’d just like to state that I normally stay away from such things, due to not being educated enough to make a valid statement, so please expect nonsense.

        Secondly I’d just like to point out how epic your team is! From what I’ve seen you’re all are running down a mine field and obviously it’s about alot more than games and films.

        What I would do is approach them publicly and ask them to clarify their comment. Fair enough they want to distance themselves but to try linking you to something you have consistently spoke against needs to be addressed.

        The other side is we don’t know all the facts, like uchi (did I get it right?) was trying to say.

        Plus you organised a community which donated 75k was it? For a bloody good cause!

        I’m just going to enjoy the film!

        I hope you make the right decisions with how to deal with this, either way your fans know the truth!


        My already high admiration for EVS, YoungRippa, Ryan, and Gary Buechler just went higher. I thought what they said about the whole situation summed it up perfectly. As a Brit with a reasonably posh education, the way they use words fills me with admiration. Both EVS and Rippa couldn’t have hit the nail more perfectly on the head if they were the world’s best builder.  Jeremy and co. let one of those weirdos on to their turf, and stab them in the heart. It was a dumb thing to do.

        It’s a war, and they are playing with one set of rules whereas we are playing with another. I hope Jeremy HAS learned his lesson.


          I missed the stream (forgot about it because I was doing school work), watched the movie, loved it, woke up and saw the bullshit.

          Made an account for the same reason.


          I think the team handled the situation as best as they could….. but this is what we all really wanted to see during that stream.IMG_20210319_010957


          I think the team handled the situation as best as they could….. but this is what we all really wanted to see during that stream.IMG_20210319_010957


          I…I…I don’t want to see that…that’s nightmare fuel….


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