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    This probably explains why we got a trailer for it during ‘The Batman’…even if it did say “Coming 2020!” and causing a lot of chuckles in the room as a result lol!


      The Original was something special….. This one could be, BUT

      Will it be?


      If Tom was able to prevent woke garbage from infecting this film, I would say it has a good chance of being something great.

      And the trailer does look promising.

      But if wokism got in, then it is Dead On Arrival.


      DO. NOT. INGEST. THE.MEMBER. BERRIES. Go for the original movies and shows. As long as people keep spending money on this shite, they will keep making it.



      The previous trailers were good as they didn’t give too much away. This one did.

      Also, the quality of several actors now seem suspect. I guess that’s what you get when you base casting decisions on a person’s ability not to hurl during maneuvers in an airplane rather than acting prowess.

      I’m still gonna watch it, if only for the flight sequences and cinematography.  Hoping it turns out to be more than a “pretty movie”.



      Less than a week to go. Initial reviews seem positive.




      I’ve been binging the original soundtrack for most of this week lol. I might have to wait until the second film comes out on blue-ray though; there’s NO WAY I’m going to sit in there and the trailer for the next “Thor” film comes on which I bet it will!


      @DragonLady – yes the soundtrack is definitely among the better ones out there.

      I’m sure I’ll be getting this when it’s released on physical media but from what I’ve heard the cinematography makes it one to experience in the theater. And for me nostalgia is also a factor here…I still remember lining up with my friends to see the original – those were some good times.

      I’ll close my eyes and cover my ears if any woke-arse trailers come on…lol.


        The year was 1986, my Junior year in High School finished, Summer break before Senior year and being from Southern California. The beach was there and this sound track was on at all of them.  But we also had other things going on, Miami Vice and its Sound tracks, Live aid the year before.

        This show was one of those that defined the 80’s and the Music of the era. I hope and pray this is not woke or agenda driven and hope even more the Music “takes are breath away”


        I miss the 80’s times were much simpler for a high school kid and the memories of that summer will live on in my mind. Cruising, surfing, volleyball riding my Hurricane down  the Coast Hwy. This movie has me dreaming back to that time.


          Never has anyone remade a classic and made another classic.  At best it’s good nostalgia if it respects the source material and when it doesn’t it is just a total sh!t show.


            @Vknid, is this a remake? it looks like a Sequel and though most those fail as well there is exception where sometimes they are as good or EMPIRE better… I will not prejudge this one, none of the trailers look bad.


              I think after like 30+ years later whether it is a sequel or a remake is purely semantics.  Bottom line is remakes or sequels almost never recapture the magic.  It is VERY rare when they do and from what I can recall the only time sequels do this is when they are fairly quick follow-ups.

              However, folks are so starved for good movies/shows it’s only got to be less than offensively bad to be a hit.


                I agree generally, but there are definite exceptions. “Sharpe” is one, and I likes all the Underworld series. Heck even OZ the Great and Powerful wasn’t bad. I try to not judge before I see it, though some its impossible not to as the trailers are so clear what is about.



                  Good points man and I agree their are exceptions.  And you are right.  While most sequels come no where near the original, often times they are still very enjoyable.

                  I will even give you an example of that.  “Back to the Future”.  All 3 movies were really good and fun to watch.


                    @Vknid “Never has anyone remade a classic and made another classic.”

                    Well, this isn’t a remake. It’s a sequel. And, there are sequels that are arguably better than the first movie. Empire Strikes Back and Robocop 2. Which ironically enough is the same director.

                    As someone who grew up in the 80’s, I am anticipating this movie. I haven’t been looking forward to a movie in years now because the destruction of all the franchises I loved has left me jaded. I however will not be able to see it for a week after it’s release because I work nights for a week straight, and my first night of rotation is Thursday. :/ The same thing happened with Batman. Had to be careful what I read online for a week as to not spoilt it. I need to contact Hollywood and tell them to come out with movies a week late.

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